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Now that the Cabin Boy’s show cause hearing has been continued until the date of the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. trial, the next event is Tetyana Kimberlin’s show cause hearing on 14 July. She has been ordered to show cause why she should not be sanctioned for failure to appear at the pre-trial conference for the case.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

T-minus 15 days and counting.

UPDATE—There’s been some speculation in the comments below about the contents of the “notice” which The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin sent to the court concerning the show cause order for Mrs. Kimberlin. I was served with a copy, and the judge briefly discussed it’s contents during the hearing yesterday. For now, I don’t see any advantage in publicly commenting on the contents of that “notice” until after the hearing on 14 July.

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    • I’m sure he’s planning on defaulting, given all his chortling over being judgment-proof.

      And then he’s absolutely positive he’s going to win back everything he may have lost and more with Lulzsuit VIII.

      • isn’t that the one that the South Carolina judiciary has yet to rule on whether to allow to continue? and if they so no go, Shakey could wind up on the hook for court costs for wasting the courts time??
        That lulzsuit???

      • Bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!
        Hehehehehahooooooooohhohohhhhheheheheheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. ow!


  1. My guess: The midget will appear for Tetyana and say that he is there in her place. Then when he is told he can’t do that, he will feign ignorance claiming he’s pro se.

    • My memory may be wrong. Did not defendant 1 submitt somesort of paperwork in regards to defendant 2. Did Hoge pick up a copy of said paper? Did no. 1 drop a dime on no. 2?

      • I gather it was just mailed back to the sender. So the court disregarded it and it’s not available to view, because to the court it never existed except for the necessary note to knock it off.

        • Ok, so update from our host puts that speculation to rest. I’m sure it something wacky, but contents are for closers and people who go to hearings 🙂

  2. What if the SC Lonesome Loser no show/side show act was a trial run at what “might” happen at the Mrs. in a few weeks?

    No biggie either way to him as he “thinks” he’s judgement proof. Boy isn’t he going to be surprised! (Snicker)

    Oh and his twitter conversation earlier with unmasked…? Imo it was a manic one person essay of forced bravado & d$&# measuring.

  3. not to be a downer but the judge just showed today he doesnt really care if any of the parties actually obey court orders soo…

    she’ll not show, he’ll hold it over till trial. Maryland.

    • The storyline, September 2017, as narrated on yet another podcast: “I was totes gonna win this one, but his terrible medical crisis made it absolutely impossible for me to go to court, thus forcing a technical default. Since this wasn’t my fault at all, any attempt to enforce this default judgment is a violation of my rights under the ADA. And I’m gonna sue that Judge for refusing to recognize my claim for special consideration!!!!”

      • Close. Very close. I get get some out of band comms going to Mr. H- Pretty sure I know what the monkey is going to do.

  4. Hopefully Bill has hurt his position, but he certainly has not improved it. Ticked off the judge, and is getting another Show Cause order. The one he ducked is still hanging fire.

    He was as smart as a flatworm, and turned away from pain; hopefully he will just get greater pain in August. But it takes more intelligence than a flatworm to realize that…

  5. Given the court date is only a week prior to trial there can’t be much prejudice to any of the parties depending on the outcome of the hearing.

    TK no-showing the hearing won’t change that and the Judge has already tipped his hand that he’ll just continue it to the first day of the trial anyway, so the court should just go ahead and proactively re-schedule and not waste it’s own time.

    • A couple of points—

      1. Tetyana Kimberlin’s hearing is on 14 July, and the trial starts on 21 August, a bit more than 5 weeks later.

      2. The judge issued TK’s show cause order sua sponte, so he may take a different point of view concerning a failure to appear.

      We’ll see what happens on the 14th.

      • Welp,

        I’m just a lonely thought. Math isn’t my strong suit. 🙂

        Still, if contempt of court can be dealt with later, it can be dealt with later.

        I’m putting my marker down on a no-show and continuance to the first day of the trial.

        • Question here is whether anyone was prejudiced by her no show. Remember, CBBS’s actions only impinged on the dignity of the court.
          If the judge finds reason to believe this goes further he may act now.
          In any case, IMHO people who skip out on show cause hearings are likely to bail on the whole thing anyway, so at worst it increases the likelihood of default (not so much by doing anything in a legal sense as providing a baseline of behavior for predictions. Though IIRC, BK skipped a hearing once, though not a show cause and still showed up to trial, so YMMV)

  6. Is he trying to get the judge to dismiss again because of rulings in othe cases? thats something ivebseen him do in a number of other cases.

  7. The Maryland Courts have a little less dignity than the average 80-year old, retired porn star.

    In the end, I now suspect that TDPK, CBBS, and Ms. Teeny-Bopper Ukraine are quite likely to skate out of this with no sanctions or rulings ever enforced against them by the state of Maryland.

    This has gone on too long, with too many “free passes” from said judges to make me think they have any intention of holding these people accountable for their actions.

    I wish it was otherwise, but this whole series of episodes is one of the reasons I simply NEVER venture into Maryland any longer.

    • Unfortunately, this attitude towards not enforcing the rules for certain classes of people is spreading to other jurisdictions. There is a growing likelihood that people can’t get justice from the courts. And we know where that leads ….

  8. The part where the midget called the judge “a doo-doo head” was humorous to the bystanders; however, considering the His Honor was not amused, it was probably a poor litigation strategy.

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