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  1. The ADA isn’t a shield for you to hide behind, Dumbfuck. The ADA doesn’t work like that. Holy shitballs, I know hell of a lot more about the ADA than you ever have. Did you think “Whoa, I wonder how all these cripple retards do it? I bet I can pull the disabled card and get away with it.” You know what. Yes, you did think that.

    I’ll make it simple for you. Nowhere in any jurisdiction in the United States, local, state, and federal can they ever do anything ON THE BASIS OF DISABILITY. That’s the ADA plain and simple. They can make accommodations for you which the court, roach motels, cabs, fast foods, etc have all made adjustments to accommodate you prior to and at the proceeding. If they have not, then you can get with the state or federal ADA and file a complaint on failure for accommodation which the ADA board will investigate if your complaints is valid. You still have to attend the court proceeding.

    AND………………. the ADA will not allow you to get a court proceeding to be cancelled because of your disability because that would be taking your disability into consideration which is AGAINST THE LAW. You had a month to deal with this and you pissed it away.

    People who legally and properly use the ADA hate law-abusing dumbfucks like you.

  2. Yeah, that gofund page where you wanted 14k for you to drive across America, may bite you in your webelo

  3. On the plus side, Bill won’t need to make his own travel arrangements soon. It’ll be chauffer service all the way!

      • That is true. Con air and the US Marshal’s bus service are much less comfortable than Delta or Greyhound. Mostly due to the shackles and belly chain with black box at your bellybutton for your wrist shackels. Ever tried to use an airplane bathroom? Now imagine trying todo so in a tan jumpsuit with wrist and leg shakeis …

        • I’m sure the US Marshals in South Carolina will be far too busy serving summonses on defendants across the nation to bother with a bench warrant from Maryland.


  4. Implicit in the threat of “lawsuits for the rest of your life” is the assumption that the plaintiff doesn’t expect to win any of them — because if he won, then he wouldn’t need to file any more lawsuits.

    Our Gracious Host has made no such threats because he doesn’t need to. He only needs one good chance to make his case…

  5. Tetyanna and Bill – soon even Brett won’t show, and the judge will have no choice but to declare judgement for Mr. Hoge by default.

  6. If he was stupid enough to think no one foresaw this then he is going to be really surprised when he sees how team free speech prepared for this.

    • I have to call you out on this GB. I was looking at the pool sheet in the break room and there were all sorts of ideas on how Bill would pussy out of appearing. (Tell the judge he ran out of plastic patches for Inflate-A-Boy so he had no helper on the train, Hide in the fleabag motel closet wearing a colander on his head and crying for the Bobber, etc) but I didn’t see anyone suggest Bill would threaten to sue the Judge if he didn’t allow Bill to appear remotely. I did see suing the judge mentioned on the Kimberlin sheet, but not on Bill’s.

      • There will be a hearing in the seaside cave tonight to clarify this. Please, everyone, remember to wear the black robes; the red robes are for ceremonial sacrifices only.

        • That is some epic trolling right there, because even if you explicitly tell the paranoid fool there’s no such rotation, he won’t be able to help himself but obsess over the possibility.

          There was certainly no rotation to be Krendler when it was MY turn to be Krendler!

          Or was there?

  7. Well, at least Hoge can swing by the courthouse and get copies of those improper ex parte communications. Bill won’t show tomorrow. Not showing is his stupidest course of action, so he won’t show.

