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    • Let him explain that to the judge on the 28th. Made your travel arrangements yet, Bill …or are you punking out? Yes or no, do you plan to go to Maryland for the hearing?

    • Cabin Boy tweeted out the very evidence that he had material that he denied having. But then, perjury is not just a hobby for Cabin Boy, its a profession.

    • Wow, that’s 5 SSMU right there. At least.

      If he’s claiming he just had to answer, he also has to claim his answers didn’t have to be truthful.

    • Blob thinks “Fuck you, Poop Flake!” satisfies the order to respond. He’s fixing to get educated.

    • Just think about that tweet a minute, back during the hearing–you know the one that bill illegally recorded–every item in that order was verbally said to bill. It also was reported that the judge asked bill if he understood what was required of him and he answered yes.

    • Oh, dear. Oh, dearie, dearie me.

      Bad, bad move by BS.

      Phone, pedicure chair. The Warriors are having their parade, there are two million drunken fans in the City, and I am not going.

      • Indeed.

        Team Kimbergarten has collectively spent so much time on legal offense–where there’s limited downside to losing–that they don’t appreciate the unlimited downside of screwing up a legal defense.

        If a civil plaintiff pisses off a judge, the worst that can happen (in Maryland, evidently) is case dismissed. Since Team Kimbergarten always appeals every loss anyway, this is no big deal.

        What we haven’t yet seen? How Maryland judges deal with civil defendants who piss them off.


        • Wait, is that even a thing?

          It is here, and the meltdown was awesome 😀

          “How did I get an indefinite restoring order against me in a hearing I didn’t even know about?”

          Gee, probably because you ignored the court’s warnings, posted information on the internet that you could not possibly have obtained legally, and didn’t bother to even tell the court your address.

  1. Idle question for Our Gracious Host:

    Is the Myrtle Beach address the current one Scat In The Hat has on file with the judge, or are you acting “based on knowledge and belief?”

  2. Given that BK hasnt been punished for not paying up on his sanctions, i can understand why BS isnt too concerned….. i hope that changes but …Maryland.

  3. Wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. Wheels on the bus go round and round……

  4. https://twitter.com/breitbitnews/status/875207785977229316

    Let me see if I understand this. You predicted many times this case would be dropped, your MTD would be granted, you would get summary judgment and that Hoge has been wrong on almost every level and interpretation of law. During all this, you filed two lawsuits: One in Illinois where you were given a lawyer, and within 30 days, your case was dropped because the attorney said you didn’t have a case. You now have filed on in South Carolina and are counting your winnings, and yet your case is still pending review to even go forward. Even if the court is generous and grants your suit to go forward, what makes you think this will end differently than the last six attempts? What is different in South Carolina compared to Maryland, Wisconsin and Illinois?

    For Hoge, he’s filed just this one state action against you based on lies you told on the website you have editorial control over, and actions you undertook to hurt his livelihood. He’s successfully established venue is appropriate for you via Maryland’s long arm statute, challenged your MTD, your motion for SJ, and is now going to trial where he will get to prove your malice and dishonesty. You have yet to achieve getting past MTD after SIX previous attempts of hilarious federal filings!

    Remember in Wisconsin when you tried to get Aaron Walker dismissed for a made up bar violation and actually used an affidavit from a convicted felon and perjuror? How did that turn out? Funny how the “disgraced” lawyer got a judge to agree with him to dismiss your lawsuit despite all your improper filings. Oh sure, you can run around and claim “There was no decision on the merits!”, but if you can’t even grasp the much simpler concept of jurisdiction and venue, what makes you think your merits had a chance?

    And finally, what makes you think “respond” means to not produce documents? Did you even read the rules that go with that? This will be extremely funny when you try to explain this to a court because it was made clear to you to familiarize yourself with Maryland rules of civil procedure. Oopsie poopsie!

    Looking at this from the outside, I would say that if you were to build a resume of “winning”, it would probably be just one line of: “No experience.”

    Meanwhile, I need more popcorn.

