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    • Yeah, no. The rest were not well pleaded. Motion practice will dispose of them promptly. The dismissed count was Cabin Boy inventing an utterly nonexistent “tort”. The rest are just incompetently pleaded, as usual.

      • Precisely. Witless Willie is always confident until the opponents start filing things. Then he loses. ALWAYS.

          • Prediction: all his claims will be dismissed, but the counterclaims won’t be.

          • Remind him again what it’s like being a defendant. He doesn’t seem to like it much.

            Autocomplete suggested “defective” when I was typing “defendant” Embrace the power…

          • As soon as a DUMBFUCK’s main case is dismissed and he has to face counterclaims, his Parkinson’s will flare up again.

            And yes, I’m pretty sure that at least one of the defendants will counterclaim. I don’t know it as a certainty, but given the strength of that person’s potential case, I’d be shocked if it didn’t happen.

            Then things get FUN!

    • Yep, MJ. He thinks the battle is now fully engaged. Instead, he’s flying a rickety old plane and has already lost one engine on the takeoff. The other three are sputtering and will fail as soon as any pressure is applied to them. He won’t get anywhere near the battlefield before he either crashes and burns or ejects and flees to a new location.

      • The court said it’s own standard was to only look at failure to state a claim and even then to only the extent that if they squinted really hard they might be able to find a claim.

        And just as the court couldn’t make up a claim out of whole cloth for the plaintiff, they also can’t make up defenses for the defendants either so failure to state a claim may still be available.

        They didn’t evaluate for jurisdiction or venue at all.

    • The thing hasn’t even been served. DUMBF*CK, who has never made it past MTD’s, fails to recognize that none of those have yet been filed, let alone ruled upon. Frankly, his claims will die on the fact that they are not subject to SC law as he was not living in SC when they occurred.

      But maybe he will get his day in court (aside from 8/15/17,) and maybe his butthurt won’t be all that gets heard.

    • Conspiracy to do, what, exactly? Libel for quoting you? Reckless conduct, wanton conduct? How can that harm you, when none of the defendants are anywhere near you?

      You have no case, shakes. Take the cure.

  1. “Summarily dismissed” has a specific meaning. Not that Biwwy knows.

    To continue, something cannot be “summarily dismissed”, but just because it’s not “summarily dismissed” doesn’t mean it will ever be heard.

    You’d think a dumbf5ck would know this, given that it’s literally happened in every single other LOLSUIT he’s ever filed. Oh wait. “Dumbf5ck” and “know” don’t go in the same sentence unless the word “doesn’t” modifies “know”. Sorry.

  2. Conspiracy liberally construed survived, wow, big deal …. guess what Bill, the judge will check that off without thinking about it and dismiss it after just a ONE PARAGRAPH response from the defendants. Think about “liberally construed” again because that’s the snowflake stuff, but to get beyond a MTD that’s Ted Cruz level hell. You never seem to grasp that.

    Interesting that you respond “NOYB” to legal South Carolina residency requirements. You generally don’t do that when you feel confidant. You should dismiss LOLsuit because I THINK you might’ve litigation-wise pre-ejaculated.

    As for your 75% winning celebration; think about Game 1 between Golden State and San Antonio. When Hoge responds it will be like Kawhi Leonard getting injured and your 75% becomes a big fat L and zero.

    • He thinks he survived a battle with 75% of his forces still remaining.

      What actually happened is he lined up his troops and 25% immediacy fell over dead. They’ve yet to take even a step forward.

    • Thing is, it actually is the business of the defendants, as he will soon find out. Jurisdiction is never collateral, and judges can dismiss a case for lack of it even well into litigation.

    • “As for your 75% winning celebration; think about Game 1 between Golden State and San Antonio. When Hoge responds it will be like Kawhi Leonard getting injured and your 75% becomes a big fat L and zero.”

      That still stings.

    • “Woe is me. There is no justice for people like me. My non-progressive unique case of PD has conveniently worsened, and I just want to live out the last years of my life in peace, free to harass whoever irks me, without anyone writing about it. Woe is me.”

  3. Let me put my Fauxcahontas headdress on. Done. Me Big Chief. Say:

    “You didn’t write that.”

    Are those little, na,,,, tiny? Tiny fingerprints I see on Bill’s complaint?

    • Short people got no reason
      Short people got no reason
      Short people got no reason
      To live

      They got little hands
      And little eyes
      And they walk around
      Tellin’ great big lies

      They got little noses
      And tiny little teeth
      They wear platform shoes
      On their nasty little feet….

  4. Bill has been tweeting replies to a lòt of lickspittle comments lately, so maybe he’ll grow a pair, stop ducking me and answer a simple question.

    HEY BILL — if you really have Parkinson’s disease (that is, “have a doctor willing to diagnose you with it _now_”, not “have some bureaucratic paperwork indicating that you were, many years ago, diagnosed with it”) WHY won’t Medicare buy you a scooter?

    A current diagnosis of PD is a guaranteed ticket to a fully paid for power chair or mobility scooter, courtesy of Medicare. Even more so for your gait-disturbance-predominant form of the disease. Triply so for an “advanced case” like yours.

    So what’s up? Why did you pay for the scooty puff (it was red, vroom vroom!) Why did your “girlfriend” have to beg for strangers to pay for one? Why don’t you have one now? There must be some reason. What does your doctor say? Haven’t you asked? You DO see a doctor, don’t you?

