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    • I particularly like the part about No Answer Required.
      Although your Twitter feed should suffice as answer enough.
      I’m sure someone has screenshot it.

  1. I expect sometime today the Schmalrus will explain how this is a total win for him, humiliation for Hoge, and that he foresaw all of it. We have a cockatiel that barely repeats himself as much as Blobbo Bill.

    • I haven’t pretended to smoke cigarettes for almost 40 years but I might have to go buy a pack of Marlboros.

  2. I was hoping the judge wouldn’t do this and just deny the motion to introduce during the trial. Either case meltdown in 3…2…1…

  3. Just another example of Bill’s attempts at being clever boomeranging back on him. Maybe if he plodded along, sticking to the basics, crossing every ‘t’ and dotting eveery ‘i’ the outcome would be different.

    But that’s boring.

    • Teh Scat in teh Hat will not follow the rules because he can not. He is compelled by his demons (and egged on by Team Brett) to defy EVERY rule he is supposed to follow, I guess to demonstrate how manly and mature he is.

      “I’m a grown man and you can’t make me follow the rules now!”

      I’m sure that reflex has been used by Cousin Ray to lead Billy boy by the nose to run (waddle??) full tilt to mud puddle after swamp after cesspit. Failing time after time for the LULZ of on-lookers.

      • It’s “Roy”, but, yeah, most of the time you don’t even need to nudge Cuz towards the bait, and when you do, it’s enough to tell him “don’t do THAT”. Ninety times out of one hundred, he defiantly leaps off the cliff you told him to avoid.

        The remaining minuscule number of cases, just call him a name, and he’ll snap to.

        It like dealing with an angry toddler. 😉

        • “You can call me Ray, or you can call me J, or you can call me Johnny, or you can call me Sonny, or you can call me Junie, or you can call me Junior;”

          • “but you doesn’t have to call me Mr. Schmalfeldt.”
            Whatever happened to the comic who did that bit?

          • Bill Saluga (the character was Ray J. Johnson) – I imagine he;s not doing much these days, he’d have to be in his 80s.

  4. Defaulting is one thing, ignoring a summons to appear results in a bench warrant and those you can’t explain away when the cops show up at your door. They just take you away in bracelets why you piss your pants AGAIN. lol

  5. Oh, and to our dear William “valor stealing parkinsons faking” Shmalfeldt, don’t think a “default and appeal because fakinsons” tactic hasn’t been forseen.

    You the bus your pedo master has successfully thrown you under will only hit you that much harder if you try it.

  6. I was about to post a poll (or pool) with four “How will he respond to…” options, but that would educate the incorrigible.

    So I will merely observe, as this manatee will self destruct in 47…

  7. Plenty of time to rest and plan, and get Pedo to forward that travelin’ money he hands out to slow fat superspies with questionable judgement because he has nothing to do with the story.

    • So if he *will* be there, how’s he going to explain that his *inability* to be there for the show cause hearing?

      “Well Judge, I know I said I “can not attend” that hearing, but my Parkinson’s has gotten better, so now I can attend this one.”

      • Amazing how he’s moved — himself, alone — twice in the last year, but no one else could have!

        And I’m pretty sure there’s no legal requirement to inform a stalker that you’ve moved. That would seem counter-productive.

    • Has @sheeplerage been convicted of perjury? No? Then this tweet is libel per se.

          • Of course, dumbf5ck is still a complete moron. Even if everything he claims is true (HAHAHAHAHAHA–F5CK, MY BACK!), you can actually get certain court orders from other STATES even when you’re not a residence. For instance, you can be a resident of any where else, show up in California, and that day file for divorce.

            But even if this is not one of those applicable things, Biwwy’s full of it once again. Our loveable Shakeweight tries to make a big deal about the job starting in November. But somehow he fails to mention that with 15 seconds of Google-fu, you can discover the two towns are–get this–a whole 30 minutes apart! (Hey, did I ever tell about the time my commute to work was 70 minutes one way? OH WAIT, THAT’S NOW.)