    • Expresses my opinion very nicely except for one glaring error.

      “Previous attempts at hilarious federal filings.”

      No. No. Again I say NO.

      “Previous triumphs of hilariously inept federal filings.”

      Who can forget his insistence that his opponents be required to get better representation than from the World’s Worst Lawyer, who despite his alleged ranking still managed to get Willie’s suit thrown out without reference to its merits. (That was the case where he sued for a tort not recognized by his chosen forum state.)

      Willie thinks that his failure to get any of his numerous “cases” considered on itheir merits somehow vindicates his alleged opinion that they have legal merit. That argument does NOT persuade anyone (possibly excluding vinyl persons) that any opinion of his on any subject ever has any merit whatsoever.

    • …and is now going to trial where he will get to prove your malice and dishonesty.

      “But judge, it wasn’t dishonest. I really meant what I said and did.”

  5. If there ever was a chance William “stolen valor Parkinson’s faker” shmalfeldt was going go show in court its gone now.

    If its one thing I’ve learned is that the more he blusters the bigger the river of fesr pee emmating from his room

    • He’ll show. He knows he has to.

      Well, either way he has dug quite the hole for himself, completely of his own making. Let’s face it, a more honest and less stupid person would have stopped digging months ago.

      • I disagree. I honestly think his pedo master has assured him that everything will be alright, gonna be rich, etc., and its fine to ignore it because it will either go away or his pedo master fed him some hypertechnical BS he’s going to spew when it goes to trial.

        In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if because [redacted] he’s taken the attitude of “Even if Hoge wins, he loses” and will completely abandon MD while he pursues his own failsuit. It won’t work of course because [tl;dr redacted] but it takes the heat off his pedo master while Mr Fakinsons takes the fall.

        Too bad shakes will learn the bard way no one is worth going to jail for.

      • He won’t show up. The fact that the hearing is for criminal contempt means that jail is among the punishments available to the judge. Cabin Boy is terrified of a day in jail. For good reason.

          • Any state in the union will honor the bench warrant of another state. If one is issued, they would gladly take him in and then arrange for transfer (extradition?) to MD.

        • I think he will show up; but I believe he will piss or shit himself as a sympathy move to reinforce his “handicap”. So court attendees should have hazmat suits available.

          • Best wishes for our gracious host, but should Bill try that crap; I would encourage Mr. Hoge to beg the court’s indulgence to point out that it is nothing but chicanery and an extension of Bill’s contempt for the bench. An absolute affront to the dignity of the commonwealth and her laws and personally to Hizzonor and John.

  6. Someday DUMBFUCK is going to file a LOLSUIT that correctly asserts jurisdiction and venue, alleges actual torts, and states a claim on which relief can be granted.


    It’s not the current one, but there’s always tomorrow.

    When that day comes, I anticipate the defendants, whoever they turn out to be, will turn back upon him his good faith efforts to comply with discovery.

    Oh, that will be FUN!

  7. Judge: You must respond to Hoge’s requests.
    Fat Pedoketeer: I did. I told him I’m not giving him anything he requested.
    Judge: I’ll explain in a month or two how you are wrong. In the meantime, this nice man with a gun will show you to your new living arrangements.

  8. There is a paragraph I think the Word’s Stupidest Man™ is forgetting and/or ignoring.
    ORDERED, that the Plaintiff’s Motion to Compel Discovery from Defendant, William M. Schmalfeldt, as to the eleven (11) Requests for Production of Documents be, and the same is hereby, GRANTED; and it is further [snip]

    You see that word COMPEL up there Bill?

    com·pel kəmˈpel/
    1. force or oblige (someone) to do something.
    2, bring about (something) by the use of force or pressure.
    “they may compel a witness’s attendance at court by issue of a summons”

    Did you get a copy of the MD rules? Did you read them? Did you read them other than as you read everything else where you just ignore what you don’t want to see? Are you really stupid enough to argue that the court did NOT tell you that you must produce the documents?