  8. A certain colossal wimp has been whining about the effort, expense, time, and “pain” associated with a ~ 450 mile journey. I reviewed the archives and did some checking.
    1. RT to South Carolina on Amtrak: between $91.80 and $145.80 ( for a premium seat) ROUND TRIP. That’s a lot less than a new iPhone, new iMac, new iWatch, or new abandoned scooter.
    2. He does not need a caregiver. He has been living without one for almost 2 years. He traveled OVERNIGHT, ALONE from Maryland to Wisconsin, and he is so much healthier now because of his medically unique case of PD – the kind that gets better with light housework. If he wanted to bring a date along for the LULZ, a companion ticket for an allegedly disabled oerson is very cheap.
    3. He travelled alone by train to Chicago from Milwaukee at least once
    4. He bought a car and got a driver’s license 9 months ago, and did the following, ALONE:
    Drove to Chicago at least twice
    Drove and MOVED to Iowa
    Moved into a single family home with stairs and a laundry in the basement
    Adopted and abandoned two pets
    Took the abandoned dog to the dog park
    Went in walks
    Went out to dinner
    Got a job
    Started a gofundme to finance a cross country road trip
    Rented a car, and drove to SC and back, over 1,000 miles each way, for a long weekend
    About ten days later, drove and moved ALONE, from Iowa to SC

    • And documented a lot of that to the court, usually belatedly after his mail started bouncing. And my favorite, sent the court pics of his vehicle.

    • Oh, I forgot a biggie: while living in Wisconsin, he filed suit in Illinois, over two hours away. Apparently, his “PD” and the ADA were not issues when he chose the venue.

    • The roach motel is too far from the beach. It’s not ADA complaint! Maybe he should sue Myrtle Beach for having a misleading name and violating his Title II rights?

      • This is all Brett’s doing. He can’t give the blob a lift (though he can pay thousands to send some other fat goon to collect forged documents in European) but can’t let Bill feel he’s been left hung out to dry. So he promises Bill a way out, dangling a vexy ADA “don’t mess with me I’m loco” excuse.

        Get on the train, Bill. It’s your own doing, and there’s no way out.

  9. And now that we've crossed the Rubicon, so to speak, it's too late to stop. I will prevail or I will lose, but at least I will fight.— Breitbit News (@breitbitnews) June 26, 2017

    Did everyone miss this?
    I don’t think being a no-show in a lawsuit is ‘Fighting’, Or are you really going to be there?
    If (and that’s a really, REALLY big IF) you show up and have a cane, walker or wheelchair I could finally win one of the pools.

  10. Breitbit News‏ @breitbitnews May 29
    I guess that depends on whether you think an Americans with Disabilities Act complaint is intriguing. WHAT? Did I say THAT??? @truth_partner

    This was it seems to me planned on or before May 29th. I would guess at least before May 16th when he allegedly and according to his reporting turned his license into the South Carolina DMV and got a SC residency and a identification card, which still confuses me how that’s possible when reading MV-94 form.

    The funny thing is all Bill’s problems stem from the fact he hitched his wagon to Brett Kimberlin. Remember Brett’s feelings for people with much, much, much, much more disability a few years back and Mandy Nagy? She couldn’t walk, talk, or dress herself and Brett wasn’t dismissing her from his loser vexatious lawsuit. Relying on memory the judge was really irritated about it and guess what, the judge couldn’t help her at all even with the ADA.

    Where was Bill’s concern for Mandy and his scorn for Brett Kimberlin?

    • Cabin Boy sure loves to threaten suits he can’t actually draft.

      But threatening an ADA suit to “avoid” criminal contempt ….. that’s the kind of brilliant tactic that got The Dread Pedo’s parole revoked.

    • That’s as brilliant as putting your unmistakable neckless silhouette on a book by “anonymous”.

      Hey, Fatass — when you announce your “clever plots” ahead of time they cease to be clever. In this case, it becomes contempt of court.

      • His plans are never clever.

        Phone, MUNI.

        BTW, Bill, you need to get on your bike and start peddling. This is not going to end well.

        Whoever is encouraging you in these antics is not your friend.

    • “Remember Brett’s feelings for people with much, much, much, much more disability a few years back and Mandy Nagy? She couldn’t walk, talk, or dress herself and Brett wasn’t dismissing her from his loser vexatious lawsuit.”

      Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin is evil… pure, unadulterated evil.

      There is a special place in Hell for the sawed-off, domestic terrorist – if for nothing else… for his horrific treatment of Mandy Nagy and her family.


