Legal LULZ Du Jour

Actually, I did foresee that my motion for summary judgment against Almighty Media, Breitbart Unmasked, and the Cabin Boy™ would probably be denied—as have all the other motions for summary judgment from every party that filed one or more. It’s very rare for a Maryland court to grant summary judgment. The state’s judiciary has a strong preference for cases that cannot be settled to go to trial.

However, there are certain things one does in a lawsuit as a matter of form to [redacted] even when the motion is likely to fail.

Also, it isn’t odd for me to decide not to post something about the lawsuit if I don’t feel it is in my interest to post it. In this instance, I felt it would be advantageous to let the Cabin Boy™ post first about the denial of my summary judgment motion. I’ll let him wonder why that is so.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

29 thoughts on “Legal LULZ Du Jour

  1. Someone needs to meme a “so let me get this straight” on this.

    “So let me get this straight… You have sanctions against evidence and two show cause orders, but you think a denied MFSJ is a victory??”

    Only in the pretendyland of DUMBF5CK William “valor stealing parkinsons faking” Shmalfeldt.

    I bet my house once you’ve fully taken the fall for your pedo master he drops all contact with you since you served your purpose.

  2. He’s crowing about summary judgment being denied….but he doesn’t realize how fucked he is because of the 3 documents that followed, and that [redacted]. And [redacted]. Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention [redacted].

    Basically, he fucked himself, and he didn’t even have to go into court to do it.


  3. What a maroon!
    By publishing the denied SJ first, he [redacted], which means that he [redacted] when he [redacted].

    And he fell right into it.

  4. There’s only one bald pussy in that luxury suite that doesn’t smell like a yeasty Seattle fish market, and she craps in a sandbox.

    Perhaps for the sake of being fully specific I should also mention that her name is Onyx.

    And she’s a cat.

    • Poor Onyx is so confused I would imagine. Pretty sure the little bastard thinks it’s name is Hoge now.

      How many times a day do you think he says Hoge, Krendler, Sarah and Eric per day? I would bet a hundred x each. Marvin is upwards of 80 mentions by now.

      His whole day seemed to be laser focused on Sarah as she lives a normal happy life … did he take any time out of his day to focus on his girlfriend? It’s too early in a relationship to show your true colors and I fear Di might be dropping his ass soon. All day, everyday, consumed with Hoge, I would be bolting if I was her.

      • I don’t think “laser” is the right word to use here. At least lasers are coherent.

    • That brings to mind an old Steve Martin routine about cats. “That cat was the best ….. I ever had” was the punchline.

  5. “It’s very rare for a Maryland court to grant summary judgment. The state’s judiciary has a strong preference for cases that cannot be settled to go to trial.”

    Why does that sound familiar? Oh right, June 9th of this year:

    “Maryland courts generally prefer to go to trial in civil cases that don’t settle, so summary judgments are fairly rare. Therefore, this is not surprising. In fact, it’s what I expected.”

    Why would any idiot claim our host didn’t “foresee” … exactly what he said he expected? Illiteracy, or stupidity? Embrace the power?

    • When that idiot is Schmalfeldt you can just bet he is too stupid and lazy to remember or to look up what was said just a short time ago.

    • Summary judgement, no, I want to hear the PD Kid try to get out of this case for the comedy. #DanceMonkeyDance

  6. Heh, silly Bill; doesn’t realize that he’s done gone and [Redacted]; which will make Mr. Hoge’s process that much easier.

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