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Yesterday afternoon, I posted the online docket entry for this—

I don’t plan to make any substantive public statement about this motion in any form other than a court paper until after the court has ruled on it.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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  1. Wow, the competition for World’s Stupidest Man™ is really heating up!

    So Brett is now filing motions on behalf of himself and Tatyana without even bothering with her signature any more?

    Isn’t there some kind of law against that in Maryland?

  2. He seems a little miffed.

    And confused about which case this is. I didn’t see where Aaron was a party to this suit. Or even involved in one with precedental value to this suit.

  3. This “motion” is hilarious. He wants discovery now and his excuse is that he was too stupid to ask for it before the deadline.

    No, that’s not how it works.

    • No, he simply didn’t claim he was too stupid. He claimed that he had reasons to believe that an inability to show damages might be a basis for a defense before discovery commenced. He opted not to pursue such discovery as a matter of free choice.

  4. “Your honor, you said that I had to do this by April 28, but without asking for permission from the court to do so, I vexatiously demanded that it be done on June 20, and vexatious Hoge didn’t show up. And furthermore, he gave me no notice other than the letter that he sent that I’m pretending I didn’t get, and of course the fact that you had already ruled that discovery needed to be completed by April 28. But some other judge in some other case said that in that case there wouldn’t be damages, and therefore we should go with that for this completely unrelated case and pretend that you are the judge that made that ruling. In addition, April 28 was also unreasonable as I needed time for the body to dissolve in acid sufficiently enough to dispose of it without leaving behind sufficient forensic evidence.

    “If Mr. Hoge wanted to avoid the deposition that I demanded he attend, he should have filed irrelevant paperwork requesting that he not be required to attend something that he was not required to attend because I never filed any proper paperwork to require him to attend it. Frankly, your honor, Mr. Hoge’s adhering to the rules is prejudicing my case. He should be admonished to mend his behavior. Also, you should probably kill, just to be safe. And you should give me lots of money, too. I don’t care if Biwwy gets nothing. In fact, you should give his share to me too.

    “P.S. Stop asking for the whereabouts of my wife. There are too many locations to keep track of and I’ll never remember them all.”

  5. “(Hoge) ought to have filed for a protective order.”


    Brett Kimberling’s paperwork doesn’t seem to have all the necessary items.

  6. Lol the sheer defensiveness in the very title of the document is hilarious.

    I doubt more than a short opposition is necessary, because Brett’s arguments don’t measure up.

  7. Regarding Brett Kimberlin and the issue of damages, did anyone ask Sandra DeLong for her opinion on the matter?

    I note the following passage from Ken White of Popehat, made as part of the “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin” day.


    A quote from that post, regarding the 1.61-million-dollar civil suit that she won against Brett:

    Fifth, to illustrate what Brett Kimberlin does not value, he has struggled endlessly and mostly successfully to avoid paying the judgment that the widow of his bombing victim, Carl DeLong, obtained against him. When the prison tipped off his probation officer that Kimberlin was sending cash to a woman outside of prison, Kimberlin was so enraged that he sued for a breach of the Privacy Act. He lost:

    Kimberlin was convicted in 1981 for detonating an explosive device and is currently residing at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC). In 1983, Sandra DeLong won a civil judgment against Kimberlin on behalf of her husband Carl, subsequently deceased, in the amount of 1.61 million dollars for injuries he suffered in the explosion. Thomas Gahl, the probation officer assigned to Kimberlin, sent a letter to the warden of the MCC to inform him of the civil judgment. Kimberlin’s prison case manager, Patrick Leddy, in turn informed Gahl that Kimberlin was regularly sending funds from his prisoner commissary account to someone outside the prison. Gahl informed Mrs. DeLong and her attorney, Paula Kight, of the transfers. DeLong then obtained a writ of attachment against the plaintiff’s commissary account based on an affidavit alleging that Kimberlin was sending $125 a month to a civilian outside the prison.

    Kimberlin v. U.S. Dept. of Justice, 788 F.2d 434, 436 (7th Cir. 1986).

    I leave it to the reader of this post to form their own opinion.

  8. Well, to be fair to Kimberlin, it does appear that it was someone in the clerk’s office and not him who put “disposition” in the title.

    • You mean “DEPOSTION?”

      WTF is a “deposition,” anyway?

      Is it that surgery Bill Schmalfeldt needs to remove the Telephone Pole of Infinite Butthurt from his unwashed ass?

      Correction: wasn’t it his penis that he recently admitted he hadn’t seen or washed in over a decade? Is it wise for Inflataskanks to get shots? Wouldn’t the treatment kill the patient?

  9. “Defendant has not received that letter….” because maybe you keep moving and failing to provide your proper address to the Court?

  10. And here I thought the the first time John mentioned damages was in his complaint. Silly me.

  11. I do love the part where he says “well, the deadline passed but I didn’t know about the damages so we decided to do this. And can you believe he didn’t show up? ”

    Never, ever explains *why* this suddenly means the deadline is meaningless of course…

  12. I have a suspicion that John can prove he sent a letter if need be. (But see next paragraph.)

    I doubt that John was obligated to send a letter or anything at all. (Not an expert on Maryland’s rules of civil procedure.)

    Oh, and the videographer billed for time not worth anything. Too bad, so sad. ROFLMAO.

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