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This popped up on the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. case docket.I haven’t received a copy. If it turns out that the Cabin Boy™ failed to serve a copy on me, then this is likely a improper ex parte communication with the court.

Discovery closed in the case back in April, so further requests for discovery are now improper. However, under the Maryland Rules, there is a continuing obligation by those served with timely requests to provide additional responsive answers if they find new documents or information. I asked Schmalfeldt to provide copies of any tweets or blog posts from a list of his accounts that mentioned me. He replied that he did not have any. It now appears that he has found at least one.

I suspect that this isn’t the only one he’s “found.” Considering his continuing obligation under the Rules, he should produce the documents he has. Soon.

Very soon.

T-minus 17 days and counting.

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  1. Wow! So he really bought it! He really thought it was her. Amazing.

    I’ve got to hand it to you John, I never thought you could pull that one off.


  2. Bill, seriously, put Britney Spears “Oops, I did it again” on repeat.

    Also, thanks for the Schmalfeldt law session tonight. They say laughter extends a person’s life and as long as you’re around my days on Earth are getting extended. I might live to be a 100 now.

      • Just admitted he lied about not being able to supply documents required by discovery. Courts look very poorly on withholding documents requested in discovery and lying about it.

        That could be a real oopsie freakin’ jail time poopsie.


        • Well, this is Maryland, but with Bill’s garnishment tweets I wouldn’t be surprised fines and costs associated due to his shenanigans wouldn’t be ordered payable to the court. When he refuses it could become a real oopsie poopsie.

          March has passed, beware the ides of June 28th and summer months. That’s the date he is due to be in Maryland isn’t it?

          Wonder if Bill still plans on attending?

          • He should bring a toothbrush. It looks like he’s talking himself into an extended stay as the judge’s guest.

          • I’ve heard the talk too often to believe that there’ll be any other outcome than But Maryland.

        • Schmalfeldt law didn’t you know. It was my favorite too. The idiot never ceases to amaze me and make me laugh. He tweeted that with such bravado too and didn’t have a clue.

    • Bill Schmalfeldt my suggestion for you is to go and pay an attorney to explain FRCP 41, and the FRCP 11 sanctions for violating same. I see some Permanent Injunctions in your future.

      • Here is a word to the wise, my original cyber-harasser the PhonyRev Jim Sutter took a post I made to a Yahoo group then used the headers to forge a post from “me!” That got him arrested. Sara has a restraining order against Bill; forging Sara or lying about her is not very smart. FYI

  3. Let me guess. The “signatures” on the emails look nothing like her’s PROVING she sent them.

    This Parvocampus must be a literary creation as no human this dumb could actually exist outside Congress.

  4. I feel like I’m living through Groundhog Day. He’s saying the same nonsense, posting the same threats, and making the same inane arguments that he’s been making – and losing – for years. He doesn’t understand jurisdiction, statutes of limitation, dismissal with prejudice, evidence rules…. nothing. He hasn’t learned a thing.

    Which explains why he’s living in a dumpy motel, with cat food and kitty litter. Well, if things get rougher, he could always eat the cat.

    • I feel genuinely sorry for that poor feline. No animal ought to be subjected to that atmosphere.

      (Note my avatar – that’s Mycah, who passed in 2011. She made me a “cat guy.”)

  5. Wow.
    1. Alleged fiancee suggests that people search her out on the internet to prove that she’s real.
    2. People do.
    3. People find her photo buckets of gay porn and a claim that she has three children. What 4. happened to the kids, if that is true? They weren’t her late husband’s. Whose were they?
    4. See more at TMZ, but it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

  6. While it is always amusing to see Schmalfeldt try to recycle one of his useless lies again (if I just use different words to describe it, it will work THIS time!), you would think he would get tired of losing every gambit he tries with these lies. No one has ever settled with him. No one has ever told him everything. No one even takes him seriously anymore except as a source of amusement. Wait – I take that back – Di Kelley, his new captive nurse audience believes him. She does, doesn’t she? She’s not scamming him for health benefits and a place to live, is she?

    • Uh oh, you spoke Voldemorts name. Get ready to join the lawsuit. Oh, and Howard too. But I have a feeling that Bill is too much of a coward to do much about anything anymore. He files lawsuits knowing they will be dismissed. He thinks it burnishes his “victim cred” when all it really does is give people more and more reasons to point and laugh at him due to his own incompetence.

      For the record I think that thing is a figment of Bill’s imagination. He got some meth head to pose for a picture in a wig then ran with it. Of course given the resemblance to Bill it could very well be him in that wig.

  7. Someone at Dave’s mentioned that BS’s alleged fiancee had a bunch of porn on her photo bucket. BS called that a lie.
    Now, on Twitter, he’s saying “meh.”
    I remember when obese admitted adulterer Bill Schmalfeldt, who has had 9 restraining orders issued against him, said that “the most shameful” thing he’d ever done was to betray his brother with his brother’s girlfriend. A while later, when someone called him out for that, he went, “meh, his brother didn’t care.” So Bill married her.
    And the images weren’t found under the name “Preston.” I wonder who all the kids in those photos are? How creepy to have them interspersed with those other images.

    • Maybe Bill is in for a rude shock, though I doubt it. I’m sure he knows all about his inflatable grift machine.

    • DUMBF*CK, are you aware that you can’t sue people for saying things about it? And are you aware that you can’t be its lawyer, because you’re not a lawyer, you’re a DUMBF*CK? I can call it a soup kitchen whore all day long and there isn’t a blessed thing YOU can do about it. Perhaps you should take some of your blustering energy and channel it into becoming somewhat less of a DUMBF*CK.

