36 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. “I hate it when @wjjhoge talks about his monstrously fat son that way. It’s demeaning.”

    Ok, in the taxonomy of third-grader insults, is this “I know I am but what are you?” or “I’m rubber and you’re glue!”?

  2. No doubt in my military mind that Aaron is a better lawyer than Shakes is a writer / editor. Sorry Aaron, but Schmalfeldt has never set a high bar.
    “…more suited for burger flipping THAT lawyering” or, “TRUPTHUMPERS”?
    Geezus, Shakes. Do you always misspell names of people you hate? Explains why you screw up your own name, huh?

      • It’s only a few miles longer than the commute I did for nearly three years.

        I know people who commute over 60 miles each way, five days a week. (I hope to be one of them soon.)

    • And the “fat, handicapped man” who couldn’t travel, bought a car, drove to Chicago rount trip for WI, drove from WI to IA when he moved, drove round trip roughly 2200 miles to SC and back just to visit his … friend … for a few days, and then the 1100 miles back to SC just a few weeks after that. Not to mention planning a 14,000 mile trip in just 35 days which would go through NC.

      The trip from Clinton IA to Myrtle Beach is 30% longer than that from St. Francis WI to Reidsvill SC.

      But yeah, he was too feeble to drive there.

      And of course none of us can forget that great photo he posted with the rifle and atrocious trigger discipline. Who owns that gun? Where is it now?

      • I should know better than to type when I’ve got a migraine.

        “rount trip for” = “round trip from”

        And yes, I know that Reidsville is in North Carolina. I typed the right state into the trip calculator on Google.

    • Evidently, Cabin Boy admits all the allegations of his misconduct are correct if he wants to focus on the county of her address on the petition. Brilliant, Cabin Boy sure thinks the insignificant is what will make his case. Auditions for Captain Queeg aren’t open, however.

      • He’s whining about an immaterial fact on a form that specifies you may give a different address for your safety, in a case he declined to contest.

        I guess it’s easier, and more comforting for him, than focusing on his imminent petard-hoisting in Maryland and humiliation in South Carolina.

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