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The coming week has a couple of due dates.

Last Monday, Judge Hazel gave The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin seven days to file a copy of the missing “Exhibit S” for the supplement he filed to his motion for summary judgment in the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit.

A show cause hearing in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit is scheduled for The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt before Judge Hecker at 8:45 am on Wednesday.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

T-minus 3 days and counting.

74 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. If you will excuse me I’m at my Dept V.F.W. convention upholding my district’s honor by singing (badly) kareoke. I’m about to do my version of the Scotsman in honor of the incompetent Schmalfeldt

    • Someone in South Carolina has just Googled the complete list of VFW conventions, has obtained a list of participants (from a 2010 event) has used that list to narrow down possible Nucsnipes using a complex series of searches using syllables, and has successfully identified you as Ralph Nipe of Orlando, Florida. Your online account at the “Trains and Games” forum has been completely searched and read, as well as your participation in a “Hogwarts” forum, under the nickname “Snipe.” Prepare to be be coerced into “giving up” everything you know about the nonexistent conspiracy to defaim and liable Bill Schmalfeldt.

      OPSEC, people!

        • I do not like it, Toast I am.
          I do not like butthurt and spam.
          I would not feldchart on a bus,
          All your base are belong to us.

          • Say! I like butthurt and spam!
            I do! I like them, Toast-I-Am!
            Shakey thrown under the bus.
            Feldcharts full of LOLs and LULZ.
            They are so good so good you see!

      • Oh! Oh! Can I play too? My last name is the 2,900 most popular (give or take a few. Well, for certain values of ‘few’ and who is doing the list!), I like books and some people call me Dave, for an odd reason.
        I’ve looked at the bus schedules, you don’t have too long to fool around before missing out making your trip to Maryland.
        I hope Large Marge ( I love that, btw!) has mad ‘puter skillz to help with the Doxx of Doom!!!
        Oh and Bill? That’s ‘puter, as a contraction of computer and not pooter, like you mentioned in your Cub Scout skit, perv.

  2. Wednesday? That provides DAYS to take a bus from South Carolina to DC, get picked up in DC, stay with excellent friends or family anywhere in Maryland, and get a lift out to the court house on time. Easy peasy.

    I have this suspicion that when someone resident in Maryland signs a settlement agreement under Maryland law with another resident of Maryland and fails to specify forum, the first resident is not YET contemplating more frequent changes of his state of residence than of his underwear. I also have a suspicion that someone will be admitted to a hospital for observation sometime Tuesday.

    • Yup!! I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to the most from the Cabin Boy & Large Marge next week. Having his fat disgusting self hauled into a Court room hundreds of miles from his current no-motel, burning several days of if his time. Or the excuse he comes up with to weasel his way out.

    • IIRC the agreement specified Maryland as the venue for any future claims.. The Scat in the Hat signed away forum-shopping when he accepted the valid (yes, Bill, it is valid) contract.

      • My recollection agrees with yours. My mentioning “under Maryland law” was intended to address both forum and law, but it was hazy writing. Sorry.

  3. Every day, DUMBFUCK goes looking for butthurt.

    Every day, he finds it.

    Only one sure way to stop this cycle, and it doesn’t involve forcing anyone to stop posting things on the internet.

    In fact, this week he just showed – yet again – the harder he tries to do that, the worse it gets for him.

    Einstein was right.

    • If he wants butthurt, I’d have thought a moment of reflection on his life – or perhaps looking in a mirror – would do the trick.

      But he seems incapable of the former, and the latter… do ghouls cast reflections?

  4. Why is he so stuck on being called fat. He should be preparing to travel to Maryland, not taking selfies to become the next Subway Jared Fogle. Have you made your travel arrangements to Maryland yet, Bill?

    Btw, good on him for losing weight, but you’re still fat. The ideal weight for a man his height is 100 pounds less than he currently is if his past weight of 270 is correct. Yeah, it’s better to be 100 pounds overweight than a 170 pounds overweight … but perspective please, fatso.

