72 thoughts on “Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

  1. I have no doubt that Brett advised her not to answer the door. He probably told her if they can’t serve her she cant be in trouble. Sounds like something he would do. Bill should take note. If he’s willing to throw his child bride under the bus what’s he willing to do to Bill?

  2. The phonied up signature was the first clue of departure – or manipulation by Brett, concealing important information from her while she relies on him to “handle” things.

  3. Meanwhile, a review of Bill’s self-recorded court appearance, shows he has smooth and rapid (WNL) motor function of his arms and hands.

        • I observe no “stop and go” in that and similar maneuvers. The movement is fairly rapid, and also smooth. If he demonstrates this on passive movement of his arms, it isn’t reflected in his movements in the video.

          • You make very valid points, onlooker. Courtesy of the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s malignant narcissism, there is a boatload of video footage he has posted to the www with very clear evidence he does not suffer with any impairment of movement.

            And, as far as his mobility issues? Those have pretty much everything to do with his FATkinson’s Disease.

        • Gosh. Between these two, considering he has been claiming that he is SO IMPAIRED, ZOMG! it makes one wonder… does he have Parkinsons or not? Doctors make mistakes in diagnosis all the time. It happens. No shame there.

          • I vote for conclusive testing!

            Yah yah; death threat eleventy…

            Here’s yer damned death threat:

          • It is only through the past six months of dealing FIRST HAND with the deadliness of cute kittenz that I am able to withstand the blast emanating from that little package of danger. I rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the deadliest at about a 7.

          • I’m telling ya. He’s got the Hodgkinson’s Disease. There could be an attack at any time. There’s just no telling without 24/7 monitoring.

  4. Don’t forget Tetyana Kimberlin signed the Walker appeal document on June 15th. I predicted it would be around the time of a second attempt at service.

    Pass the popcorn, please!

  5. I wonder… Someone who is living with a convicted serial bomber and who also can’t seem to get served might not be, shall we say, completely whole.

    I’m actually serious on that. At what point should there be a welfare check to prove that she’s still alive?

    I guess that’s for the court to decide if (when) she doesn’t show up for the hearing…

  6. So does this mean that one attempt has failed, but there will be others?
    Or has the sheriff given up serving in person, and service would be through mail at her last known address?
    Would a bench warrant be ordered to drag her in on July 14, or would that wait for a no-show on the 14th?

    Would answering any of this be educating the monkeys?

  7. Never forget “you have to be *this tall* to be served”. So perhaps whoever answered the door didn’t, shall we say, “measure up” to the standard?

    • That’s been my thought about her involvment in all this. I realize why Hoge included her in all this, she’s tangled up in all this in a way that almost has to be worked out by a court. The problem is that it’s very hard to figure out how much she actually knows what’s going on and how much BK is either hiding from her or convincing her that she’s not really in that much trouble.

      I almost feel like she’s a mostly innocent bystander in all this.

      • She’s not innocent – she is viciously ungrateful to someone who gave her material assistance and never harmed her or acted against her interest. I’m sure she’s been bullied into submission but it’s not an excuse for her participation in false criminal charges, and slandering of people acting decently.
        Publicizing Brett’s long criminal career, his scamming, and suspected crimes along with the convictions isn’t harassment of him or anyone else. ( It’s a positive public duty, actually.) She knows what Brett is.

  8. I believe our gentle host is entitled to all communications to and from the court……Moar Popcorn please!

    • Absolutely nothing. I’m 100% certain that Brett’s “Notice” is completely inappropriate. And 90% certain that it will be yet another unauthorized practice of law violation.

    • Brett: Everything is under control. Situation normal.

      Court: What happened?

      Brett: (getting nervous)
      Uh… had a slight communication malfunction. But, uh, everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here, now, thank you.

      How are you?

      Court: We’re sending the sheriffs up.

      Brett: Uh, uh, negative. We had a Russian leak. Give us a few minutes to lock it down. Large leak… very dangerous.

      Court: Who is this? What’s your Bar member number?


      Brett: Boring conversation anyway. Ninotchka! We’re going to have company!

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