Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

This was posted in the comment section of yesterday’s TKPOTD—For the record, I haven’t had to spend a great deal of money (at least by my standards, YMMV) defending any of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s LOLsuits. I’ve had pro bono legal representation from Patrick Ostronic in both the state suits, and I’ve handled the federal suits pro se at the District Court level. The only significant out-of-pocket expenditures have been for transcripts and the duplicating expenses for appeals briefs in the state cases. Those expense have been more-or-less cover by generous hit on the Tip Jar. Thank you.

Meanwhile, TDPK still owes me and my lawyers (Patrick Ostronic and Aaron Walker) $1350 in unpaid sanctions.


83 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Amtrak from MD to WI: ~$250
      10 days at the Crappy Wifi Arms: ~$600
      30 trips to McDonalds: ~$250
      Furniture/TV: ~$900
      14 months rent: ~ $13,300
      42 bottles of JWR: ~$1,050
      Scootypuff: (It’s red – Vroom, VROOM!): ~$2,300
      LOLSUIT VI: ~$400
      Beater with a Heater: ~$2000
      WI Driver’s License: ~$20
      WI License plates: ~$100
      Rental Car: ~$180
      Amtrak RT MIL-CHI: ~$275
      Best Western: ~$150
      Gas, MIL-Clinton: ~$600
      IA License plates: ~$100
      4 months rent: ~$3500
      New tires: ~$480
      2 RT rental cars + gas to SC: ~$1800
      Beater trip to SC: ~$350
      2 months @ Fleabag Roach Motel: ~$3000
      10 bottles of “decent” bourbon: ~$300

      That’s only about $22,000 wasted since TJ tossed his ass out.

      Homeless by choice.

          • I used to [decades ago] serve as the ‘muscle’ in such evictions. At that time I was about 6 feet and 230 pounds of mostly muscle and looked like my hillbilly heritage. I dressed the part and then just basically stood there with my arms folded and glaring at the renter. Never had to do anything else. One of the better paying jobs, pay compared to actual effort, I ever had.

            The lawyer I worked for told me that essentially all of those renters were really used to being thrown out for non-payment and were just trying to stay “for free” as long as possible. It didn’t take much to run them off. Usually you didn’t even need to get an actual court order. Just send me [or someone like that] and a paper waver and tell them to get the hell out. Easy-peasy.

            OTOH, more normal renters could, under the state laws where I was then, delay eviction for 6 months or so without paying at all and then end up paying way less than they owed. Way more hassle. So, some landlords *prefer* to rent flophouses to deadbeats rather than fix property up. It pays better.

          • I’ll bet if DUMBFUCK had ever tried to hold a similar post (as the last man standing -outside the back door of the- bar fight), he probably would have been laughed at quite a bit.

      • Let’s review. John has basically broken even and Schmaleldt is 22 large in the hole, so clearly Rosa Parkinsons wins.

      • Small-town rent is easily less than 900 a month.
        It takes less than 200 gallons of diesel fuel to take a fully loaded freightshaker from Milwaukee to San Antonio.

  1. So wait –

    You’ve been a pro-se litigant, spent some money, didn’t need to apply for pauper status at any point, still financially solvent….and still won?

    How can that be??? Oh yeah, Twitter Court. My bad. There, you’re broke and guilty.

  2. Actually, rapist Bill Schmalfeldt, since you alleged that you were defamed by someone calling you a rapist in a federal lawsuit, and you subsequently dismissed that lawsuit with prejudice, and because a dismissal with prejudice acts as a decision on the merits, you are, in the eyes of the law, a rapist.

    Also, a terrific pro se, because a Dunning-Kruger Twitter legal genius like you obviously knew that when you dismissed the case WITH PREJUDICE.

    Also, DUMBFUCK.

      • I still have zero idea WHY he did that. What advantage did it give him to dismiss with prejudice? Why not just dismiss?

        I understand that he is pretty stupid but even stupid people usually have some reason. It may be a stupid reason, but…

        • I’m guessing it was because “dismissed with prejudice” sounded much, much more impressive than just “dismissed”.

          That’s what happens when you are a dimwit practicing “cargo cult lawfare”.

        • Speculations, each in its own alternative universe of dubious reality –

          Speculation #1: Someone told him that by voluntarily dismissing “with prejudice”, there would be no countersuit nor sanctions.

          Speculation #2: The highly unlikely possibility that someone advised him correctly (see Speculation # 1)

          Speculation #3: He thought that dismissing “with prejudice” meant “But they really did do those bad things”.

