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67 thoughts on “Logins

    • The clown seems to forget that it is he that is defending a violent terrorist and pedophile who is responsible for at least one death. Why we would pay any attention to his faildox in such circumstances ?

    • Who is defending anyone? MJ aka Sonoran Conservative doesn’t need defending, because it’s a FAILdox, you fat dummy. The guy you’re working yourself up to harassing doesn’t need defending, either, because once you start, he can just go get a RO on you, despite his record [if that’s even the same uninvolved stranger you’re about to bother. Having once been convicted of a crime, no matter what it is, is not a license for you to do your usual stupid thing. You’re too dumb not to cross the line between reporting and harassment, so prepare yourself for the metric load of pointing, laughing, and mockery coming your way…and for that double-digit restraining order count.

    • And shack up with imaginary balloon friends with signs of an unwholesome interest in rape and molestation, and pics that might very well be illegal in several major western nations.

  1. These are always more fun when there’s a search term involved.

    BTW, are you worried about the ratings for tonight’s Johnny Atsign (or is it Blogsmoke on Mondays?) It seems that there is a small, some would say nonexistent, news/opinion outlet that will be airing an expose at seven Hogewash time.

  2. Fun fact: there are at least two other guys in my home state with the same name as me. One even works tangentially in the same industry, which has led to some amusing missent emails and me responding with ‘Wrong guy, sorry.’.

    • There is a couple in my state with the same names as my wife and I who like the same kind of cultural entertainment as my wife and I like and who have been known to make reservations at the same hotel (200 miles from our house and 350 miles from their) for the same period as my wife and i did. And I know this because [redacted]. Seriously.

      • You wouldn’t believe how much mail I get for the Earl of Wembley.

        Odd tastes that chap.

    • My last name is sort of common, and I’ve had another with that name in college. We got each other’s season football tickets, and I had to field panicked calls from the section he was a TA for.

      When I worked a a big (well, huge) company, I had two others with the same name. The emails were fun. Got invited to a couple of meetings overseas. Repeatedly. Told them I would be a bit late.

      • I’ve read that in China there are a limited number of last names in use, more of that conformity thing. With parents naturally using popular first names as well, it is not uncommon at all for large Chinese companies to have 100 – 200 employees answering to the most well known popular names.

    • A college I attended once gave me a grade slip for a course I never took.

      They said it was for another student with the same name.

      I didn’t believe them. My name’s surely not that common; it was a small school.

      More recently, I ran a 10K. The scoring company obligingly showed me my time from the year before, as well….

    • Evidently, you can’t spray “Free Candy!” on the side of a van that you sold off to Jesus with its recently replaced tires.

      So you are stuck begging for phone numbers on Twitter in order to entice unsuspecting children to talk to you.

    • Shorter Bill; Look you know I suck at this so make it easy for me. Just hand over all your PII and I’ll take it from there.

    • Yep.

      God, he’s so stupid. The combination of Sonora + 1980 (not senior year – you have just expanded the search to an insane extent) + MJ will produce an avalanche of results.

      Further, they have no guarantee of coordinating with the real world. Idiocy.

      Phone, home.

  3. Breitbit News @breitbitnews

    Replying to @breitbitnews and 2 others
    Yes. He sounds terrified. He’s preening. If he’s not scared, he would send me his real number and straighten this out.

    Muhawhawhaw, so another day, another begging for mercy. Give it up, next week is coming, pack tooth brush, hemorrhoid crime, sanitary wipes. Oh and bring the Rolodex of life, and don’t forget the pleather jacket and the 8 karat plated midnight boogie chain to barter for smokes.

  4. Breitbit News @breitbitnews
    @stephensheiko Defending child rapists, Stephen?

    Hey shirtless in scumattle, sheikh isn’t defending brett

  5. The Scat in the Hat
    Sniffed to the fragrant fat sow
    I’m going to Doxx a person
    I’ll show you how.

    I get incensed you see,
    When someone vents to me
    That I am a lazy cow

    I’ll leap to my keys
    And flail away
    And soon will have a result
    In that very same day

    I will threaten to add them
    To my latest dark deed
    Who cares if the facts
    Always bust me

  6. So, in all seriousness, did anybody get where he came up with Sonora Union HS? He slurred past that part. He’s got a vague date from a blog post, and the city of Sonora, but then he skips over something to Union HS. Guess I’m not drunk enough.

  7. I hate to say it, but after that poopcast, I now believe there are MOAR LULZ & FAIL! to be had if this lawsuit by some miracle passes the pre-review.

    God forgive me.

        • Ain’t that the truth! *shudder*

          The blatant lack of compassion for the victims of these crimes, the disgusting commentary and “jokes” and creepy chortling, and the sick-and-twisted, evil perversion the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt and his slimy sidekick displayed while retelling such a horrendous story with the utmost of disturbing details regarding children, is all the proof I need (without question!) that neither one of these depraved individuals are fit for polite society.

          They quite apparently deserve each other… and, have no reason whatsoever to be in the company of children and/or grandchildren… ever!

          Unbelievably vile and disturbing. *SMFH*

    • I listened in on the seekret mirror site and maybe it was just me but boy did Bill sound really drunk. Actually progressively more drunk as the podcast went on. Maybe he was just lightheaded from blowing up boyfriend.

  8. “From just a video of a flag with sky in the background I will find the location of the flag in 38 hours.”. -What William “Parkinson’s faker valor stealer” Shmalfeldt THINKS he’s like

    “I’m a faildoxing dumbf5ck”. – reality

    • See, the 4chan guys had (1) friends (2) with a car (3) who drove around (4) honking a horn making noise for a purpose.

      Bill doesn’t even have the car, and his noise serves no purpose.

  9. Remember that time when Bill faildoxed Kyle as that convicted felon in Florida; and that he was so frightened the guy was coming up to “chat” with him.


    Bill should pray this other felon he is faildoxing won’t follow through .

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