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  1. Actually, the first part of the translation isn’t quite right.

    In the passage from which this is taken (Book Two of the Ars Amatoria ll. 339 and following), Ovid’s first advice to the young lover is that once he gets the girl he fancies to fall in love with him, he should hang around with her a lot because in the first blush of love, this will feed the flames.

    But then he gives the advice you quote, which is part of the agricultural metaphor used elsewhere in the passage. He says that once the young man is confident that he’ll be missed when absent, he should “give (her some) rest” (da requiem). “Take rest” would mean that the person being talked to is advised to take a break. But the point is to leave her alone, like a fallow field which will be more productive for the break in usage. (And the rest of the sentence literally means “the rested field gives a good return on what is entrusted to it,” which is a metaphor from money lending.)

    • Oh sure, just because you are in one of Ovid’s books you think you are a know it all 😛

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