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  1. Remember, I own the place, so be nice to the help, please. Make sure to introduce yourselves to the Rule 5 wife – she’s wearing red, today, plus some new jewelry, and she looks fantastic!

    Also, no tipping, and order what you like. It’s all on me, and I’m paying the staff double-time.

    The after-lunch is on the patio, and I’ve lined up a nice selection of desserts prepared at the tables, plus cigars and aperitifs for those who indulge.

  2. In response to a emailed question, there is a pollen alert in the DC area, today. If anyone needs it, we do have a conditioned area next to the patio, with an “air wall” to keep the pollen down.

    Also, I decided to open the wine cellar for tours. Just ask Jacob, and he’ll take you.

    If anyone needs to leave early, be sure to let me, my wife, or Jacob know, so we can get your gift bag.

    Finally, there is seating in the bar for anyone who arrives before 11:45, when the dining room opens. Free drinks. 😉

    • Seriously? Is that supposed to be his brilliant move to dump responsibility for the website’s defamation liability? What an idiot.

      • Ignorant and illiterate. Amusingly, Xhe seems to have a little monomania and reaction formation about the food. Let’s hope this means she taking her dieting seriously and needs to hug herself because she’s missin’ the cheezits.

    In a stunning podcast confesssion today, Bill Schmalfeldt admitted that this morning, for the first time “in decades,” he saw his weiner, so he washed it. Apparently, he washed it a lot, IYKWIMAITYD. Some wonder if that means he has not washed down there for decades.

  4. Bill thinks you all wasted your time meeting up. The concept of friends getting together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate is foreign to him.


  5. You know what is great about meeting with good people for a fine steak dinner.

    The conspiring!!!

    Be alert Bill. You never know what new trials (literally) and tribulations you may have coming your way.

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  7. The Scat in the Hat
    Said to the puffy fat sow

    I won a victory
    I’ll tell you how

    I defamed a man
    Of high stature

    Then I puffed my chest
    As I spewed more manure

    Then the man said to me
    Enough is enough

    He dragged me to court
    And played stood very tough

    But I as a scat
    Or an average manatee

    Said to the judge
    You can’t touch me

    But today the judge said
    Oh just you wait

    For in a few weeks
    I will decide your fate

    So today I did win
    A victory of sorts

    Because I delayed
    My just desserts

  8. Alas, the house is sitting, so my apologies. Not even Lord Sugar’s crate would have seen me there in time. Oh well, duty first, pleasure second.

    It’s enormously gratifying to see so many wonderful people enjoying good times.

    As opposed to enormous, self-gratifying people.

  9. [cross-posted at BillySez…]

    Thank you for being my guests! Rule 5 Wife was very complementary as to what fine people I know, and hopes to see you again, soon.

    She was muttering to herself about the Tahitian villas we own, as she prepped for bed, last night, so who knows?

    As for Cousin Bill, we can now add a short sub-cycle to the Schmalcycle, “fox and grapes”.


    Too bad you weren’t invited, Bill – it was “all you can eat”, and open bar/cellar, so you could have demonstrated your trencherman skills…

    And now you all know I can’t play golf for sour owl shit…😩

    • Oh, and Jacob sends his best wishes to all. He, too, was taken with all the guests, and has asked [redacted]’s lovely daughter out for a hiking date this weekend, so we will see how that goes. They certainly were smitten by one another, or I’m no judge of young people. It was fun to watch!

      He’s a remarkable young man, and I was damn smart to hire him as my assistant! He will go far in my organization, I think…

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