23 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Funny how Smallballs always thinks these are about him. Guess he’s as insecure as he is pathetic. Get a life Bill

    • … of which the F-4 is proof.

      However, as Admiral Thomas “Tomcat” Connelly so succinctly noted, “there is not enough thrust in all Christendom” to make an Aardvark into a fighter.

      ..but it’s an awesome medium bomber.

  2. Remember when he and his late wife “couldn’t” share a bed because of his “violent nightmares”? Like they “couldn’t” have sex? Like he “needed” a $3,000 bed for his “PD”?

  3. Typical Bill. Laying around all alone on Father’s Day. Maybe he weren’t such a horrible human……

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