Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

This has been filed in the Walker v. State of Maryland, et al. appeal—

The amicus brief described in the motion that Prof. Volokh seeks to file appears to be identical to the one he filed in last year’s appeal of the case against the State of Maryland. That appeal was rejected because of a clerical error by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Montgomery County who failed to obey the judge’s instructions to sever the case against the State from the case against the Kimberlins. The combined case is now on appeal following the trial with the Kimberlins.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

Meanwhile, it’s T-minus 9 days and counting in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

56 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Judge, this attorney hates me!
    Judge, this ADA hates me!
    Judge, this well-respected Law School professor and author hates me!
    Judge, this highly specialized and highly skilled engineer hates me!
    I demand that you don’t let them offer anything in their defense against me! Or against you! Think of all the 14 year old girls who couldn’t come to my house because of them! Oh yeah, and how it hurt my daughter, that too.

  2. I remember reading the briefs last year and the law is too overbroad and I think will get declared unconstitutional. Wouldn’t it be funny thanks to Kimberlin and his stupid lawfare shenanigans, Aaron gets the opportunity in a few years to argue and win a case before the Supreme Court of the United States.

    All federal judges probably read the Volokh Conspiracy and this is a huge amicus.

    • It would make you wonder if the world’s worst lawyer can win a supreme court case, why can’t a genius pro-se get past motions to dismiss?

    • The part where someone else tells him what to do? Funny how he has no problem obeying orders from the tiny terrorist though.

  3. One of the interesting things about BS is how he tells the court he’s broke, then spends money on cameras, computers, vaping, web hosting, and fail doxes. Those reports aren’t free. He has the wrong person, but they’re not free.

  4. You mean like committing adultery with a prostitute on stage in Japan, bragging about it in writing, and then later, when called out for that behavior, compounding the fail by saying “it was over quickly”? Like that?

    • People comment on things Bill puts in public, Bill threatens to make non public things public. What a petulant little man baby. How about this Bill, STOP posting your moobs on the internet and no one will comment on how fat you are. Simple solution see? If you DO continue to post crap like that you have no right to complain when people comment on it. Even if the comments give you butthurt. I believe you have been told at least 7 times now but the courts that your chapped ass is not a crime and to shut up and go away.

      • In fairness, TOLF, the courts have never even commented on his butt hurt. They basically have said that he’s incompetent to write a decent lawsuit and he should hire a lawyer. Of course EVERY lawyer has told him butthurt is not a tort, so there’s that.

    • There are things about which I don’t brag. Things I don’t mind if the public knows. But it’s not up to Bill to publicize them. Like speeding tickets and credit problems.

      I wouldn’t worry about it. The only time Bill has ‘successfully’ doxxed someone is when the person made zero effort to hide their identity. This will be exactly the same.

      • Given 4chan at its height didn’t manage to dox me (still waiting for that pizza, guys), in the unlikely event that Bill decided I needed to be added to his list of Unpersons, I can’t say I’d be particularly worried.

    • He just wants people to shut up. It doesn’t work, as he should well know. Plus, his nastiness and vile public behavior more than outweighs anything I’ve ever done that could possibly be considered “bad” in the general public’s eyes. Nobody is perfect. Also, normal people shouldn’t be made to be ashamed at their normal mistakes.

      I’m so done with men trying to shush me in this way. It’s controlling behavior and I’m DONE with that.

      • I doubt if IdiotBoy has ever successfully “shushed” anyone. It’s almost as if he’s going about it the wrong way. [Side note: I was only able to shush my children for a very short time. Luckily their mother taught them manners pretty quickly and they really didn’t need to be shushed. I’m guessing the Schmalrus never learned any actual good manners.]

    • Why yes there are things that “I” do not want the general public to know, but since most of them are in the public record not much I can do about that, the rest is well privileged government information that I am not at liberty to release.

    • The “dirt” he dug up on me was another Internet bully threatening to sue me for reporting about his federal lawsuit for butthurt. I was the one who gave the letter to the EFF for their archive.

      You’re an all-around failure, Bill. You can’t even have an irreversible degenerative disease right.

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  6. So who had 6/18 in the Next Faildox running pool? Head over to you-know-where to collect your winnings!

  7. It is extremely telling that “Team Free Speech” continues to grow, as more people become aware of the activities of Team Kimberlin, but that Team Kimberlin hasn’t had any change in membership. But then, I guess there are only so many people will to get that stain on their soul…..

      • After our host posted that blast from the Past this weekend (how this all started; aka The Exhibit) I went through it and looked up what had happened to a bunch of the names involved, starting with Seth himself. Amazing how many have disappeared from the net.

        This case, and these linked sets of controversies, have been an Internet Rock upon which many ships have been wrecked forever.

  8. Cousin Bill seems to have forgotten about the many, many false trails that I have laid, and the warnings I have given him about following them…

    Oh, well, it’s his life that’s on the line.

    Good luck, Cuz.

  9. “Sow.”
    BS has been accused of rape. He sued, then dismissed the suit WITH PREJUDICE. Cousin Roy, was the alleged victim a male or female, adult or child?

  10. 1. Dumbfuck is a habitual liar. Checked
    2. Dumbfuck plays victim. Checked
    3. Dumbfuck mails shit to himself in order to play victim. Checked
    4. Dumbfuck fakes accidents in order to portray himself as a victim. Checked
    5. Dumbfuck dismisses lawsuits with prejudice and resurrects them again in future filing. Checked
    6. Dumbfuck hires AVVO as his “lawyer” and avoids getting an actual lawyer. Checked
    7. Dumbfuck got rid of his former wife’s urn clock when he moved cross country at least two times. Checked
    8. Dumbfuck likes to make up evidence and attempt but fails to get his targets in trouble. Checked
    9. Dumbfuck likes to doxx people but ends up failing as usual. Checked
    10. Dumbfuck has never won a lawsuit nor has he ever won wives, houses, any piece of property, monetary gains, etc. Checked
    11. Dumbfuck keeps his stock of Johnnie Walker Red well stocked. Checked
    12. Dumbfuck currently lives with a 1.5 star motel chain known for prostitution, drug exchanges, poor customer services, etc AND the motel also rebranded itself in an attempt to shed it’s reputation. Checked
    The list goes on.

    You can’t make this shit up even if you try. Dumbfuck does it with little effort. He’s likely related to Larry Barry Terry who was arrested with illegal possession of a raccoon. It explains where Dumbfuck’s neck went.

    Originally when I wrote this up, I put in “Bill” so I dumped this list in notepad to replace “Bill” with “Dumbfuck”. Problem solved.

  11. It’s a simple probability analysis, DUMBFUCK.

    The probability that there’s a commenter among Team Free Speech with an actual rape conviction is:

    VERY VERY LOW. That is, insignificant enough to be virtually ZERO. Because we know facts that you don’t (that you are a DUMBFUCK).

    The probability that you have FAILDOXXED yet again is:

    VERY VERY HIGH. That is, significant enough to be virtually ONE chance in ONE. Because we know facts that you don’t (that you are a DUMBFUCK).

    Hence, it makes much more sense to believe and behave as we always have done, which is to say, you are WRONG (again) and in just a couple of hours will pour a bucket of your own waste on your own head.

    And we will point.
    And we will laugh.
    And we will mock.

    But mostly, we will have FUN. Because that’s all we have.

    • Apparently the Laardvark doesn’t believe in searching for the truth where ever he may find it.

    • And then there is the fact that Cabin Boy’s “very good friend” planted bombs at school functions, probably to hide his involvement in a homicide, and lost a case because he couldn’t prove he wasn’t a pedophile…..

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