Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

The Gentle Reader may remember that the Kimberlins wanted me to sit for a deposition and provide production of documents well after discovery had closed in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit and that I refused their requests. The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin does not like to take “No” for an answer.Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

72 thoughts on “Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

  1. Gee, shouldn’t defendant #2 be signing off on this, too?

    Oh. Right.

    This case is much more fun that I thought it’d be.

  2. This filing show that Kimberlin [redacted]. I so wish I could be there to see him try to wriggle his way out of the trap he just set on himself.

  3. What’s a disposition? You think he means deposition?

    ACME Law: because attention to detail is too much to ask.

    • IANAL but wouldn’t a disposition be where damages are, you know, disposed? I would think that comes after a verdict…. but if he was ready to discuss his method of recompense already, maybe you should have attended!

      • Disposition means outcome, so in the criminal context disposition is guilty or not guilty, in the civil context it could be judgment or dismissal.

    • Oh, and as for filing frivolous demands for punitive government action without the slightest whiff of probable cause… isn’t that why he’s getting sued in the first place? Can you say “Case In Point”?

  4. World’s Second Stupidest Man™ At least the tiny Pedo shows up for hearings unlike the giant fat assed Mangina living in a roach motel with a blow up boyfriend.

  5. Why did he wait so…
    …oh, yeah, of course. He…
    … …
    Oh my, oh my, oh my!
    [redacted] has rope-a-doped [redacted]!
    This is too good.

    More popcorn.
    With extra butter, please.

  6. 1. Hoge didn’t fly anyone out.
    2. People came for the party, and a good time was had by all who made it.
    3. There was no “fail” because the hearing was continued. A literate person would understand that.

    • I would have been there if I could.

      Hey Biwwy, doesn’t it just grate knowing that your only friend can only visit you when you’re downwind and there’s a gust, yet Mr. Hoge actually has people who are willing to visit from halfway across the country? Indeed, the very people who have ROs against you willingly flock to him instead.

      Perhaps if you had made better life choices, you’d actually HAVE a life now.

      • He has a raspberry snaggletoothed Inflate-a-Scout and a room in a flophouse. So he’s got that going for him.

      • SF is pert’ near all the way across the country; frizzy hair, cane and all. Granted for me to send a mirror was but a few electrons; far be it from me to condemn our host for not positioning his laptop yo my preference.

    • 4. When was the last time anybody so much as crossed the street to see Rosa Parkinsons? A year? Two?

    • Is Bill pissed because people paid their own way for the chance to point and laugh at him in person; or because everyone but him has the free cash to do so while he has a lifetime of poverty ahead of him?

    • No fail indeed, let alone a “wonderfully spectacular” one.

      The hammer didn’t fall, true. But the hammer is still ready and now there’s two of them and a new date for your demise that is very unlikely to be pushed back.

      As they say, beware the wrath of a patient man.

    • 4. Even if it was a FAIL, it was a court fail and a Schmalfeldt fail, not a Hoge fail.

      Hoge showed up after all. Schmalfeldt failed to attend. The court failed to impress upon Schmalfeldt that he needed to attend.

      Seems to me Bill needs to take up his issues with someone else.

      • and it really wasn’t a court fail; it’s easy to forget that Court Time is not Human Time. It’s kind of like was said about God -“to him, A day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day”.

        A six week rescheduling is nuttin’.

    • Well if I ever have a spare few thousand I’d love to visit the US and meet some of the people involved with this. But the realities of economics get in the way.

      • “Well if I ever have a spare few thousand I’d love to visit the US and meet some of the people involved with this. But the realities of economics get in the way.”

        I hear there are ways to go about acquiring “free” whirlwind trips around the great US of A, scrubone… but, you have to have Esophogeal Cancer and/or Parkinson’s Disease Stage Eleventy to pull it off.

        I also hear it costs a lot more than $25.00. 😉

    • Jealously makes Fat Ass even uglier.

      of course, if , like Bill, all i had in the world was a computer and a clearance sale male model blow-up doll to keep my company, (and that really is all he has, I doubt the cat even comes near him except maybe to scratch him), I’d be pretty green at knowing how many people were willing to “fly across the country” just to hang out with my “enemy”.

      Try a different color there Shakey, like corpse bluish white.
      I hear it’s slimming.

  7. This is a late start to the Daily Dance, even for a lazy lying Sacajawea like Bill.

    That must have been quite the JWR bender last night!

    • From the clip I heard over at MJs place, sounded like he was drunk as hell.

      You’ll go blind drinking that rubbing alcohol, Moobasaurus…

      Please continue.

      Or even step it up eleven notches.

  8. Immediate sanctions. Ha ha.

    I think Brett has failed to notice that Judge Hecker has so far tended to give the benefit of a doubt to pro se litigants. Of course, in this case, there is no reason why he should need to give John such a benefit, but I have this suspicion that if John did need it, he would get it.

    • I look forward to reading the excuses for his failure to comply with the scheduling order, and why the person who did comply with it should be punished.

  9. I’m curious. Is he saying it’s proper because the date doesn’t matter, or is it proper because he forged something to have the right date?

    • Brett Kimberlin has apparently failed to realize that civil defense strategies can be a little different than what he’s used to doing as a vexatious plaintiff.

    • Hahahahahaha!!

      Each and every morning, both of those losers wake up to being…. them.

      A no talent, goofy midget with a creepy obsession with young girls and nonsense lawfare that has only accomplished associating his name across the entire internet as… a no talent, goofy midget with a creepy obsession with young girls.

      And his partner in crime…. a fat, stupid, racist, no talent hack who is currently holed up in a flea infested flophouse in Bumf*ck, South Cacalakee with a meth head inflataskank who may or may not be dressing as a cub scout as I post this.

      Maybe that is why the courts keep letting them get away with all the various crap they pull…

      Maybe he views their very existence as punishment enough.


      • You left out misogynist homophobe; and the apparent irony thereby associated with his purported roommate.

      • a fat, stupid, racist, no talent hack who is currently holed up in a flea infested flophouse in Bumf*ck, South Cacalakee with a meth head inflataskank who may or may not be dressing as a cub scout REALas I post this.

        we still have no REAL proof it’s anything more than Blob’s rancid imagination.

    • I take exception to the graphic in this tweet for practical reasons.

      Cutting a DUMBFUCK’s head off presumes that you could find his neck.

    • This is amazing.

      Incidentally, I rather enjoyed the one-week aged rib-eye with peppercorn sauce on the side. Hard to find a rare steak so well done.

    • I wonder if the court will be amused by the blowing off a court appointed hearing due to “reasons” and yet he is capable to post this.

      A consistent court would not look favourably on a party that claimed one thing and immediately brings into question the integrity of the claim.

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  11. Oh, good, BS admits that he is responsible for all the defamatory comments at BU.

  12. I, for one, am envious.
    I miss that particular venue, so many memories of good times with dear friends.
    And though living as I do now in the meat capital of the world I need not envy their excellent steaks, no-one here know how to dress up a salad-bar as they do, with such excellent blue-cheese dressing and endless raisin bread and cheese.

    But most of all, I envy those who were there in person when my old friend Judge Hecker [redacted] and [redacted] while [redacted – you didn’t think I was going to give THAT away, did you?] from the bench.

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