            It’s just not possible, in Biwwy’s mind (because he’s never worked an honest day in his life), for someone to get a job in November and commute to work while they look for new housing. Which they could easily get on, say, January 31. Which is both in January and yet AFTER the date of the so-called perjury.

            Hey Biwwy, get your head out of your ass. This took me all of 45 seconds to think of easy exceptions to your conspiracy theory. There’s also the little problem of WHY THE HELL would someone commit perjury filing for an RO when they could *easily* get in literally any courtroom in America? Normal people are not like your pedo-bomber friend. They don’t lie for the sake of lying. And there is literally no upside to lying about what address you’re living at when filing out an RO.

            Go f5ck yourself, you cyberstalking asshat.

      • What I want to know is why Schmalfeldt hasn’t gone after Ash’s grandson as well.

        “Pick on your intellectual equals” or something like that…

        • Nope.

          Ash’s grandson is not his intellectual equal…

          I mean, who lies like he breathes?

          Or plays with his poop?

          Or is infatuated with all things butt?

          And who beat whom in a courtroom and got an RO?

          Even a three year old is superior to Moobasaurus Bettus Rex.

    • Unfortunately, that’s why they have them.

      So when some poor disarmed “citizen” is gunned down, the cops have a short list of who to talk to.

      Forget that many many many “el blobo’s” walk straight through paper armor.

      For the most part, “restraining orders” just give the cops a clue who to look at after the fact….

  8. And now bill is Almighty Media and BU in the eyes of the law, bill how does that mack truck BK just drove over you feel?

    • He’s stated (to the court, IIRC) that BU isn’t a corporation it’s just a website and that he has no boss that he can name, which makes him the boss.

      And now he can’t submit any documents to refute either of those two statements!

      CAUTION: Staring at such BRILLIANCE can cause blindness.

      • “CAUTION: Staring at such BRILLIANCE can cause blindness.”

        Given the rantings of the Myrtle Beach Malingering Moron, I figured it causes stupidity.

  9. Where is the ADA lawsuit? I’ve been looking forward to that one. He does know that will help enhancing his conspiracy charges if he wins. Wonder if he knows there are enhancements in conspiracy torts per years. Example if the conspiracy is 3 years he gets 3x an award. I think this is year 4? $5,000 judgement = $20,000

  10. The Oaf, if he had any sense, ought to be very worried about the free ride Our Gentle Host has now been given with regard to the introduction of his own documentary evidence. The Lardass Litigant will also face possible post-trial perjury sanctions in connection with every piece of Hoge-related physical evidence he seeks to use in his federal court case.

  11. “Summons to Appear” – I read that as disappear, the PD Kid, likely, as the date draws near.
    (Honest your Honor, I was on my honeymoon with my Inflato-Date.)

  12. http://i.imgur.com/km81Q6U.png

    Tripling down on stupid.

    His entire premise is based on the argument that she gave an address other than where she had lived at on her 50C application.

    Good luck with that dumbfuck. Take the cure already.

    • Except he didn’t talk to a court. And I highly doubt he talked to anyone at the clerk’s office about a restraining order.

      But let’s assume that he did talk to someone in a clerk’s office. He is again admitting to stalking and harassment.

      Don’t worry, shakes. The tweet is saved and I’m sure someone is following up to make sure you actually called someone and could get that information. I’m sure you explained to them why you called about a stalking order against you.

      Of course, the speaking for Law Enforcement as a threat should go ever well.

      • Dumbfuck is conducting a trial on twitter, didn’t you know? He has entrusted himself with these powers because Dumbfuck!

      • That would have been a hilarious conversation.

        “Hi, you granted a woman a restraining order against me about a year and a half ago. What address do you have on file for her?”

    • That line of tweets makes no sense. If he has her address, that’s all he needs to carry out his business. He can go back to mouldering in his little room since walks in the sunlight are too filmable.

      • Meh, we’ve already got more than enough footage of him showing a marked lack of Parkinson’s.

    • With everything going on this is what parkinsons faking valor stealing DUMBF5CK is worried about THIS?

