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I’ve been closely following Aaron Walker’s appeal in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals of the case he filed against the State of Maryland and Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin. (Some background: The case against the State seeks to have the laws Aaron was charged under found unconstitutional. The case against the Kimberlins is for malicious prosecution using those laws.) The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin believes Aaron’s case is so similar to mine that the results in that case affect my suit. Thus, I want to keep an eye on what he is saying about the Aaron’s appeal.

The Kimberlins have filed a cross-appeal.

Gentle Reader, think about what that means: they are appealing a lawsuit that they won.

The mind boggles.

I have to admit that I did not foreseen something this stupid.

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  1. Hey, someone needs competition for being the worst pro se litigant. Biwwy ain’t gonna just waltz into that category when Kimberwhine has a chance to screw it all up too!

  2. Time is running out to get those sweet 14 day advance purchase airfare tickets.

    Unless you plan to make the 8 hour drive. 95 is a bitch around Washington though. Might want to enjoy the scenic trip up 74 and 81. That’s a nice drive.

    Who am I kidding? You’re going to bitch out and use the “I’m ignoring this please go away” method.

    Too bad it won’t. In fact your pedo hero (you k ow, the one driving the bus) is COUNTING on it.

    • And everyone, and I do mean everyone, knows it. Bill is not going to show for the hearing, or the trial (yes, it is going to trial), and Brett will dump everything he can onto Schmalfeldt as a way to squirm out of paying the piper.


    Go your way? Bwhahahahahhahahahaha. This is the EIGHTH lawsuit you have filed you moron. All 7 went down the shitter. As a matter of fact, #7 was flushed BY YOUR OWN LAWYER. You really are the World’s Stupidest Man™ if you can’t see you don’t and never will have a case because your chapped ass is not a tort. You are a giant man baby. A simpering coward. A perpetual loser. An unemployed and unemployable hack. You are now basically homeless. You had a job, which BTW, you SWORE to the court you couldn’t have due to stage eleventy Fakinsons, but you got yourself fired again because you can’t keep that fat fucking gob shut. You cheated on your wives, your kids want nothing to do with you. You abandoned pets in several different states now. Things go your way? Nope, not going to happen. And here is the key part old Stolen Valor. They will NEVER go your way until you stop being such an asshole and go find something to do with your life that doesn’t include the internet. Seriously. All you do is sit on the internet and find reasons to be an asshole. STOP. Go to the library. Volunteer someplace where people really need help, unlike you who fakes symptoms to get out of court. Be useful to society for a change. Or not. Hell, you are the best source of PLM around.

    • If you’re looking so forward to seeing everyone why wait for a date TBD? There’s already a meetup on June 28 and you’ve been personally invited by a judge.

      • a:

        Breitbit News‏ @breitbitnews

        Has the judge ordered me to turn over the material Hoge asked for? Nope. And what part does SPQR need explained to him, where she admits it?
        9:05 PM – 12 Jun 2017

        HE might want to review the Courts order in Doc No./Seq No.: 147/0, if he can not understand it then go hire an attorney to explain.

        Breitbit News‏ @breitbitnews
        Replying to @breitbitnews @mrvogon and

        But if things go my way, I will CERTAINLY look forward to meeting you all in Florence, South Carolina on some day to be determined. /25
        9:43 PM – 12 Jun 2017

        What makes him think that if he does not do a: that b: will ever happen.

  4. 2 Seniors traveling (not sure if his lady is a senior or not) using Amtrak and departing June 26 is currently $607.30. Better make your reservations soon because the prices will only increase.

    Greyhound looks to be a 24 hour trip from fares I see, so plan accordingly.

    I would spend the extra coin for a train if it was me because 7 hours on a train compared to 24 on a bus is totally worth it.

    • If I were William “steal valor and fake Parkinson’s” Shmalfeldt I would avoid all buses just in case its the one under which his pedo master is throwing him.

    • The only thing keeping Boxcar Willie from hopping a freight train and hobo’ing north is his inability to get his fat carcass off the ground and into a boxcar.

    • Nah he’s planning to travel by hitchhiking. However his only method of payment will be pimping himself by roleplaying a cub scout since he blew through his life savings. If that doesn’t work, he’ll be a no-show.

    • He can rent a car like he did in April to drive from Iowa to SC and back. If he really “turned in” his license(s), which I seriously doubt, he has time to go back to the DMV and get another one. The fact that he can drive and instead allegedly sold his car and ditched his license AFTER the contempt hearing was scheduled, are things that should be pointed out to the court. It sure looks like he’s maneuvering to get out of making a court appearance.

      • I’d like to point out again that he ditched his DL AFTER it was requested in discovery. Maybe he was scared the govt would find out he lied to get it? Hmmmmm….seems like something a craven coward with something to hide would do.

      • TOLF, I’d start earler.

        He GOT his DL 3 weeks after telling the Court he was unable to drive, and too infirm to leave the sanctity of the NinjaNuns and his Alert Bracelet of Health. He since: Bought a rustbucket, took a train to Chicago and back, drove to Chicago and back, moved to a bungalow in Iowa, stairs yes ninjanuns no, failed to notify the court, Drove 1,000 miles to SC, and back, in a rented mule, I mean vehicle, then admitted to the Court he was in Iowa, and moved to SC without telling them. Oh, and sent pictures of his hoopty to the court.

        Then he filed IFP in SC. Two days after dumping his hoopty. Did he disclose this to the SC Court? We don’t know… yet. But after telling the MD court he couldn’t drive, he bought a car, moved twice, and sent pictures of the car to the court. And is now saying he can’t be hauled into court for recording a Skype session, because he can’t drive. He should be allowed to Skype it.

        Brett appealed his own victory… that merits a Dishonorable Mention in the World’s Stupidest Pro Se competition. But these are the big leagues.

        Welcome to the bigs. Govern yourselves accordingly.

      • There is about one valid reason to “turn in” a license: suspension. Even then it would be customary to simultaneously take out a non-driver’s license. If one does not intend to take out a non-driver’s license then there is absolutely no reason to “turn in” a driver’s license that still functions as ID.

  5. Breitbit News‏ @breitbitnews 9:42 PM – 12 Jun 2017
    Replying to @breitbitnews @mrvogon and 2 others

    Jurisdiction, diversity, subject matter, all checks out. Venue is appropriate. But you never know. We’ll wait to see what the R&R says. /24




    • Wait, didn’t he assure us that all that was true in the Wisconsin LOLSuit?

      And it wasn’t?

      However will I live knowing the Fail Whale wails failingly? Can a thought live on LULZ, alone?

      • He assured me that he had me on those in Wisconsin AND Illinois. We saw how that worked out for him. Lol

    • Jurisdiction, sticky jurisdiction.
      Jurisdiction, good enough for me.

      Does he have the right to sue?
      Yes, he has the right to sue!
      Right to sue?
      Right to sue!


      Jurisdiction, sticky jurisdiction………….

  6. But if things go my way, I will CERTAINLY look forward to meeting you all in Florence, South Carolina on some day to be determined.

    Careful what you wish for, particularly since you are the prime suspect in at least one open rape investigation.

  7. BS’s free trial period is up, and he’s switching podcast hosts. Look for another change in 2-4 weeks. Then he’ll “rebrand,” so he can take unfair advantage of the free trial periods again.

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  9. As I mentioned on one of the NASA posts, I estimated that one SSMU (Standard Schmalfeldt Measurement Units)* of stupidity is roughly equal to the size of 15,000 galaxies.

    I estimate this to be 2.5 SSMU.

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