The Cabin Boy™ has doubled down on stupid with a series of tweets showing that I follow a Twitter account for something called Black Butt Magazine.


How lame!

I don’t remember every account I followed during the last few months of 2016, but from the look of the other followers on the account, it appears to have originally been an account that several with several libertarian and conservative followers that was created September, 2016, and that did not tweet very much. All the early tweets have been deleted, and a few rather tasteless tweets (all from 1 December, 2016) are all that are in the account now. I don’t know what the original handle was, but it’s been changed to (at)Buttebony.

As the post title says—Laughing My Ass Off!

UPDATE—I would appear from the Cabin Boy’s™ Twitterz that he has decided to triple down.

54 thoughts on “LMAO

  1. Nope. Res judicata and all that. Plus, see “Best Evidence Rule.”

    • Does Bill forget the clumsily forged emails he tried to pass off last year?I

      We know you forge crap, Bill. And we know you sent that letter. I’ve known toddlers who put together more clever deceits.

      • He does this kind of stuff to muddy the waters and to try to paint WJJH a perv like BS is. See: BS’s Cub Scout molestation recordings and his alleged partner’s fixation on homosexual incest porn.

    • Indeed, Cabin Boy is a forger. We’ve seen multiple instances of his attempt to either forge or pass off forgeries from his TK buddies. Also we have many examples of Cabin Boy perjuring himself in court filings.

    • Does Biwwy know where that letter is? Can he prove chain of custody? Can he afford the specialists to prove it’s a forgery?

      And more to the point, can he show how it prejudiced him in a legal proceeding and why any court would care about it? So even if he could answer the first three questions in the affirmative, Nothing. Will. Be. Done. About. It. Ever. By any court. Because even if it had been a forgery (and we know it wasn’t) it didn’t have any effect upon anything.

      And even if there were civil remedies, I think he’s well into res judicata by this point.

      I’d tell him to drop it, but a) he’d never take the advice of a “dim girl” and b) it’s a source of good PLM.

    • Hmmmm….does a DUMBF*CK have a forged letter? You know, like in his possession? With a signature that looks too much like his to be his?

      Ride that little pony, DUMBF*CK! I LOVE this act.

  2. I’m so very glad I gave up on Twitter. It became increasingly worked over time. Besides, the CEO from work keeps posting weird stuff like “covfefe” so I try to limit my recreational exposure to him.

    • Are you saying that he has named his genitalia after his man crush?!
      Believable, but I feel a bit nauseated.

    • Apparently Schmalfeldt has responded on Twitter about this. Deep breath. Typing slowly.
      Mocking a white person because they appreciate black butts is racist per se. (Hoge says that’s not why he followed that account.)
      The sheer number of times Bill Schmalfeldt mentions male’s genitalia seems symptomatic of either homophobia or homosexuality.
      My opinion. If I’m proven wrong, I’ll apologize. (wait for it…)

      Scout’s Honor.

    • Whoa!? A group of people who think the gov’t should butt out of their consenting interests are interested in things that many people don’t approve of?

    • I follow 2000ish people. Haven’t looked at twitter much in a year or so. By now all of those accounts could have been hijacked by butt porn for all I know. But that says nothing about me.

      And, well, twitter is the kind of place that just about encourages you to have multiple accounts. I don’t think someone who was even a little tech savy would follow butt porn on their main account if they had someone hanging around looking for an opportunity to do a character assassination. Or, you know. Suspected there was someone who would.

  3. Just a theory: Ol’ Leonidus was reviewing some documents he has withheld from discovery. he thinks he’s hot on the trail of some vexing detractor, but wants others to do the virtual legwork for him.

  4. Bill Schmalfeldt seems mystified that anybody would follow a sexualized account that features adults.

  5. I wonder how many times he has to forge comments before his present companion realizes who is writing them, and that the sentiments expressed are his own inner thoughts.

  6. Cabin Boy obviously has no internal control button (like us normals have) which says “this entire thing is just too damned stupid to even waste a scintilla of energy or attention on”.

    So this is the endgame. We’re down to it at last – he sits in a run down hotel room and spews vulgar garbage and wild threats, and hides from any legitimate legal venues. If anyone still wonders why he does it, it’s because that’s what his life has come down to. This is it, this is all he’s got left to show for an entire life.

    It really is one of the most monstrously pathetic things I have ever seen.

    • I was serious when I said those phony posts were his inner despairing thoughts, projected onto another. He has had that kind of horrifying self-dialogue before, staged as phony “attack.” Interesting to me, I’ve seen other kooks do it, some you might have heard of like Meg Lanker and even Deb Frisch.

    • It will actually get worse. He and his girlfriend are likely soon to be homeless, as they will do something to get them kicked out of their cheap extended stay hotel [they’ll probably finally get caught with the cat]. While it will seem like they have disappeared to us (there is no free wifi down there under the bridge by the river), they will complete their journey into the ranks of the true bottom-feeders of society. They’ll be drinking MD20/20 and living out of a cardboard box and a shopping cart, begging for coins from passing strangers and going on 4 day benders when they get Bill’s disability check on the first of each month. Occasionally, they’ll be able to sneak into the library and use the free wifi there to post some unintelligible screed before security finds them and kicks them out again, but mostly they’ll spend their days picking scabs and stumbling/mumbling around. They lack the drive, the morals, and the fortitude to prevent it – it is nearly a foregone conclusion.

  7. The phenomenon of creating a twitter account, gaining followers and then selling the account to someone who uses it to tweet out different content under a new label is well known. What’s baffling isn’t just Schmalfeldt’s stupidity, its that he believes anyone cares.

    My twitter account follows all sorts of people, out of courtesy for them following me.

  8. Wow, Bill is spending a liberal major news story (Mika and Joe) and searching the internet for dick pics. Who would’ve thought? Suspicious.

    4-5 entertaining tweets about Joe and Mika today and a news article and he could’ve gained at least 10 followers and more readers to BU. The story is cat nip for snowflakes, Laurence Tribe even says it’s criminal.

    But nope, he’s surfing the internet for dick pics and flirting with going full racist. This is why Bill sucks at the internet and has had zero influence on the internet.

    • What did Mila and Joe do that was criminal? Is it related to the dead intern that was found in his office?

  9. wws hit the nail on the head – This is all Bill has to live for. He’s on the verge of being destitute, he has multiple restraining orders against him, he has to lie about his physical condition to avoid law suits, he’s living in squalor, his family will have nothing to do with him, and the only people he can call friends are the dregs of Twitter. His entire life is either a lie or trying to do some harm to someone else. Hell, he even abandoned his dogs, the only beings who would hang out with him. That’s it. That’s all he has.

    There isn’t a sadder story on the planet.

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