    I have one (almost 6k$, paid by Medicare, and yes, it’s red.) Everyone I know with serious Parkinson’s has one. Why don’t you?


    (You complained that lickspittles aren’t knowledgeable about Parkinson’s. I think that you would have to agree that, short of a movement disorder specialist, I’m about as knowledgeable a person as you will find. So stop ducking me and answer!)

    • The answer to those questions is something that we’ll never hear out of Bill’s mouth or Twitter. They would reveal too much about his scheming and lying through the years. Given what we’ve seen/heard, and realizing that it IS Bill here, you’re never going to get an answers.

      When I met my wife almost 30 years ago, her grandfather was primarily bedridden due to advanced PD. When he came to family gatherings, he was always closely watched because of his tendency to hurt himself trying to do too much for himself. The man was a wonderful father (all 3 of his girls are wonderful ladies and mothers) and godly man. He doted on his grandkids. His great-grandkids (my oldest son was his first great-grand), he adored. He only got to see 2 of them before he passed, but he was delighted in them. It pained him greatly that he couldn’t show them that love, to the degree he wanted to show it.

      I say all of that just to say this – all of the physical signs and symptoms of that terrible disease that I witnessed in him … Bill shows none of them. Just the medications he was on, alcohol was verboten. Listening to Bill’s podcasts, it’s obvious that he’s not heeding that restriction. I live with a recovering alcoholic with bi-polar. IMO, based on watching my wife and her grandfather, Bill’s closer to the alcoholic bipolar diagnosis than the PD diagnosis. I am not a doctor (nor do I play one on TV), just stating my opinion based on observed behavior.

        • His stories about his medications have always been vague, and last I heard he wasn’t taking any. Who knows what the real case is. All I know is that in late March he could drive, and he still swung his arms when he walked.

    • Medication…
      Parkinson’s medications…

      Let me venture a counter-argument.
      (And hello, old friend, it has been decades since we last so enjoyably spoke together. “nattering nabobs” indeed!)

      Two of the commonly prescribed Parkinson’s medication have been implicated (and successfully sued) for the alleged side effect of mental emotional grandiosity, overconfidence and risk-taking. For example, they cannot be prescribed for a person with a history of compulsive gambling. (I have needed to learn all about them, as I take one, in smaller dose, for its other indicated use.)

      So, hypothetically, one could be on one of these meds in sufficient dose to totally control the Parkinson’s symptoms, and become an absolute wacko as a side effect. Alcohol has no adverse cross-reaction to these, it only opposes their effectiveness in reducing symptoms.

      • Except, to the best of my knowledge, Rosa Parkinsons has never actually been on a Parkinson’s medication.

        He was taking drugs to go to sleep and deal with the sads, but nothing neurological. And there’s been no mention of his taking anything at all for nearly two years.

        • So he’s got nothing to blame except popforms I mean popcorn to blame for his wackoisity. Hmmm.

          (Reading Krendler has adversely affected my typing.)

        • He’s has trouble keeping a straight story, but one of them (when his impulsive and grandiose behaviour was being hinted as possibly having some connection to both/either his medication or illness) was that such medication had been discontinued as it had stopped helping (IOW, his PIGD form of PD was now refractory to treatment.). He was trying to discount any suggestion medication made him act funny, IIRC. I’m have this idea his Rxs would be caterwauled in every other speech and frivolous filing if he had any, and since they aren’t, on that basis and his previous “I’m refractory to medical therapy now” remarks, I dont think he takes any dopamine agonists. Who knows what’s really true.

  5. https://twitter.com/breitbitnews/status/881193923984723968

    The classics never go away, do they?

    Despite hearing this endlessly for years now, I never get bored of it, despite it always ending the same way.

    Drunkenstein’s lulzsuits, and the moronic preening about them, are like closing the prom with “Stairway to Heaven.” You know it’s never going to change, and you aren’t sure that you want it to.

    • So, the adulterous Unca Biwwy is going to make WordPress give up all the IP info and whatever else for all of the commenters here.


      He does realize that Automatic/Wordpress fight subpoenas? That should be a good bit of PLM watching him take them on.

      • That ISP’s fight subpoenas and/or give their customers a chance to quash them. ISP’s also charge for subpoenas.

          • There’s no way he could get subpoenas to identify third-parties identified, anyway.

            Bill, if you want to identify people, you’ll have to add them to the suit. C’mon, add a dozen John and Jane Does! You know you want to!

    • I hope he can get my name right.

      And that he’s prepared for the unintended consequences of bringing even MORE people into his little tantrum.

    • As usual he’s projecting.

      People such as myself who comment here are happy to note the lack of legal expertise.

      Bill on the other hand constantly proclaims his legal expertise, even when a judge is threatening to put him in jail for flagrant breaches of court rules.

  6. It’s going to be fun doing discovery on Cabin Boy’s medical records since he put his condition at issue. For every defendant. Brilliant move, Cabin Boy.

    • wasn’t that the suit that the defendants won by directed verdict, after the plaintiff finished presenting his case??

      • IIRC, that was because the plaintiff, Brett Coleman Kimberlin aka The Speedway Bomber, could not provide one scintilla of evidence that he was NOT a pedophile. Or so the judge decided, anyway.

        • Actually, I think this is the case where, Brett Coleman Kimberlin, aka the Speedway Bomber, still owes Hoge’s lawyer $600+ bucks.

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