8 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. I should note if Bill didn’t do his due diligence and make his travel arrangements and isn’t already now on a Greyhound bus, he better buy tickets quick because he’ll have to leave the Myrtle Beach Greyhound station tomorrow (June 27) at 12:45 pm and arrive in Maryland on Wednesday at 2:55 am. – cost approximately $250 if he is bringing a friend.

    If he prefers Amtrak and he should be on the phone with them because few reservations are left if hasn’t already bought his tickets, he can leave tomorrow at 11:39 am from Florence and arrive in Baltimore at 9:11 pm same day. Costs will be a little over $400 if bringing a friend.

    Or did he rent a car and Bill is going directly to Maryland after his post office errands?

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