21 thoughts on “Mmmmm, Burritos …

  1. Here you go. A burrito filled with Cincinnati chili — originally from Macedonia, it features chocolate and cinnamon in the spices.

    *THAT* is some high-grade cultural appropriation.

  2. It’s those little bits of regional character that make this country such a wonderful crazy-quilt of food.

    Except St. Louis. Imo’s Pizza is an abomination. And I cook a mean NY style, and a great deep dish, and quite a few in between. And people that put pineapple on pizza suck, but not as bad as St. Louis pizza.

      • A quick google shows that is a close relative to (real, as in Italy) Sicilian pizza. Aside from the anchovies ground up in the sauce (in the real thing, don’t know about this) it’s not an abomination. And I’m just too much a product of my upbringing to eat seafood; every Friday in Lent, mom would get a block of fish out of the freezer, salt&pepper, bake until gray and flaky. I learned seafood is to be fully surrounded with ketchup and swallowed quickly. That’s mostly why I haven’t tried making a real Sicialian pie. (although now that I think of it, the anchovies are emulsified, and mixed in red sauce, that might work?)

        But, having never had it, that tomato pie does not have Provel(tm) cheese. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provel_cheese Cheddar, Swiss and Provolone, with a kiss of liquid smoke. Designed to not have the unsightly strands of Mozzarella, and having no other virtues, either. Imo’s pizza is really only not good. Provel cheese is an abomination before God and man.

        • Philly tomato pie bears scarce resemblance to its Sicilian forebears. It’s basically a crust slathered in tomato sauce and served at room temperature.

          • I bow to your experience. But Liquid Smoke is still not on the ingredient list, right?

          • It sounds like what we used to call pizza strips, aka bakery pizza. It’s delicious, but it isn’t pizza in any conventional sense. variations sit on convenience store counters, by the cash register, next to the spinach pies.

        • Yes, if the anchovies are broken down, you won’t taste “anchovy,” just a richness. You do ‘t have to grind them up, either, just saute, and they break down quickly.

      • Bad news, dude. Between your comments on two eclipses, and this little gem, I’ve neatly catfished you. I now know who you are down to what, 3-5 million people?

        You have until noon tomorrow to admit Imo’s Pizza is an abomination, or you will have to continue eating Imo’s Pizza. Personally, I’d rather squat in a cheap motel in Myrtle Beach… the humidity is lower this week!

  3. I’ve always considered ‘cultural appropriation’ a stupid concept.

    Adjacent or cohabiting cultures ALWAYS generate a certain amount of cross-pollination. Food is of course the easiest vector, but there’s others. The only way to prevent it is to -isolate- yourself, which is hands down pants-on-head retarded.

  4. Carnitas for me, a burrito for the kid tonight. (Sorry Bill, I always check in, but I don’t always give you permission to see it)

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