    Thing is Bill, people around here have been pointing and laughing at you for years because you do really stupid things. But they have also given you really valuable advice which you are either too pig headed or stupid to take. Instead you get led by the nose by that gang of pedo’s you call friends and look where you are. It might be time to step back and seriously evaluate the ‘assistance’ you are getting from Team Pedo. So far you have had to flee 3 states, gotten yourself fired, are broke and homeless, and will now have to justify to a court why you perjured yourself when you said you couldn’t attend a hearing because you were too disabled to travel while providing the court with evidence that you bought a car and were driving just 3 weeks later. I only wish Mrs. K’s hearing was before yours so you could see what the consequences of listening to your Pedo Master are and learn. Are you capable of learning Bill? Hell, your hands must be raw meat by now as many times as you have pressed them against the same hot stove. Get a lawyer Bill. It’s time that you realize that you suck at legal stuff. You have no clue what you are doing. Worse then that, you have perjured yourself more than once.

    Be well.

  9. “Default Bill” just won’t answer if he has made traveling arrangements to Maryland or not will he?. The sign of a scared punk in my opinion. I’m sure Bill’s old lady by now has probably realized Billy is a punk and is planning to drop his ass for the toothless drunk three rooms down the hall.

    ALONE IN SOUTH CAROLINA. I can’t wait for that podcast.

    Unless Lady Di in the next 12 hours says otherwise, she is dropping Billy for the toothless dude down the hall. Or Bill sold her for a day and she can’t respond? I don’t know and just guessing.

  10. Breitbit News‏ @breitbitnews
    Replying to @x3n0ph0n
    I, personally, enjoyed the way the Newsweek reporter fellated Stranny!

    Face it Bill, as a radio personality or a journalist you suck. Ever held a radio or journalism job for more then 24 months? You have been fired from every rag you ever worked for. Most people would get that hint by now. You stink on ice. But your jealously shines as bright as a search light. So you keep wishing YOU were sitting in the press room at the White House because it will never happen. Because, and I think I mentioned this before, you SUCK.

      • I told you the treasure trove of homosexual porn was his. Did anyone check the archive to see just how young those characters are? My kid knows a bit about anime, but my name isn’t Eichenwald, so I won’t be sharing porn with him.

      • The “girlfriend” is a strange, damaged little balloon with a fascination for non-consensual anal violation. Might as well be his invention, what difference does it make?

    • There is simply too much material in the archives in which DUMBFUCK maintains that he’s going to subpoena everyone, get them under oath before the docket and ask about

      …and what have you, to believe that he thinks WJJH will not be allowed to argue the issues of document production currently before the court.


  11. Breitbit News‏ @breitbitnews
    Newsweek Reporter Misleads Readers About Lee @Stranahan http://www.breitbartunmasked.com/2017/06/15/newsweek-reporter-misleads-readers-about-lee-stranahan/ … #tlot #topprog #p2 #dems

    First off Bill let’s dispense with the nonsense of #tlot and #topprog etc. You are none of them. Nobody, even your kids, gives two shits about you. Quit trying to be such a suck up.

    And speaking of sucking…. (YSWIDT?) why don’t you just get it over with and ask Lee out on a date? It’s clear you have a boner for him as much as you tweet and write articles about him. “Hey Lee, notice me! I’m right here Lee! Lee, make me your bitch!” I don’t think I’ve ever seen one person with so little dignity as Bill.

    • Notice he had the good sense NOT to challenge my assertion of what a loser his “career” has been. I guess even someone of Bill’s intellect knows when overwhelming empirical evidence is not on his side.

    • Aside from the unsupported (and based on experience laughably unsupportable) implication that he has a clue who AR1 is, we should remember that Woeful Willie had total hysteria when he found that the allegedly disgraced lawyer had become his adversary in court. Wailing Willie begged, pled, grovelled, whimpered, whined, and figuratively (and possibly literally) publicly beshat himself to prevent being opposed by the World’s Worst Lawyer.

      It may just be me, but somehow his frantic actions seem to belie his brave words.

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