The Dignity of the Court

Because Bill Schmalfeldt did not appear for his show cause hearing, because none of the other parties in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit were directly prejudiced by Schmalfeldt’s actions, and because Judge Hecker is concerned about an offense against the dignity of the court, he has continued the show cause hearing until the first day of the trial on 21 August.

The petition raises an issue that is not an issue that prejudices the parties, but it raises concerns that directly impact the integrity and dignity of the Court.

—Judge Fred Hecker

Everything is proceeding better than I foresaw.

UPDATE—A second show cause order will be issued.

117 thoughts on “The Dignity of the Court

  1. Will William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt take this time of reprieve to reflect on his errors in breaking the rules or will he take this as “I told Mommy Judge I wasn’t coming and they did nothing to me. That means I can do what I want because Mommy Judge isn’t the boss of me”?

  2. He didn’t say “gravely”.
    He didn’t say “gravely”.
    He didn’t say “which gravely impact the integrity and dignity of the court”.
    I am so disappointed.

    Well, Maryland.

  3. In other words: The defendant has blown off the court, but since it has no dignity, I won’t do anything about it. I’ll just deal with it if the defendant ever does deign to show up.

    Yep, Maryland.

    Just as I foresaw. Told you so.

    • Although I’m also very cynical about Maryland, this is also better than I had hoped. People not involved in the day to day legal world usually aren’t aware of the difference between “legal time” and human time, whereas everyone in the system just takes it for granted.

      In “legal time”, if something happens to you 6 weeks from now, it’s the same as if it happened today.

    • You cross this line, you die.
      You cross *this* line, you die.
      You cross THIS line, you die.

      WTF, over?

  4. Yeah, id like to hear Brett Kimberlin’s state for the record he is JUST FINE with having his cases recorded in Marlyland and broadcast to the general public in an attempt to counter his characterization of events in court; I can’t imagine he would have any complaints to the contrary.

  5. At least he’s “on tape” announcing his malicious motives in publishing his illicit recording. just so it’s very clear he taped the proceedings to display em to others if he felt he had call.

  6. So, what, exactly makes Judge Hecker think that the Fail Wail is anymore likely to appear in person on August 21 than we was to appear today?

    After all, if he “Will Not” why would he be any less likely to thumb his nose at the court then, and if he “Can Not” why what would happen between now and then to change that?

    Oh, that’s right, because Maryland, he’ll be allowed to attend by Skype again and be free to make more recordings.

    • I don’t think he would have been allowed to attend the actual trial by Skype even if he didn’t have an outstanding contempt charge for illicitly recording proceedings when appearing remotely. Feel free to correct on the point, but that was my understanding.

      We know the judge is too patient, because we know that Bill is truly in contempt of court. and why shouldn’t he be?

        • Not in mine* nor that of any of the 7 states that surround it.

          *I have a friend who knows this experientially.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the Maryland Rules require that a party be present at trial, even if they are represented by counsel? Don’t the rules also specify that evidence cannot be presented except in person by a party or by counsel?

    This outcome appears calculated to force Bill Schmalfeldt to travel to Maryland to first show cause why he should not be sanctioned for contempt, and then defend himself or face default judgment (which of course he will never, ever be required to pay, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, saynomore).

    How awesome would it be if he had to spend the nights in a holding cell DURING the trial? Of course that’s unlikely because it would probably prejudice his ability to defend himself. But still, a zombie can dream, can’t he?

    Also, by continuing the show cause hearing, Judge Hecker also appears to have cut the legs out from beneath a DUMBFUCK’S threatened ADA lawsuit, at least for the time being.


  8. So, it looks like my self-imposed travel ban to the US over and I’m moving to Maryland!

    Although, I’m curious as to why anyone would think that DJ Dipshit is going to show up for trial.

    He’s already announced that he can lose without a worry because he has no intention of paying any judgement, so why bother?

    Moreover, he actually can’t show up for trial because the conflict between Drunkenstein’s pretend malady and his hallucinations of how the Court is supposed to accommodate same will not have changed in the intervening seven weeks. By showing up then, he’ll be compounding the contempt.

    DUMBFUCK is gonna default. He’s already done everything but actually say so.

