47 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I know where I want to stick that Tovex, but recognize it is probably illegal. So you are saying it’s OK if I do it with firecrackers? How many constitute a legal dose? Cherry bombs?

  2. Wonderful weekend with my new grandson, my three daughters, sons in law, future son in law.
    We all said prayers for the courage and sacrifice of Major Delong

  3. Did anyone catch last nights drunken blatherings from fatty mcovershare? Hilarious!

  4. Just as predictable as a raging case of PD symptoms before a court date, The Bill/cat lady/Brett chorus throws out their tweet storm of bullshit and misinformation after looking like the idiotic stooges they are.

    You would think all that jail time would have taught wee Brett something about the law. You would think…

    Keep threatening subpoenas. Blob. Keep saying WordPress is going to give you info on anyone. Keep saying Hoge is liable for 3rd party comments. Your record as a loser and failure is long and vast, and your legacy just keeps growing on the Interwebz. God help any of your grandkids who Google their family name. The therapy sessions will break the bank.

  5. https://twitter.com/breitbitnews/status/882271781997989888

    Bill “fatal error” Schmalfeldt strikes again.

    “Bloggers, like all citizens, must exercise “due care” to ensure their words do not incite …hatred.”

    Hatred? Really Bill? Does that sound the least bit plausible? If that were true the internet would cease to exist. Why don’t you just admit this stuff is beyond you?

    • That is really hilarious coming from the scum that encouraged people to attack/rape a woman who husband he disliked.
      even going so far as to post their address and a VIDEO of their home.

      DIAF Shakey McFakerson

      • Yes, and his “good friend” incited Islamic terrorists against his political opponents. With the attack on Pamela Gellar resulting.

    • Obviously he’s not smart enough to recognize that he’s not smart enough and to pay attention to the professional advice he has sometimes been given.

  6. https://twitter.com/breitbitnews/status/882272612700868608

    In the unlikely event that DUMBFUCK has defied the lottery-scale odds and is actually correct about this, you know what IS a legitimate defense.


    But since this 8th consecutive “rock solid” case will be the 8th consecutive case never to reach a trial, it will have to be LOLSUIT IX or later (MUCH MUCH LATER) where any defendant gets to humiliate him thusly in front of a judge.

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