          Speculation #4: He thought that dismissing “with prejudice” would cause the court to forever be “prejudiced” against those defendants.

          Speculation #5: He thought that “with prejudice” meant “We still hates Baggines forever!”.

        • If I recall, he had added David Edgren to the suit. Edgren attempted to negotiate a settlement, and because DUMBFUCK did not like the terms he was offered, published the email exchange and claimed – say it with me together, everyone! – EXTORTION!

          He chose…poorly.

          And then loudly surrendered when TJ kicked him out of Maryland.

          • Let’s not forget that David …absolutely….completely…thoroughly…indisputably…(wait for it)…DEMOLISHED his fraudulent IFP application.

            Good thing for him there’s no chance of anyone doing THAT again./

    • I’m as real as you, Cousin Rapist.

      With considerably more resources, experience, and motivation. Vastly more.

      If you’d get that lead anchor out of your lazy, worthless ass, and find me, then you could sue me.

      The counter suit might produce more LULZ than everything to date. It would be epic and legendary.

      And cruel. Extremely cruel.

      Try me, William M. “Bill” Schmalfeldt, rapist.

  3. Most of know that what we don’t know outweighs what we do know. Fat boy Schmalfeldt thinks he knows all.

    • I don’t think anyone on TK can foresee anything. Which brings up a logic question. If you don’t foresee anything incorrectly, because you don’t foresee anything at all, does that mean things really aren’t going as foreseen?

      Actually, what this proves is it’s too early on a Sunday morning and I need caffeine!

  4. “A man would not libel me under a pseudonym then demand that I find him. A man would say what he means, use his real name, take consequences.”

    Well, dipshit, why do you think I stopped using “Leroy Oddswatch”?

    I use my real name. You just suck at finding people, unless they simply *hand you* their PII.

    Work for it, lazy ass. It’ll be the first time you’ve actually made an honest effort in your entire life…

    • A man would say what he means, use his real name, take consequences.

      OK, so a real man used the identity of another man who was a child rapist, knowingly and with malice, to say that man was me.

      So he is agreeing that he libeled and defamed me, did it with malice which rises to the level of per-se, and he agrees that he should accept the consequences.

      Got it.

      Tick tock.

      • Did you say anything about a counterclaim, MJ? I’m pretty sure you didn’t, but I may have missed it.

          • But that can’t be, can it?

            A former GS-13 editor and investigative reporter with thirty years experience said you did.

            I wonder how many lawsuits a drunken indigent retard can handle at once.

            It should be great fun finding out.

          • When it comes to thinking these things out, he isn’t very smart.

            But, you know old Bill – he’s going to say and do whatever he wants.

            Tick Tock.

  5. How did I know he Amtraked from MD to Milwaukee?HE PUT IT ON THE INTERNET.
    How did I know he stayed at the Crappy Wifi Arms?
    How did I know he lived on McDonalds?
    Lucky guess.
    How did I know what WalMart furniture and appliances he bought?
    How did I know where he was going to live before he moved in?
    How did I know he likes Johnnie Walker Red?
    How did I know how much he spent on the Scootypuff?
    How did I know he bought a car and got a license?
    How did I know he rented a car to zip down to Palatine ILLINOIS to try and fail at tattling on Patrick Grady?
    How did I know he Amtraked to Chicago and back to waste the time of his welfare lawyer?
    How did I know he stayed at the Best Western on Ohio St in Chicago?
    How did I know he moved to Clinton, Iowa?
    How did I know he rented a house, got Iowa license plates and bought new tires?
    How did I know he rented cars for two 1800+ mile weekend road trips to South Carolina when there must be perfectly functional whores in Clinton, Iowa at much lower prices?
    How did I know he moved to South Carolina to shack up with Inflataskank?
    How did I know where he’s shacked up?
    How did I know he’s been drinking bourbon, even though it’s contraindicated for an adjudicated rapist who claims to have Parkinson’s disease?

    But okay…”I’m a stalker.”

    I thought you had to post bankruptcy and divorce proceedings for people who haven’t posted about you in three years to cross that threshold, but okay…let’s go with that, DUMBFUCK.

  6. Suppose for a moment, John Hoge’s quest to protect the free speech rights of others (and his own) left him penniless in his old age. Suppose also that Bill Schmalfeldt’s quest to punish people who write about Team Kimberlin leaves him also penniless in his old age?

    Which man has left a better inheritance?

    • If I die penniless, my kids may be pissed, but I shan’t care.

