Bonus Legal LULZ Du Jour

The case that the Cabin Boy™ references is Nwanguma v. Trump, et al., Case No. 16-CV-247 (W.D.Ky.), and it has no bearing on his LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact. Nwanguma deals with words spoken by Candidate Trump at a rally that are alleged to have incited violence. It has nothing to do with the Internet or the safe harbor provisions of the Communications Decency Act.

BTW, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin tried to use Nwanguma as a precedent in one of his motions in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit and was unsuccessful.

Nothing is proceeding as the Cabin Boy™ has hallucinated.

52 thoughts on “Bonus Legal LULZ Du Jour

  1. I know you’d have no earthly way of knowing this, DUMBF*CK, but a suit surviving a Motion to Dismiss does not make case law.

    • Do they even realize how much they are giving their true motives away? Then again, Maryland has allowed them to get away with it for so long. Guess we shall see if South Carolina cares.

  2. I’m in awe of Bill’s stupidity.

    That he can be this out of touch with reality and still remember to breathe is a miracle.

    • If Schmalballz had any self awareness, he would be thanking God every night for the autonomic nervous system. It prevents the people who are so stupid they would forget to breathe from dying of asphyxiation.


  3. What violence has been delivered upon Shakes the clown?
    The violence to the hoopty’s Goodyear Bald Eagles, which was perpetrated by none other than Shakes himself, which he filled a fraudulent police report, which once again, had him laughed out of an entire state, doesn’t count.

    • I still think he broke John’s door. He was only pretending to lack the ability to drive. He could go where he pleased.

    • My question as well, Howie. The only harm anyone has seen done has Blob as the perpetrator. Poor Gail got it worse than anyone, but one cannot overlook failed doxxing with false accusations (sometimes criminal activity), calling companies to get folks fired (the ultimate in pussydom), posting homes and addresses when he doesn’t even have the right person… the list continues. He was stupid enough to post his OWN house, then acts surprised someone can figure out where he lives. We’re not dealing with a full deck here, and if anyone needs to be thrown under the courthouse, it’s this dumbass. Remember when he peed himself, because he posted pics and info for the wrong guy, and he freaked when he thought that guy had been contacted? I really cannot wait for skank’s family to Google this moron.

      • As Ace said, in their world, your free speech is violence and their violence is free speech.

  4. I wouldn’t want to take the near instant pleasure away from the defendants, but since so much of his pipe dream rests on that stupid and soon to be reversed Trump suit … wouldn’t it be funny if the defendants requested a stay in Bill’s case until the appeal issues?

    • Just like “how was it any of my business” when I suggested Dumbfuck ask his “excellent friend” how much money he still owes to the DeLong family.

  5. If I’m not mistaken (and it’s hard to tell without looking it up because two years of Trump’s insanity tends to bleed together after awhile), Nwanguma relies on the candidate saying “Beat the crap out of him. We’ll defend you in court” or something very much like it.

    That probably isn’t likely to survive the Brandenberg test.

    Problematically, Drunkenstein isn’t alleging anything like that.

    • No, it relies on Trump saying “Get them out of here.” regarding protesters at a rally. Nwanguma is a gal who then got shoved by some asshole (who is also being sued and has filed a counterclaim against Trump which amounts to “You told me to do it!)

      There’s a very direct speech caused action nexus in this case, though I suspect it will die on the vine. DUMBF*CK wouldn’t know what a was nexus if it raped him. He’d enjoy it though.

          • His Sanders-eaque trade wars will sort it all out.

          • His entire trade policy is predicated on the idea that the government that is a time machine that can turn America back to 1955, for starters.

            Good luck with that.

          • Then there’s the fact that the Republican idea of “American energy independence” is reliant almost entirely on Canadian and Mexican oil. and then Trump goes out of his way to piss us both off endlessly. That could leave a mark.

            Article V of NATO is another. I know that you might want to pretend that Nikki Haley is president, but she really isn’t, so her statements are useless to the rest of us.

          • Just to digress into the situation, you really don’t understand what Trump’s policy goals are. It isn’t to actually start a trade war – too many roadblocks in Congress and elsewhere, for one thing. The point of Trump’s statements on the matter is to make midwestern working class voters, who think trade hurts their jobs, THINK that Trump is willing to start a trade war for them. And as long as they believe that, they’ll vote for him again in 2020, no matter what actually happens in the real world.

