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  1. My cousin is admitted to practice before that court–but he is semi-retired lives off of his retainers.

  2. It’s good to have resources. You have lawyers. Schmalfeldt has Kimberlin. I have popcorn.

  3. And the wind cries….Randazza….

    Remember when Blob was to crippled to talk to his new opposing counsel on the phone? That was hilarious.

    • Yes, inability to speak to opposing counsel, despite doing weekly podcasts and working as an on-air announcer for an actual radio station, is a symptom of his medically unique case of “PD.”

      • It is libel to say that a person is NOT diseased whether or not they are. It is a a new tort discovered by progressives called “false denial of victimhood.”

        In light of this new legal development, it would be prudent to call Witless Willie the Diseased Witless Willie.

    • This also confirms his perpetual, nonstop F5ing of Hogewash.

      He just can’t quit us, because we’re all he has now.

    • It’s not like he wouldn’t have found out about it himself, anyway.

      Say he’d tried sending pro-se subpoenas to WordPress.

      WordPress would likely have just showed him the hand and told him the same thing John told him.

  4. he was given a highly reputable law firm with these same complaints and was not even given a day of their time. After a quick survey and the Microsoft letter, they drop kicked him to the curb

  5. “I’m in no hurry. The subpoenas will be issued on cue, I will find out who the anonymous cowards are, and you will all pay for your misdeeds.”

    No, you won’t find out, and no, we won’t pay, as we did nothing actionable.

    However, you can count on pointage, laughing, and mockification for the rest of your days… 😉

  6. That Blob had to be “helped” on so minor an issue, plus the fact the imbecile admits it, why would anyone fear this clown?? (My apologies to clowns.)

    Nobody is giving up IP addresses, emails, or IDs. Insults ain’t a tort. And to call anyone who chooses to remain anonymous to avoid Blob’s bombardment of their families and employers is such a weak tactic, I’m even more embarrassed for the prick. In that vein, I guess whomever is behind half the accounts Blob is Twitter friends with are cowards as well.

    Keep blowing smoke out of your ass. Blob. We all know this verse. I’m just waiting for the ol’ “take your wives and houses” line. How’s poor Inflate-a-skank gonna feel about that wives thing? LOL

    I’d say you’re a joke, but complete failures in life don’t even rank that high.

      • He also seems to think that libel per se means that he gets the damages that he asked for. Doesn’t work that way. A court may agree that something was libel per se, and award damages of $1.

        • There was a case in the UK many years ago where a “peer of the realm” sued for libel and won. The jury awarded him a half-pence for the damage done. Teh Blobbo would be lucky to get that much.

          • Jefferey Archer, if I’m not mistaken. He subsequently went to jail.

          • The judge then went on to say of Jeffrey Archer,
            “Is he in need of cold, unloving, rubber-insulated sex in a seedy hotel round about quarter to one on a Tuesday morning after an evening at the Caprice?”

            Damn the world is a small place.

    • By his own statement Billy affirms that most of what he has said about several people, some of whom he is currently suing, is libel.

  7. Ignore me if this is too early of a question to answer. Have the four winning defendants decided to waive and hear this before the magistrate? When I looked up the judge and if my memory serves me correct it was a George W. Bush appointee. I might be mistaken.

    • Lol he hasn’t even managed to serve any of us. Like, at all. But you know Bill. ALWAYS rushing to get his next high.

    • Rental car – $250
      Hotel Room @ Myrtle Beach – $120/night
      Per diem – $60ish/day

      Gosh. That’s going to add up quickly. Hope Bill really isn’t as indigent as he claims to be.

      • Pardon me. Hotel in FLORENCE. Need to be convenient to the courthouse. Oh, and can’t forget gas expenses @ .52/mile

        • If’n you can get mileage, you can get a hotel in Myrtle Beach, too. And I’m guessing the beachfront rates are a shitload more than $120/night.


          • I believe you can charge mileage at the federal rate which is 50 something cents a mile. If I’m right about the ballpark area of VA Aaron is in, the round trip would be around 800 miles. So, at 53 cents a mile, that’s about $425 just for travel.

      • Has Blob already blown through all of Gail’s insurance money?? That was a lot of Cheeze-Its!

        • The second that Rosa Parkinsons said that he had enough to keep him comfortable for the rest of his life, if he was wise with it, I knew it was only a matter of time before he wound up in a flophouse.

          I think it was less than a month later that he was congratulating himself for not buying a scooty-puff that he wound up buying three days later. Then he sold it, despite being immobilized by Parkinson’s.

          • Indigent, and proud of it.

            If there was anything that proved what a simpleton Bill is, it’s this. When he first boasted about the amount of money he was getting, my thought was, “what a paltry sum”. But to Bill $15,000 (?) was a princely sum, enough for him to live off the rest of his life. Who really thinks this way? How can you be so out of touch with the realities of life that you think that amount of money will last?

            Typical liberal.

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