37 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. The reason a certain loser has always been and will always be a loser can be summed up in one sentence.
    “DENIALS REQUIRE PROOF” in Meth mouth land.
    You stoopit sumbitch, Shakes.
    Fuggin’ loser.

  2. BS is definitely NOT the type to commit serial adultery, or to abandon his wife and children so that he could shack up with a morbidly obese woman who, conveniently had a young son who was Cub Scout age. Perish the thought. That is NOT his style.

  3. Hmm. When was Lee CONVICTED of being a “con artist, pornographer, and grifter”?

    • When did Bill demand Kimberlin explain Tetyana Kimberlin’s different birth dates, or demand Tetyana Kimberlin on the record retract what she stated under penalty of perjury to the state of Maryland that her husband Brett Kimberlin statutory RAPED her as a child?

      Brett Kimberlin wasn’t convicted, you say. Is that the standard? Then next year when Donald Trump isn’t convicted of obstruction of justice or collusion with Russia, you will never say Donald Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice? No, you most definitely will call Donald Trump a criminal because you don’t have any principles.

      Spare me you care about rapists because when you saw the Kimberlin evidence you would’ve investigated as the investigative journalist you claim to be. You didn’t. Do you feel like a hypocrite yet? If so, get to work and get TK’s retraction on the record and have Brett explain the birthdate discrepancies.

      When you, Bill Schmalfeldt, stand shoulder to shoulder with a child rapist as charging documents written by Tetyana Kimberlin describe Brett Kimberlin, a near-midget who is also a bomber/terrorist, you don’t have any credibility.

  4. Hey, I know this is short notice, but there’s a new pool in the break room:


    This one only has 72 slots of 30 minute increments. Twenty bones each.

    • I’m in.

      10 minutes into his podcast (can’t give a time in real time… because who knows when Fata$$ will get over the “technical difficulties” of staying in a fleabag hotel with substandard internet to get his circus show of a podcast going).

    • I’m in!! I want the 4 corners of the board. I’m still wondering when he admits he doxed the wrong person AGAIN and then lays blame on someone else.

    • Can I sweep the five hours when sane and sober people are asleep?

      Apologies to folks who work shifts, but it’s not like you’ve got access to Twitter; you’re working; something Bill tries very hard not to do.

      Oh, and Limeys and Pommies can shove off. 🙂

  5. You know who’s fat? I mean REALLY fat. Grossly obese. No. MORBIDLY obese?

    Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Bill, wanna work on that “morbidly” part?

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