      His pedo master has him brainwashed well.

      Keep telling yourself your pedo master isn’t treating you like a patsy.

      • “With everything going on this is what parkinsons faking valor stealing DUMBF5CK is worried about THIS?”

        Well, them chickens ain’t gonna fuck themselves, now are they?

    • It’s clearly time for criminal charges to be filed against Cabin Boy. Deb Frisch is his ultimate destination.

    • “I want the address of this person”
      “Um, sir you have a restraining order from her.”
      “But I’ve filed a lawsuit against her”
      “Oh, well in that case here it is.”

      IANAL, but I’m totally sure that’s how that works. Yep.

      • “I want the address of this person”
        “Um, sir you have a restraining order from her.”
        “But I’ve filed a lawsuit against her”
        “You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you.”

        Or maybe it goes more like this.

    • He is freaking TERRIFIED, and for good reason.

      He’s either going to be raped in prison; or shanked; or both.

      My bets on being shanked while being raped in prison.

  13. Schmalfeldt may be violating a restraining order. But that’s not saying much, In his margaritaville-of-menace universe he’s always violating a restraining order somewhere,

  14. Why oh why does he want to go to jail? Can’t juniorminiped tell him how unpleasant it is?

    • My working theory is he sobered up enough to notice Inflate-A-Boy’s teeth and is looking for anyway out.

    • He’s probably looking forward to it with the whole idea (not that it will match the reality) getting him off. And it’s probably getting new girlfriend off too, given her interest in guy-on-guy porn. She’ll probably listen to or read excitedly all the details.

      • From “The Prison Diary of Lester Klemperer”:

        “Soap can be so slippery! I dropped mine twelve times today! The mean guard asked why I was carrying soap to the cafeteria, then wouldn’t let me pick it up after I dropped it again! Doesn’t he know I’m a Vietnam-era veteran who stormed the beaches of Lebanon, OH?!”

      • Interesting theory. However, I don’t think Mr. Overshare could have kept quiet about that for very long.

        • He’s been to busy traveling to get a proper diagnosis. Plus, he needed to button-down a new free ass wiper first. Once he’s got her welfare check direct deposit into his checking account he may hit up his friends at NIH for another clinical trial.

    • Not his style. Too many scantily-clad women.

      Maybe something from “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”?

  15. The clown who refused to comply with basic discovery is now detailing tracking down a woman who has a restraining order against him.

    Then he wonders why we deride him.

      • Creepy old man who tweets about a woman’s looks and sex life wonders why she won’t respond.

      • Aaron is the world’s worst lawyer? Prove it! Or is it only Bill Schmalfeldt who has the right to hyperbole? You’ll learn about hyperbole in future filings and it’s protected legal speech I predict.

        And that a one year conspiracy length … [redacted]

      • The answer is no, Bill. That’s all the answer you are going to get. You don’t control the situation, and you are growing out of control in a way that authorities can appreciate. Take good advice when it’s offered. Maybe get a real lawyer to give you a word or two of advice.

      • But, muh rights! Your rights were not violated, you colossal waste of oxygen. You were given due notice of the hearing. You chose not to face your accuser. (because coward)
        But way to prove you’re not a harassing, cyber-stalking menace. F$&king Moron.

        • Bill Schmalfeldt was duly notified of Sarah Palmer’s RO hearing.
          Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t object to Sarah Palmer’s RO hearing.
          Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t even try to reschedule Sarah Palmer’s RO hearing.
          Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t even try to skype in to Sarah Palmer’s RO hearing.
          Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t get a lawyer to represent him at Sarah Palmer’s RO hearing.
          Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t show up for Sarah Palmer’s RO hearing.
          Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t appeal the RO after it was issued.
          Therefore, QED,
          Bill Schmalfeldt is a SELF-ACKNOWLEDGED TODDLERSTALKER!

    • “I know how much TRUTH matters to the lickspittles. Her illegally-obtained RO expired in January. Dimwits.”

      Expect the new one to be served shortly, dimwit.

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