  9. “UPDATE—A second show cause order will be issued.”

    A Re-issuing of the existing show cause order for making/distributing the recording? Or a new show cause order for not appearing today?

  10. Ok, after some thought on this:

    The judge’s rationale is actually pretty sound. Bill has to show up for trial anyways; if he blows it off Hoge wins by default. If on the other hand he shows up, the judge can then take him to task regarding the show cause.

    Granted, Bill has also loudly stated how he is ‘judgement proof’, but one thing at a time. Let’s get the finding against him first.

  11. The poor dear will have to hole up in SC, no fun for him or his new captive nurse WRT light housekeeping. Although, judging by the state of the room when he got there, her idea of light housekeeping is to lie around and eat snacks in bed, then throwing the crusts on a heap of crumpled dirty clothing and bed bug infested luggage, so maybe he will be forced to action within the confines of his little room or to live in even greater squalor than he is accustomed.

    NO jaunts for alcohol, or snacks, without at least affecting a creeping pace. no walks on the beach, no day trips. He’ll have to do laundry by dark of night.

    because who knows who will be filming his every, every move outside in the open.


    Note to the quivering coward hiding beneath the skirts of the Inflate-A-Boy. In order to fight you have to, you know, actually show up. You won’t fight. You CAN’T fight. You are too lazy and too cowardly to face your betters in a forum that you don’t control.

  13. He’ll have a whole two months to weaken, though, so that will be to his advantage. Staying off his clown shoes and slobbing around in a dank room should have him de-conditioned, fat yet wasted and wobbly in no time. He can spend his days Photoshopping poop pictures as he did in the halcyon days of Soulmate 1.0, whiling away the hours with his drunken balloon only occasionally irritated by his interruption of her intense gender-confusion world-building,

  14. One of these days, a judge might just Google “Bill Schmalfeldt” and see all the “But Maryland” comments and realize that courts in MD have no dignity or integrity. Then they might decide to fix that.

    One can hope.

  15. I thought he would show. Guess I was wrong. Mea culpa for underestimating his foolishness.

    • What causes that I wonder. I mean, I know he’s rationally afraid of the power of the court, but he really has never, ever, as far as I can tell, been able to resist flouting any new boundaries inflicted upon by him, whether that boundary be by his own negotiated agreement to avoid an immediate disadvantage, or one inflicted on him by rules that apply generally or laid down on him as a result of his conduct. He always must at least hover at the line, or toe over it.

        • Hit ‘return’ too soon.

          He thinks he’s clever. He is trying to be ‘cute’ and game the system. Of course, lacking common sense and anything more than a facile understanding of the system he is trying to game means that he creates massive holes for himself.

          Bill, if you’ve thought of the plan, that means likely hundreds before you have tried it and countermoves are available.

  16. Sorry but I am happy with today’s result. No bench warrant is a disappointment, but holding over to the trial date is awesome. Willie will certainly not show for trial now. He will default (and maybe Hecker will refer the issue to the State’s Attorney). In any case Hecker will be done with him and glad of it, and John can focus exclusively on the Kimberlin pair at trial.

    The strategy of deflecting attention from the Kimberlins has failed (as was inevitable because Willie always runs. He is always the last man standing because he is always the first to flee.)

    • Agreed. Crippled Caesar Chavez is going to do at the end of August exactly what he did this week, call the clerk the night before trial and tell the Court to go fuck itself.

      Of course, then he’ll try to have to find someplace to live as a pauper with a significant judgement against him, which I assume shows up on credit reports.

      I hope he enjoys his flophouses because no one in their right mind will ever give him a lease. If he thinks that he can just put everything in Inflatable Soulmate’s name, guess again.

      • Put this in the wrong place originally. Hoge, feel free to not release the other one.

        Judgments (and many Tax Liens) are being removed from the major credit bureaus in July as they cannot reliable attach them to the correct person. Lender’s, it appears, are have a bigger incentive to ensure identity integrity than the courts do.

      • Um, as editor of bbu Bill Schmalfeldt has testimony necessary to John Hoge’s prosecution of writers at said website, including the identities of a number of socks. After blowing off discovery during discovery Bill Schmalfeldt now intends to blow off discovery at trial by the expedient of simply not appearing.

