Forgery Du Jour

Here’s a recent tweet from the Cabin Boy™ which shows what he purports to be comments I made on his blog.Note the use of “WJJ Hoge” as the handle for the comments. The Cabin Boy™ has been caught before using that handle on comments falsely attributed to me. Here are three examples of how my handle properly appears with a blog comment— Note that the style I use is “wjjhoge”—all lower case letters and no space. The Cabin Boy™ has been dinged for this kind of crude forgery before, and yet, here it is on his blog and Twitter feed. Again.


35 thoughts on “Forgery Du Jour

  1. Drunkenstein is a forger and a congenital liar?

    You don’t say.

    He’s a drunk and an idiot, too.

  2. SMDH
    one trick pony only has one trick and Shakey’s one trick is LYING.

    and you know it’s a lie because Shakey used his inflata-skank’s made up name to comment on it.

  3. And of course the comment is nothing similar to whatyou would say, or how you speak to him, or others, but is very similar to how he speaks, and perhaps a nasty friend of his might, In fact, the post that purports to be Di Kelley shows that she is either beginning to mimic her roommate, because it is how he speaks and what he says.

    • Ever noticed the similarities between the voices of Yoda and Miss Piggy?

      Puppets all sound like their puppeteer.

    • Plus they both seem to have a love of gay male porn. I hear Inflate-A-Boy collected it and stored it on Photobucket and Bill often uses it to photoshop his enemies

  4. Oh, look, even the incest porn enthusiast got in on the act! Shouldn’t “she” be cooking or something? Cleaning the bathroom floor since BS won’t do that any more?

    • He sounds so much like Bill. I’m not doubting his capacity to be a bad influence, and her copying his phrase and tone, but it actually doesn’t sound like her natural self, and she is bright enough to know the difference between the writing style of Hoge and the phony poster, Bill’s not above writing In her name, Maybe she’s had to much to drink and isn’t paying close attention, but I would actually think she could tell the difference in a sober state.

  5. Wait.

    Wait, wait, WAIT!!

    Butter Buffalo Bill Schmalfeldt can’t roust himself from rotting in his own juices under the porch of the Fleabag Arms to obey a court order in Maryland, but he’s going to piss on John’s grave in Tennessee?

    Do I have that right, Moobflap McGreasepig?

  6. What if…
    What if someone who habitually forges such things, submitted such a forgery as “evidence of harassment” in a Federal lawsuit.
    Under oath.

    Would such a one be in deep manure?

    Of course, not having access to the records of any southeastern federal court, it is only speculation…

    My ten dollars against your two says he did.


    Excuse me a moment.


    A very dark part of me very much hopes that John Hoge skips the niceties, answers Lulzsuit VIII, and counterclaims, thereby humiliating Flophopuse, MD in two suits at the same time.

    I don’t think it’s humanly possible to lose in court to a drunken liar who got beaten by a three year old. ,

    • But, I’m game.

      Bill Schmalfeldt is a drunken forger who likes writing about kidfucking.

    • Ah, yes. The allegedly forged letter.

      Does Unca Biwwy know where it is? Can he show the chain of custody? Does he have the money to pay for the necessary forensic work by a reputable lab to prove it a forgery assuming he can answer the first two questions in the affirmative?

      And, most importantly, is there a single court in the land that would actually give a rat’s tuchus about it, one way or the other?

  8. This is all very interesting but it doesn’t change the fact that:

    Bill Schmalfeldt is STILL a defendant in a civil suit that is going to trial.
    Before he is permitted to defend himself he will still have to show cause why he shouldn’t be held in contempt of court for violating the rules (again).

    Got it, Shakes? Now shut your miserable sewer. She should be in your backhand.

  9. What a crock. I do love how the little mrs. supposedly pops in to say what an asshole Hoge is while ignoring Bill saying he would piss on Hoge’s grave. That boy seriously needs something to do. Creating bullshit out of whole cloth ain’t his calling.

  10. Problem with his logic: people post things because they want them to be read. So why would any of us EVER exert the effort to post something on an unread blog that’s going to be abandoned in 2 weeks, when they can be shared here instead?

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