            And I’m not being facetious, that’s the art of modern politics – as long as you can make enough people think you’re dedicated to doing the things they want, you never have to actually do any of it. (Hint: Obama did the same thing for 8 long years)

            The greatest asset Trump has is that he’s got almost everyone believing he actually is crazy enough to do the things he says. Once enough believe that, he doesn’t actually have to do them.

          • Actually, no. Trade is the ONLY thing Trump has been consistent about over the last thirty years. In 1987, when he wanted a single payer system for everybody and loved abortion, he wasted a ton of money to take out a full page ad in The Failing New York Times to call Reagan a pussy on the issue,

            And it’s deeper than that,

            The first vote I ever cast was in our 1988 federal election, which was all about having free trade with the United States. And I regret it because ever since – EVERY four years – I’ve listened to American presidential candidates piss and moan and scream about “renegotiating” it. First Democrats, then Republicans, I know that you probably didn’t catch that, but we did.

            I get that it happens because individual shithead senators go insane and force presidents to do dumb shit, like re-litigate issues that are outside of NAFTA endlessly, but that isn’t my problem. We signed a deal with the United States, not your 535 individual retard ward-heelers. If I knew that you were going to be such a pain in the ass, I wouldn’t have supported it at all and signed up with the Stalinist Chinese instead. At least they wouldn’t try to upend everything every twenty seconds.,

            This dumb bastard actually means it, and that’s okay with me. If Trudeau and Harper before him weren’t such titanic pussies, it would have been go time a long time ago. For each industry of ours that your target, I’d send a NORAD radar station back, in pieces. Go too far, and I’d establish the Islamic Republic of Windsor. It’s business, you understand. Nothing personal.

            Friends don’t put friends out of work.

            Finally, pardon me if I’m not all excited with the business acumen of a guy who bankrupted three fucking CASINOS four times

            Keep in mind, I’m generally libertarian. Most of my country is *well* to the left of me, and anti-Americanism has a pretty storied history in this country, Our Conservative Party was actually founded on it. They only started liking you in 1984,

            And if you think that’s bad, imagine how the Mexicans can fuck with you, if’n the have to.

            But fine, antagonize your neighbors and best friends to sucker retards in the Midwest to win stupid elections. I don’t think it’ll end as well as you think it will.

          • If your government wants to lie to your desperate idiots, great. Not my circus and not my elephants,

            Leave the rest of us out it.

          • I forget that everything a Canadian says is always based on his in-born inferiority complex and incredible regret that he wasn’t born American.

          • Regarding “Republican” and “Trump’s” notion of “energy independence,” I would have to note that while you are right about the former, Trump’s notion of American energy independence doesn’t rely on either Canada or Mexico. He made that clear when speaking of the Keystone XL project he stated he was for it for the jobs, but that we didn’t need the oil. Presumably, it would just pass through for the international market.

            Notice the irony of you writing at length that Trump isn’t really a “Republican” then immediately tarring with that brush?

          • As to NATO and Article V I would note that Donald Trump has withdrawn from the TTP, suggested either renegotiating or withdrawing from NAFTA, and suggested that NATO is somewhat obsolete, and that it members aren’t paying their agree upon shares. He was not once suggested ignoring Article V. That hysteria rests from those that deem it their place to “demand” that Donald Trump publicly announce something in that regard.

            As to the politics of it. Those people making such demands are being highly disingenuous. The “demand” is little more of demand to reaffirm the status quo of Americans being bled dry of four percent of their GNP to defend, ultimately, Western/Central Europe when they contribute less than half that percentage. Well, if the status quo is reaffirmed member nations will simply continue to ignore their agreed upon obligations.

            That is what the American people should think is insane. The status quo is insane, and, Donald Trump is right to demand it change. Ultimately, if brinkmanship is what it takes then God bless Donald Trump!

    • I’m assuming this wws commenter is either Bill or in the TK camp. Whoever it is, stop being such an asswipe. Damn.

  6. “BTW, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin tried to use Nwanguma as a precedent in one of his motions in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit and was unsuccessful.”

    Yes, but Schmalfeldt has demonstrated his awesome pro se skills outpace Kimberlin’s in so many ways (mostly causing LULZ), it’s sure to work for him!

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