  8. I guess he decided to take McCain’s advice and plead insanity.
    Its his only hope.

    BTW, restating the obvious and known to death by all but he, his damning evidence is too pathetically not what he purports to think it is to mock. I just wonder at his “tactics” and how he recycles them endlessly. It’s like he’s ben stung by some parasitic wasp that’s repurposed his bar in to perform a set of functions in sequence before he is suddenly frozen and eaten by a thousand wasp larvae.

  9. BS’s recent excuses about his PD causing him to “forget” to do things related to Hoge’s lawsuit jogged a memory. Here he is, admitting that he would use his “PD” to provide cover for a screw up on his part:

    • Many a truth is spoken in jest.
      I’d never seen this before, except for all the times he’s chosen, transparently, to execute the strategy when he’s boxed himself into a corner.

  10. BS or his alleged fiancee just protected “her” photo bucket. Heh. Kinda late. It’s all been archived in various places.

    • You mean the one filled with male homosexual porn? That a Queer fetish for a woman, but maybe not so strange for a voice in a certain person’s head.

      • I guess it would be a shocker to the collector of red-hair child comforters and boi love that there are many red-blooded Americans who find pornography distasteful and boring for the most part, NTTAWW the ones who do not, but a lot lot more who find xer particular taste in images to be flat out weird and twisted – best and some of those images disturbing or suspect, especially considering the circles in which the entity DKelly runs.
        I can’t speak for womankind but I doubt those image caches are typical of the typical red-blooded American female.

  11. Just got back from TMZ and didn’t find any posts on the 1st few pages mentioning Lady Dye, Di, Diane, Mrs. Schmalfeldt IV, Diane Kelly, Mrs. Blob or similar.
    If I missed any combination, please let me know.
    I don’t really want to see the gay pr0n, just the related info.
    Did I say enough for the Johnnie Walker Red Baron to add me to the suit (that can’t be added to any longer?).

      • There was one thumbnail on page 2, as seen in an archive via Google, questionable enough (child, busted zipper Reno) to make assessment of true ownership of that account a concern. Backstory, indeed.

        • Oh. Well geez. It apparently at some point announced to the internet it is into voyeurism. How much of this entities fantasy life crosses over into the real world?

  12. What The Actual???
    I don’t think anyone had this short a time for the latest “re-branding/evidence spoilage” Twitter change. Or at least I didn’t come close.
    I might as well pin my $20 to the wall, since trying to figure out The JWRB’s next move is impossible.

  13. I see his new twitter only shows half of his blowup boyfriends face. Probably a smart move considering. Come to think of it, on his last twitter he covered up most of Inflate-a-boy’s face with his avatar. I wonder what Bill is ashamed of?

  14. Ahhh isn’t that precious? Bill thinks John is worried about his letter. I think John is just waiting to see if Bill actually sent it to him as required. Plus, wasn’t Bill just informed by another court to quit sending his stupid ex parte letters?

    • Biwwy doesn’t have a clue what a wiretap is either. “Wires” have a special legal meaning. For example, I was on a jury once where the defendant was charged with felony theft and something which is, as best I can recall, “Misusing a wire for fraudulent gain.” The first thing the prosecutor did was tell us, “Now this is an odd wording, but essentially what [defendant] is accused of is stealing social security benefits after she was no longer entitled to them by not reporting when her husband got a job.”

      For the record, Biwwy, we found her guilty.

    • Letters are not part of the process, DUMBF*CK. Neither, for that matter, is Twitter. Stop shouting “KING ME!” and get your shit together.

  15. Breitbit News‏ @breitbitnews

    I suppose I should be honored by having my DMCA complaint against @wjjhoge turned down. He only steals from the BEST! @truth_partner
    4:26 PM – 11 Jun 2017

    So bill schmalfeldt is submitting false DMCA complaints now, so tell me again who is the smart one.

    • I’m sorry, “again” is not spelled “now.”

      At least he’s not claiming the copyright for freakin’ NASA this time… (or is he? It would be very stupid of him, so it’s possible.)

      • At least he’s not claiming the copyright for freakin’ NASA this time..

        Are you clairvoyant? If so you nailed it.

    • Seems like most of those images are not posted by Mr. Hoge. So Bill is barking at the moon again.


    Hey Biwwy, doesn’t it suck that Mr. Hoge is so obviously wrong about Twitter’s TOS that WordPress just up and completely dismissed your stupid complaint automatically without even requiring Hoge to challenge it?

    I know, you’re the only person who’s ever right and the whole world is wrong. Like those damn judges who decided that YOU should get the restraining order instead of, you know, the people you’re stalking. Like that meddling toddler who couldn’t even spell your name right!


    OH SH*T! I’m so sorry about that. Next time I’ll use a less hurtful analogy.

    Incidentally, you claimed you were going to discuss this with Hoge further in court. Which case would that be? You won’t be able to bring it up June 28th as it’s not relevant to that case, and you burned your amendment already in the SC case.

    But I’m sure you’ll figure something out. I heard a rumor it’s best to *STRENUOUSLY* object and then yell profanities at the judge. I mean, even if it’s struck from the record, the jury will remember. Not like a Cub Scout after you slip them a little something-something in their Mt Dew. Still, I don’t know if cursing at the judge is really actually good legal advice, but it beats the hell out of everything you’ve tried so far, so might as well swing for the fences, Dumbf5ck.

    • Someone who still doesn’t get Sec 230 of CDA nor the elements of defamation trying to lecture us on terms of service.

      More incoherent gibberish.

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