        That is total bullshit. If bbu wishes to abandon its defense, lead by its editor Bill Schmalfeldt, it should be defaulted. If Bill Schmalfeldt wishes to posture that he is no more capable of defending himself than Mandy Nagy, then he should appoint a personal representative: judging by his name change to Preston-Schmalfeldt, the new misses. If he won’t, then the judge can. Let her briefed about her obligations to reveal who hired and supervised Bill Schmalfeldt at bbu. Let her personally tell the judge that Bill Schmalfeldt is willfully refusing to answer the questions. Let her go to Maryland for the trial. That I, if she actually exists!

    • I disagree with you on one point.

      “The strategy of deflecting attention from the Kimberlins has failed…”

      First, a great deal of time, money and effort has been spent wasted to box The Blob into a corner. Second, Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread was dumped on The Blob as he was thrown under the bus. Kimberlin manipulated and used The Blob in exactly the manner he wanted.

    • It’s a delay, but it saves some trouble. I can see difficulties with the other approach that this one elegantly avoids.

      As for distraction, I am quite confident that our host is perfectly capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. Only an idiot would… wait, never mind.

    • It doesn’t always come with a neon clown hat of crazy…

      But sometimes it does.

    • That’s some quality gold right there. I haven’t laughed that hard since reading about Prenda Law on Popehat.

  17. Judgments (and many Tax Liens) are being removed from the major credit bureaus in July as they cannot reliable attach them to the correct person. Lender’s, it appears, are have a bigger incentive to ensure identity integrity than the courts do.

  18. Are you F5cking serious?

    F5cking Maryland indeed.

    Shakey is going to default so no need to waste any more time on him.
    and even if he does show up for the actual trial, he has made sure he can not provide a defense for himself thru his own actions, so he’ll still lose.

    so our esteemed host can concentrate on his case against the Kimberlins.

      • Bench trial
        Bench judge
        Snub bench judge
        Mock bench judge
        Piss bench judge off

      • He already has started gloating about how he told the judge to piss up a rope and he still didn’t grant Hoge’s (and our) wish for him to be jailed.

        Now, 1) *if* the court issues another show cause for failure to appear (which some believe to be likely)

        And 2) *if* the court will enforce it’s own rules (but Maryland)

        And 3) *if* the court requires him to be present in person for the trial (but Maryland)

        The fail wail will find himself in a nice catch-22. Show and he proves his contempt for failure to appear and get’s sanctioned or No-Show and lose the suit by default.

        But Maryland.

        • I don’t want to listen to him, so how did he frame that? Did he really have a good laugh at the judge’s expense? Because that can be used against him, obviously.

          • It’s on Twitter. He framed it as today’s hearing being Hoge that was wasting the court’s time. Further he was incredulous that his blowing off the court today was any kind of attack on the dignity of the corut (“by whom?” he asked himself).

            He then was gloating about the Lickspittles that showed up at court today for having traveled “for nothing” as if the court proceedings were the only way to laugh at Beetusflesh McMoob.

        • You’d think at some point, the judge would be wondering what kind of precedent he’s setting by letting the riffraff run wild. Kinda like a parent that never disciplines their kid when he acts out.

          Still, as I noted, this neatly pins Cabin Boy in a corner. If he fails to show in August, Hoge wins by default. If he does show (hey, stranger things have happened), the judge will get the chance to have a quiet talk with him about his shenanigans.

          And let’s be honest with ourselves here: Cabin Boy’s not Dillinger. Very few judges are going to expend state resources on forklifting his fat ass back to court to explain himself, especially with a court date in a month. If he fails to show? ‘Eh, guess he really wants to lose. Judgement for the plaintiff. NEXT!’

          Unless, of course, he shoots his mouth off one too many times to the judge. I once compared a judge in his courtroom to a captain on his ship; absolute authority. Cabin Boy might find his life full of surprise and incident if he keeps mouthing off.

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  20. Dianna, it was great that you could fly out for the party. I had not realized your hair was that curly! Plus, you have all your teeth. A big plus. Some leftists lose theirs because of meth, you know.

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