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    • Hmmmmmmm.

      You don’t seem to be afeared of the Beetusaurus Rex that blathered on for two hours about the doomy dooming doom of DOOM that awaits you.



  1. picking “us” off one at a time??
    that is HILARIOUS coming from the guy that BK has tossed under the bus as far as BU’s legal responsibilities are concerned.

    has anyone EVER given Shakey anything other than a new restraining order to add to his collection??


    Yeah I didnt think so.

    Tick Tock Fat Boy, 8 days till YOU have to answer to the judge why you shouldn’t be held in contempt of court.

    • Say you don’t think Our Gracious Host downloaded Monday’s podcast for that very interesting bit where BEETUSJUICE responded on air to Matt Osborne’s e-mail about the Republish widget at Cabin Boy Unread, do you?

      Because who would have control over fixing that but the owner of the blog?

  2. All full of piss and vinegar tonight, eh Fat Fool?

    You want to go for the title, slugger?

    Try and pick ME off, tool.

    If you ever got within a lightyear of my identity, I would hit you with so many legal right hooks you would be BEGGING for a left.

    So put up or STFU, Fatty…

    And tell your inflataskank to shut her stinking rotten maw, too. You both sound like two chimps trying to hump a doorknob on that clown circus you call a podcast.

  3. At this rate, the syphilitic catchfart and his chancred inflatemate should track everyone down by the mid 23rd century.

    Of course, none of it means anything until the uneducable monkey figures out the legal Catch-22 he’s in.

    Hint: he’ll never be able to file a viable lawsuit without a competent lawyer, and no competent lawyer will risk the ethics code to represent him.

    Too bad, so sad.

      • He dismissed with prejudice his claim that I defamed him by calling him a syphilitic catchfart. Plus, there’s no antecedent to the insults in the comment above – it could be anyone.

        • It’s always entertaining to see who reads the words “syphilitic catchfart” and assumes “oh, he must be talking about me!”

  4. But wait, I thought all the commenters here were socks of Mr. Hoge. So don’t all roads lead to Maryland?

    • On the other hand, is that a death threat?

      Shakes — ask yourself how many people you’ve “gotten” and how that hasn’t discouraged anyone from commenting on your antics. Then ask yourself if it’s really worth it — from what I can see, the more you “get” the more people line up to mock you.

  5. George Howell
    Dave Alexander
    David Edgren
    Sarah Palmer
    Scott Hinckley

    Strange. Doesn’t seem like he’s picked any of us off. We all still point and laugh at him.

  6. Good lord, is that the telex machine coming to life? Dashed thing hasn’t made a peep since 1992. The sweaty oik must be onto me!

    Maling! Prepare the keep!

  7. So you intentionally made FALSE statements both in print and on audio podcasts that tried to connect someone to someone else’s felony convictions? Full on defamation per se there boychick.

    Oh, and the Society of Professional Journalists is being informed of your “professional journalist” ethics. You probably don’t give a damn but it was an issue once and if you’re going to burn down a forest why leave a bush standing.

    And now you claim that person is actually someone else? If, and I repeat IF that person is who you say it is you will be removing the only reason, maintenance of a pseudonymous identity, that person had for not suing you for defamation up one side and down the other. And you claim to want to add him to your federal suit where he can counterclaim the living shit out of you? You’ll be lucky if he doesn’t drag your ass out to some as yet to be named state you can’t afford to get to for legal fun times in his own suit.

    Aside from the fact that no one not even you can figure when you’re not lying, you think this is the most wonderful coup you have ever had?

    You have got to be the stupidest fattest waste of moobs on this planet.

    I remain unconvinced that you are anywhere near the right person. You remain a ring led sow.
    You clicked on his identity on his avatar and some name search site? Any self respecting pseudonym has got that shit in spades. I’ve got my own LinkedIn and facebook pages. easy peasy.

    I remember you and your mad skillz faildoxxing me. It was so cute how dead certain you were you had me square in your sights. You wouldn’t stop calling me “felon” because of the groiny tingle it gave you to think you had revealed my dank little secret. Course then you soile your porch and yourself when I offered to let Tampa me know what you were saying and who you were. Good times man good times.
    Hey, all this reminiscing reminds me of the times you tried to diss me by calling me a gamer and a geek. Bet the inflataskank is thrilled to know what you think of those activities. Sure you’ll tell her it was just another of your “professional journalist” tactics but it will always be there in the back of her inflatable mind that you really think she’s a total waste of vinyl because she hasn’t published unpurchased books and posted endless failed podcasts. Love to be there when that tree sprouts. Oh hey, she can read this can’t she? sorry man didn’t mean to fuck you up there. She’ll probably peg you anyway tonight for old times sake.

    TaTa for now.

    Kyle Kiernan
    Member in Good Standing of the League of Persons Dumbfuck Still Can’t Figure Out Who They Are.

      • Joining is controlled by the select committee of dumbfuck.

        Boy do we ever have a newsletter. Produced by certified professional journalists and certified to be 99.99% extortion free. You can pick up a copy any time down in the cavern before or after cult meetings.

    • “she hasn’t published unpurchased books and posted endless failed podcasts”
      Not so hasty. They have a lot a lot in common, as a man and his balloon should.

  8. Can you imagine the fetid stench that permeates that hellhole of a no-tell motel room? What with the combined stink of their sweaty, unwashed fat bodies and the putrid cloud that must emanate every time one of them opens their rotted maws, and the smell of failure, bitterness and misery, the funk is probably a visible, dank mist that hovers in the air. The proprietors will have to napalm the place once the malodorous duo is evicted.

  9. Can I get in on this? It would be nice to pad the billable hours this quarter with some contempt fees.

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