    At least he’s wearing t-shirts again after MJ put him to shame and sent him into an odd homosexual podcast ranting tailspin. Thank you, MJ, for putting Bill back in t-shirts. You get the credit.

      • “It’s like the monk ability that lets you jump any distance, except it only applies to conclusions.”

  5. I am so confident Mr. Fakinsons won’t show I’ll dox myself if he does(1)

    (1) some restrictions apply see store for details.

  6. The left arm is doing fine. Looks like if he needed to there’s no prob lifting higher for the shot.
    Someone put prints high on the wall on the interiors of his last two dwellings not counting the Flop-in(s) and he puts stuff on the top shelves on that little bed-bug resistant rack in the corner that shows in most of his photos. Place palm on goal-post….

    • i watched his courtroom tape with the sound off, paying only attention to his movements. I can believe he’s demented, has cognitive and impulse control issues, but it also possible he’s always been like that…and I don’t don’t he’s had trouble waddling his de conditioned, obese frame around….

      But watching the video I’m struck by the ease of movement and normal dexterity of his arms and hands. There is not a hint of slowed movement (bradykinesia), or cogwheel rigidity (jerky movements to counter rigidity). The rapid table to mouth movement when he is page turning….nothing Parkinsonian about it.


    No, DUMBF*CK, it’s opinion, and it’s a well considered opinion given that you’ve gotten so much better from a disease that never gets better.

    So, either you actually have Hodgkinson’s and you’re a fucking miracle patient, or you’re a big, fat malingering liar. Regardless, even if it wasn’t opinion, you’d have to prove that it’s both false and malicious, which you can never do because, well, you’re a broke ass DUMBF*CK and expert witnesses are a very expensive proposition.

    • He still can’t get basic defamation law correct.

      You are a fraud Cabin Boy, and you can’t do anything about my saying that.

    • He has been caught forging fake “evidence” and he has been caught filing perjurous certificates of service. He is the most incompetent forger in history as his photoshop “skills” are laughable. We have the proof. And he knows it.

      • He’s also given pictures, video and audio proof that the symptoms of his “disease” are non-existent. He has yet to explain why and how this is so.

        He won’t explain this, but he spends an entire evening explaining why he wasn’t lying when he said he couldn’t put his hands (not arms) over his head.

          • Plus, in this video, the party mask slips…at aboutb34seconds, he’s just got plenty of natural arm swing, which he ends up,stuffing in his pocket to “quiet”. (For that matter, he raises his arm to point at some object without any obvious difficulty or stiffness, though it is a straight ahead point.)

          • Adding to my link to his video showing natural,arm swing that he seems to,catch and quiet…. Here is a lecture on various signs to observe for abnormal gait and arm swing of various etiologies, with Parkinson’s discusses at about 1:02

          • I lol’d at the casual arm, but had to shut it off when he started into his fakinsons for 17 years crap.

          • And in both videos, the go find me porch video, and the park walk vdeo, when he raises his arm to hold the point and to point, there is zippo, none, nada, cogwheel rigidity…it’s a smooth, non-jerky motion with no apparent conscious effort to get his body to obey.

    • How many times have you called HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! (or was it Grady) a forger, DUMBF*CK? Have either of them ever been charged with that crime?

      Holy shit, you’re stupid.

        • A. No he’s not. He’s showing you, Cabin Boy, that you’ve been caught in your usual flaming lying.
          B. He does know what he is talking about. You are a brazen but incompetent liar.
          C. He never contacted you because …. you are a brazen but incompetent liar. Plus, you have been _demanding_ he contact you for days.

          Wow, Cabin Boy is really working hard on that mental incompetence defense.

        • Well, let’s be fair.

          According to Schmalfeldt Am Law on Twitter, speaking about someone is the same thing as direct contact.

          He never loses over there.

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