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It was five years ago today that I first met Aaron Walker. It was in the lobby of the Montgomery County Circuit Courthouse. I was there to cover a peace order hearing for this blog. Brett Kimberlin has sought the peace order against Aaron in order to silence Aaron’s reporting truthful things about Kimberlin and his past and present activities. The bogus peace order was overturned at that hearing.

Yes, it’s been five years.

During that time, Kimberlin has tried to use lawsuits to silence those who have reported on him. The first suit named Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, Kimberlin Unmasked, and me. Subsequent suits included us and over 40 other co-defendants. Someone referred to Kimberlin’s legal tactics as brass knuckles reputation management. He was surprised when we defendants punched back, some of us more than twice as hard. The result of his legal follies has been the Streisand Effect on steroids.

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s alleged day job is Director of a not-for-profit called Justice Through Music Project which (according to its corporate charter) supposedly exists “to shed light on some of the injustices in the world through the power of music.” As part of that … um … effort, he runs the website jtmp dot org. That site has never hand much impact on the Interwebz. For example, none of its posts ever seem to generate comments.

The JTMP has always had fairly low traffic, but it has been losing even more ground recently. As of mid morning yesterday, its Alexa ranking was 13,392,452 which was even lower than brieitbitnews dot com’s 10,923,356.

For comparison, The Other McCain has an Alexa ranking of 367,126, and Hogewash! comes in at 369,796. The First Amendment is winning.

Meanwhile, it’s T-minus 9 days and counting in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

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  1. Yes, it’s been five years.

    Yes, it is hard to believe that it hasonlybeen five years!


  2. No one has ever convinced me that any man under six feet tall is fully human or should be trusted.

    Kid Dynamite is, what, 4’3″?

    Those tiny motherfuckers will steal your Lucky Charms every time.

  3. I wonder what it feels like to have everything you do or be a sham, with the shams not really doing their office of concealing the smelly little shrimp behind the cardboard?


      • He is literally suing Krendler for posting photos of his house, AFTER he himself posted them on Twitter and identified the general location. Ash has not posted photos of her home, and she has not stated where she lives. Federal marshals are in charge of serving a summons in this case, not BS, so there is no excuse to do this at all. The fact that he is doing so publicly is evidence of harassment.

  4. I see the serial liar has now posted supposed personal information for someone else. Since Blob is friends with a known bomber, and he posted someone’s residence, I’m pretty sure that whole “Hoge posted my house so something would happen” bullshit just went right out the window.
    There really isn’t anything lower than Blob. God, I’d kill myself if I was such a piece of shit.

    • Posting the pics of a house of someone who has a restraining order against you is going to go over well with the court, ain’t it? (Note: Of course, given Dumbfuck’s propensity to fuck things up, I’m pretty sure that’s just some random house anyway.)

    • Don’t forget Kimberlin doing the same thing when a process server showed up his door in the early stages of Hoge v. Kimberlin et al, blatantly saying, “Good luck finding me!”

  5. The conspiracy began at this time I take it. 4 years ago for Bill Schmalfeldt? Or when someone sent him horse poop?

    • I thought he sent himself the horse poop? Or he tripped on GaIL when the dogs brought him the poop? Or Gail tripped over the horse while Bill pooped on the dogs?

      Bill’ s story changed so much it got confusing after a while.

      • I thought a sheriff’s deputy brought him the poop, which caused him to Gail in his sweat pants and trip the dogs.

  6. Keep digging that hole there Shakey.
    It’s already enough to bury even your fat ass in, but the more evidence you pile on the side, the easier it will be to make sure you disappear for good this time.

    • “…to keep a defendant from evading service.”

      Not. His. Job.

      You’d think he’d be happy to have people actually evade service. Aren’t there actual legal remedies for when someone evades service?


    • Then again, maybe her grandson lived in Rockingham County. Then I don’t see North Carolina having any issue. Bill Schmalfeldt had every opportunity to raise such issues at trial, but, opted to not appear.

      • Has nothing to do with that. There’s something else he completely missed that I won’t tell him what. Let him dig holes.

  7. The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s alleged day job is Director of a not-for-profit called Justice Through Music Project…

    Yes, allegedly. Other, far more nefarious activities, bring in his ill-gotten loot. The story of his life.

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