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    • I also want to see them, but he can pick them up at the courthouse next week, no need for a special trip.

      It’ll give us something to laugh at while Bill is a “guest of the state” given time to ponder the wisdom of his actions.

    • “I wanna see it! Did Schmalfeldt try to run around the rules and call you a doody-head when you can’t defend yourself because you don’t know about it?”


      I sooooo wanna see it, too!

  1. The judicial bitchslap heard around the world!!! So much for Squire Schmalfeldt.


      • Well, you know if he wasn’t so busy absorbing all the material from everyone that’s rolled over from his doxxing and extortion.. wait…

      • “I’m sure bill will post this. Right? RIGHT?”

        Where in the heck is Neal?! This definitely straight-up calls for one of his epic “Dear Mommy Judge” letters!


  2. I have seen many “trailers” for upcoming entertainment – movies, rock concerts, the circus is coming to town…

    This is the absolute very first time that I have seen a “trailer” for this kind of entertainment issued by such a venue.

    The CCCCM is becoming a forward-looking 21st century venue. A trend setter.

  3. Hey MJ….

    Keep this in mind as Fat Bastardson is prognosticating about what your lawyer is/should be telling you… (i. e. “SETTLE”)

    Yeah, Fatty McMoobdroop…. there is a real good reason you ain’t a lawyer. You being as dumb as a bag of hammers has a lot to do with it.

    • Here’s an interesting quote from that disability letter he posted:

      In an attempt to accommodate his functional restrictions, Mr. Schmalfeldt’s supervisor approved that he work from home beginning June 2009. This arrangement has apparently become untenable as his illness now impairs not only his mobility but also his speech and cognitive function, his ability to take notes by hand, and the execution of tasks requiring a high level of concentration and decision-making.

      “What sort of tasks requiring a high level of concentration and decision-making?” I hear you cry…

      Oh, I don’t know…maybe, like, say, oh, representing yourself pro se in a court of law?

      For a start?

      • Good to see you are still posting here. As best I can reconstruct what Bill Schmalfeldt is doing is that if he can find someone with the initials M.J who lives in Sonora, and, attended High School in Sonora, then any person with the same name who committed any crimes anywhere in America must that same “M.J!” Never mind that duplicate names are as common as dirt, and, never mind why he return to Sonora. Most people would assume that if some lives in city X, and, went to High School in city X, they lived likely in city X their whole lives.

        I seen various posters shred his reasoning quite well. But, I’d like to add a couple of points to their body of works. The first is to note that if a tree falls in the woods and Bill Schmalfeldt is the only witness, does anyone here believe that it made a sound? I don’t. The second is to note that Bill Schmalfeldt is claiming triumphantly that he has his man for the unspeakable offense of having sex with a thirteen year-old girl. Is Bill Schmalfeldt that oblivious to the fact that Brett Kimberlin, a person Bill Schmalfeldt characterizes as a “good friend,” is a frequent topic of conversation here? Yet another faildox with collapse soon enough, but, Bill Schmalfeldt will have to answer the rest of pathetic life for his hypocrisy.

        • What drives me (and any other rational person) nuts about his idiotic fail-logic is his inability to even understand the area that “Sonora” refers to. A simple example – the Sonoran Desert Museum has won many awards, is very highly regarded, and has the best collection and display in existence of animal and plant life indigenous to the desert southwest. (I have visited several times) The Sonoran Desert Museum also has absolutely nothing at all to do with the town of Sonora, California, and is in fact several hundred miles away and in a different state.

    • Hey, DUMBF*CK! Regarding your last LOLsuit, when you actually had a welfare lawyer, what did he tell you?

      • “Butt-hurt is not a tort. Butt-hurt is not a tort. Repeat after me Mr. Schmaledt [or whatever your real name is], butt-hurt is *not* a tort.” BS wasn’t really listening or processing though, so . . .

      • Under Illinois law, there is a chance the final report from the free attorney to the Court is available to [REDACTED] of the [REDACTED]. Lawyers really hate if they don’t receive the proper credit for the pro bono hours they work. 50 hours per year of dealing with idiots like Bill Schmalfeldt can be VERY taxing.

  4. “Do you or do you not agree that stating a false fact that puts a person in a bad light is libel/defamation? Yes or no”

    Correct answer: screw you.

    “false fact”? oy Bet they were glad to get rid of him. “C’mon Bob sign the disability authorization. It’d be cheap at three times the price.

  5. Hey John,

    I quickly googled SC residency and came across their identification card requirements. I’m not a lawyer and I’m not suggesting Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t somehow find a way to legally establish SC residency, but the SC DMV link below confuses me. SOUTH CAROLINA FORM MV-94 and the required documents for a SC identification card listed therein; I just can’t personally figure out how Bill could’ve possibly established SC residency. What MULTIPLE and accepted proofs of a SC address could Bill possibly have given? Is a motel room receipt accepted and what address did he list on it when he got the motel room? The last time I got a motel room I had to show id and list my address on the id to get a room. Maybe SC is different?

    Again, this is just me wondering and I’m not saying Bill did or didn’t establish SC residency. I don’t know and I’m pretty sure honest questions aren’t defamatory. I just can’t figure out how he could have got a SC identification card? Thought you might possibly know?


  6. I just hired some Russians to hack the courthouse’s email server, and have obtained a copy of the judge’s letter.

    “Dear Mr. Schmaleldt:

    Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    Sincerely yours,

    Judge Hecker”

      • C’mon, get real. If he overflowed them that much, he wouldn’t have gotten an owie from a bad dream.

        “Dear Judge Mommy: I have a boo-boo. This bad man is scaring me, and that’s totally assault. Please dismiss the case and jail him. Thanks, Biwwy.”

    From the guy who uses PD as an excuse to shield himself from his legal just desserts
    From the guy who deletes tweets and blogs all the time
    From the guy who ran away to Wisconsin when David Edgren kicked his backside
    From the guy who has nine restraining orders, including one to protect a toddler

    • He does his “nightly” show about 3 times per week. I should clarify that it’s usually for about one week, then he ” rebrands.”

          • But Bill is TOTALLY hetro. Despite the fact that he constantly mentions other men’s genitalia, has expressed his desire to have anal sex with MJ, and the other voice in his head that he calls PinkiPie had a huge stash of gay male porn, including some depicting some rather young characters. But Bill is TOTALLY straight.

      • That constant rebranding is how you build an audience. You know, like it said in the WKRP theme, “Town to town, up and down the dial”.

  8. The funny thing about the Judge’s communication is that the Judge knows he can’t let ex parte communications between Bill and himself stand, and since he can’t un-see them, he must share them with the other parties. So whatever Bill tried to keep shielded from Mr. Hoge will be given to Mr. Hoge by the Judge.

  9. Trying to decide….should we refer to this as a benchslap, or a bitchslap?

    Decisions, decisions….

    What say you, fellow Lickspittles?

  10. So Bill Schmalfeldt posted a letter on Twitter that was suppose to prove he had Parkinsons. And the last paragraph of the letter clearly states: “As you know, the above opinion is not a commentary on Mr. Schmalfeldt’s actual medical condition, and is not binding on his application.” In other words, “I don’t know if he has it or not.” Only a Dumbf*ck would post something that actually counters their position.

    • His nickname really should be “Admissions Against Interest” but that is kind of bulky to say or type every time.

    • That was the most hilarious part. Cabin Boy is so stupid as well as outright illiterate as to publish a letter “proving” something it explicitly disclaims proving.

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