      In fact, I am pretty sure that my cousin, who did my estate planning, designed it so I probably will die penniless, but in a way that will please my kids no end.

  7. So, he admits AGAIN that he left his daughter(s) behind and committed adultery.

    • Seriously, don’t you think his kids are happy to be free of such a sick legacy as Willy will leave on the Interwebz? Every time their name gets searched, his filth is at the top of the search list.

  8. Hmmmm… Willy refers to MJ as SororanConserv, yet says SonoranConserv is anonymous. Willy is not just stupid, he is in all reality the Dumbf*ck.

    When he has to tweet 30 times about a black butt site that clearly has followers that followed the original (and different) account, it shows a 5th grade mentality that will never act as an adult. That his Asian-minor-loving cohort joined in shows how ridiculous the entire summery really is. Whatever happened to the unemployed “musician’s” mail order bride, anyway?

    Personally, I think those 2 text love notes to each other to pass the time. What else do a fat, bourbon-swilling grifter and derelict cat lady have to do? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  9. No Bill, the two statements are exactly the same thing. You do not have to explicitly state something is your opinion in order for it to be understood to be your opinion.

    • He seems to think that opinion must be prefaced with “It’s my opinion.”

      He could not be more wrong, especially since he provided all the evidence for an layman’s opinion of “He doesn’t have Parkinson’s.”

      • It’s my opinion that he’s a complete and utter fuckwit who couldn’t lie is way out of a convention of blind, deaf, dumb morons who believe everything they figuratively hear.

        • OMG you are so going to be haled into Twitter Court, tried, convicted and executed for Defamation per se STAGE ELEVENTY!!!!11!!!!1!1!

          Prepare your lulz muscles.

    • Awhile ago Bill had a favorite word he would often use – CONTEXT. Per his WI lawsuit it was my understanding he thought quoting somebody without context was a tort. Context is in his above example is important. He was on to something, just not in the way he envisioned it. The lickspittle sites are a community of websites and the people who comment on them are giving opinion to previously known context.

      The debate and comments about whether Bill has P.D. or not is conditioned on his past quotes and what seems to be improved health since.

      I don’t know if Bill has P.D. or not and don’t really care. But being a reasonable reader, I’ve always understood people’s comments that he doesn’t being conditioned contextually on the perceived improvement of his health.

      • Minor quibble: I’m not convinced any of his health changes constitute “improvement”. Competing hypotheses–consistent with his self-published symptoms and signs–include self-medication with methamphetamine.

        Getting hooked on crystal meth is rarely good for one’s overall health.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt is a Parkinsons’ FAKER. Period.
        Bill Schmalfeldt is a rapist. Period.

        Sue me, you loathsome loser, fat freak, grotesque ghoul, laardvark.

    • It is my opinion, and also a likely provable fact, that Bill Schmalfelt (sp?) has a nasty case of Hodgkinson’s Disease.

    • PS: You’re defamation-proof, DUMBF*CK. Your reputation is such shit (remember that your own family hates you) that nothing any of us can say will damage it. It would be like crashing into your late hoopty; meaningless.

    • He should start saving up. Was it wordpress that charges $125/hr to respind to subpoenas? And that includes all the hours involved if someone moves to quash. Which they will.

      • Does wordpress ask for payment up front? If not, maybe someone should tell them to google Bill Schmalfeldt.

        • Oh MAN! This one is too good to pass up!!!

          Bill, here’s the deal, Dude-

          You spend the money required to get WordPress to expose all the pseudonymies and I’ll reimburse you. Since you indicate ‘early August, does COB South Carolina on 11 August seem reasonable? You get the names and I’ll send you a check.

          You go girl! Get ’em- Collect the whole set! And since, as usual, you didn’t think this through I’m declaring the ‘whole set’ consists of all Lickspittles and Zombies. All of ’em.

          Bill, you know that ‘Liz and Bernie would both want you to do this. Think how it will hurt Trump. C’mon, man-

          Do it. Show them. Show them all. And MAKE THEM PAY!

  10. Oh please Mr. Oliver Wendel Jones, tell us how this will happen.

    But of course you can’t, because you don’t know.

    • bill needs to do a little homework, here I will help out just a little.

      FRCP 45(a)(4) Notice to Other Parties Before Service. If the subpoena commands the production of documents, electronically stored information, or tangible things or the inspection of premises before trial, then before it is served on the person to whom it is directed, a notice and a copy of the subpoena must be served on each party.

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