      • It was nasty and deserving of goober spit. If Bill Schmalfeldt was disabled like Mandy Nagy was/is and he continued suing Bill in such a condition, I wouldn’t support him.

        John (who I don’t know or talked to him beyond comments here), I know he wouldn’t do what Brett did. NEVER!

  11. You used the surreptitiously recorded audio of proceedings to prove what people in the court proceeding were saying and how they said it, for the purpose of embarrassing a participant who discussed the events publicly( More fool you, that you did this to prove a distinction that made no difference.) if you’d just made a memento of your appearance for your own use, it would have been improper and unfair (Hoge has to buy a copy of the audio or a transcript to have the same advantage), but you would not be called for a show cause hearing except for the showing off.

    You didn’t even bother get a current affidavit from a treating physician outlining your specific disabilities and limitations… Having previously liedto the court about what you could do before you make claims about being unable to travel, your word is worthless.
    You couldn’t even resist undermining claims of frailty with “look at me in fighting form” photos, or calling yourself a con-man.

    Hope you’re on the way, Bill, or you are seriously not going to have a good time.

    • Wouldn’t a photo of his scratches be more compelling than some affidavit? I wonder if he sent those photos to the judge. If I was a betting man, I would bet he did. Just a couple months ago he sent photos of his vehicle he drives to the judge.

    • Had Witless Willie merely recorded the session for his own private use, NO ONE would ever have known about it.

      Now I would bet dollars to doughnuts that he had no clue that unofficial recording was improper. (Did Brett?) We all know what we would have done if we had blundered into that kind of mess. And we would have done it weeks ago. But not Witless. He sent an ex parte communication to the judge AFTER HAVING BEEN TOLD TO READ THE RULES. Quelle betisse.

      Will he show up tomorrow? I have no idea. He likes “fooling” people: you know, like calling innocent people child rapists to identify them. If he shows up, he will crow about having shown how stupid the lickspittles are to have believed something he merely implied. If he shows I shall titter quietly at his having been inconvenienced. If he does not show, I shall laugh uproariously. In either case, he will be a very special LOLcow.

      • Oh, jefe. The French is to show that others know languages as well as, maybe even better than, the typical Scheissfeldt.

      • He knew it was improper, without express permission and he knew it was still more improper to publish it. In the light most favorable,Mhe knew he was in a danger zone.given the general prohibition of courtroom recording AND his apparent researching on the point of its legality and propriety (he went on about that) ….he could easily have sought clearance and guidance from the clerk or the judge himself, to,be double dog sure he did nothing to skirt rules that would offend the court.

      • Cabin Boy knew that recording was forbidden. Its why he tried to get cute doing it “audio only”. He is just too stupid to understand his trick backfired and actually proved his bad faith.

        • Of on a tangent here but as it’s very recent, and one of the few vids of him I’ve seen more than an accidental second of two of, let alone with a hard look for any features of Parkinson’s disease…. His face I quite flexible. There’s no mask, no state, he does sit pud- faced for a bit while listening to others, but begins to squint and glimmer and furrow as he gets going with his brilliant refutations and scathing ….well, his arguments, such as they are.

          He has no “Parky face,” even as a put-on.

  12. MEDIC!!!! MEDIC!!! MOMMA!!

    I’m bleeding out lulz I don’t know what to do. DId he really admit, about 47 seconds in, on recorded, publicly broadcast audio, that he deliberately amplified the proceedings of the court in orde to embarrass an uppity Darrow-pretending Hoge? HE CONFESSED?


    • Not likely to happen…my original cyber-stalker was arrested for forging a post claiming was from me (He had a previous incarceration for forgery) and the locals declined to extradite him.

  13. Breitbit News @breitbitnews

    Replying to @SonoranConserv
    Stop stealing my images. Remove this at once.

    Said the expert

    • I think he’s headed there, will fake an accident. Only question is will he hobble in near death.

