20 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Westminster …

  1. Kimberlin: “Crap, I forgot to do discovery on the damages. Well, let’s go ask him and if he doesn’t we’ll tell the judge.” *sends letter
    Hoge: “No” *with subtle hints of GFY in the letter.
    Kimberlin: “I’m filing a motion for SANCTIONS!!!”
    Hoge: “LOL! Response filed! Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.”
    Entire Universe: LOLOLOLOL!

    • To an outsider, it appears that the defendants decided (independently or jointly) to be as unresponsive as possible during the discovery phase (because they are stupid or because they deluded themselves that they could get the suit dismissed or both). I can sort of understand Witless: he has never had a case get close to trial. But Kimberlin has seen that cases can go to trial.

      Now that this case is proceeding to trial, the defendants are disadvantaged by their lack of responsiveness during discovery. Witless is blowing the whole thing off and apparently planning to default. Kimberlin appears to be trying to salvage something for trial or appeal by asking for sanctions: the strategy of trying to salvage something is sound, but the tactics of asking for sanctions is just a waste of time.

      What this whole episode has taught me is that the most effective response to lawfare is counter-suit.

  2. Wow. I see that BS has tweeted about 20 times (I lost count) about black bottoms. Is his admitted erectile dysfunction suddenly getting better? I wonder what the secret is. Windex? Lysol?

      • Specifically, someone else doing them. And not having to bother to aim at the toilet, because, again, someone else was cleaning that.

        When he learned that it doesn’t clean itself, he appears to have (re? I’m an optimist) – learned aim.

        Most of his recovery was due to him doing moderate housework; it seems only logical to assume his downward, well spiral seems to gradual but OK, his downward spiral is entirely due to Laddie Dye doing the housework and thus removing the past two years of curative experience.

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