    • The Catch-22 is that if he does show, he obviously had all the reasonable accommodations a person with his “disabilities” needed to attend in person and his asinine ADA suit would be self-refuting.

      He has to no-show to preserve his ADA claim, but doing so carries its own consequences.

      • Which is why he will try to monkey up a trip on the sidewalk or fall in the courtroom. And the judge was ON NOTICE with sad face documentation of an arm scratch!!!

      • I’ll bet you $1 the courthouse steps have ADA-compliant handrails, that there is a ramp or other wheelchair-accessible entry and that there is an elevator if there are public facilities above the first floor.

        That is the extent of what is required under the ADA. It’s not the court’s business whether he arrives by bus, train, scooty-puff, limousine, or flatbed truck, and they also need not provide a forklift for unloading his adipose carcass.

    • I demand he suffer exactly as much pain as he did when he traveled from Wisconsin to Illinois, then Illinois to Wisconsin, then Wisconsin to Iowa, the Iowa to South Carolina, then South Carolina to Iowa, then Iowa to South Carolina again.

      I’m hoping he suffers as much pain as he now claims a 48 state road trip (that he recently tried to crowdsource the funds for) would cause him.

    • He has 30 minutes to prepare for his podcast and explain why he has been silent all these years about Mandy Nagy and why now when he’s facing a hearing he wants to put a #disabled Batman signal out.

      Bill, I demand you call Brett Kimberlin out in your podcast for abusing the more than disabled than you out, Mandy Nagy! Seems to me being the prolific writer you were at the time, you knew what Brett did to her.

      • THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That fat asshole never said a peep about his pedo pal suing a woman who was 100% disabled and unable to participate in her own defense. But he has to travel a bit? Oh the HUGE MANATEE!!! Get over yourself you fat fucking clown. You have had over a month to make arrangements. Either show up or shut up.

  14. I have a hunch where this ADA “idea” came from, and it’s not necessarily directly from Brett. If I recall correctly, the world’s worst attorney has a post about a Maryland judge who was reprimanded and removed from the retired judge rotation in part because of his conduct towards said world’s worst attorney and mocking of his documented, diagnosed disability. Of course, the differences are many.

    1. World’s worst attorney (WWA) has a documented diagnosed disability. GS-13? Not so much.

    2. Judge’s conduct openly mocked WWA’s disability. GS-13? Nothing but professional conduct.

    3. WWA’s judge issued rulings that were so egregious that Ken White wrote about it. GS-13? Well, Ken White wrote about him, but not because he was on the receiving side of horrendous judicial conduct.

    Any others? I would say, don’t educate the monkey, but at this point, it seems that he is permanently riding the short bus. (The short bus might soon be orange or white instead of yellow, but it will be a short bus either way.)

  15. “All Americans who value the civil rights of #disabled people tune in as well. I have something important to say. “

    No, no you don’t.

    Nothing you have to say is of interest to anyone, except as evidence to be archived, and used against you, in the future.

    As for that, I’ll let my automated scrape/compare/archive programs take care of that – my time is better spent, elsewhere.

    Your utterences will be trite, labored, false, and irrelevant to honest folks.

    • The Fail Wail has declared he has informed the Clerk he will not be appearing.

      I expect the judge to order him to appear once again (and this time he’ll really mean it) but without a bench warrant because Maryland.

        • I’m sure there are many possibilities. I just don’t think the court will avail themselves of any of them.

          Bill has presented his Pacled defense and the court will buy that he really is that stupid that he has made an honest mistake.

          • Past experience with the Maryland Courts leaves little reason for optimism on this point.

        • For starters the judge can just go ahead and find him in contempt for the surreptitious recording of proceedings and later publication without leave of the court.

      • I think he’ll show up. Too risky not too, plus he gets to crow about how he “fooled them” again.

        Besides, he’s a coward.

  16. Will there be any LIckspittles & Zombies in Court tomorrow to support Mr Hoge? I might be able to swing it IF the hearing begins after 1pm. I guess these things should be discussed more than 12 hours in advance.

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