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The Cabin Boy™ let the world know that he had a hunch that the direst of dire direness was headed my way this week and would cause shock and anger among the “@wjjhoge cult.” So far, nothing even moderately inconvenient has happened to me. Schmalffeldt still has today and Saturday for his dream to come true, but (for the time being) everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

Meanwhile, in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit it’s T-minus 19 days and counting.

89 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. When evaluating anything William “I’m grifting for another Scooty Puff (it’s RED vroom VROOM!)” Schmaleldt says it’s important to remember that he is a very stupid man and prone to telling very large lies.

      • ever noticed the bigger a pussy a progressive is, the more they claim any disagreement with them is “hate”??

        since Shakey claims anything truthful mentioned about him is HATE!!11!! you really dont have to see the sand packed mangina to know its a HUGE.

      • “Stirring up hate”? Yeah, you go with that. It must make you feel important, rather than facing the miserable reality that you are the object of derisive mockery. You dream, BS, of rising in our esteem to merely despised.

        Otherwise, in the old phrase of a literary criticism: “Too low to kick and too wet to step on.”

        Hate, forsooth! A risible assertion!

        Phone, train.

      • yeah but the person in question isn’t “most men”, hell he barely qualifies as “human” let alone “male”.

      • “““““““THIS“““““““

        I agree with MJ, that when you strip away all the layers that are the Cabin Boy all you really have is an insecure man-child aka PU$$Y.

      • Ummm, it’s gotten wider. And it looks like someone took a Crayola marker to it.

        And PUT YOUR DAMN SHIRT BACK ON! *shudder*

      • Rub some dirt on it, and walk it off, ya big wuss! Jeebus…

        It’s like he’s never been injured before…

        Or perhaps this is the most interesting thing that’s happened to him in years, or decades.

        Do you expect Mommy to kiss it, and make it better?

        Or do you want an acrylic and particle board participation award for injuring yourself in a stupid and clumsy fashion?

        Your choice, ya big whining pussy. But I don’t think Mommy Judge will be impressed…

        • LOL I know! I do a lot of gardening, I’ll be out in the yard clearing up a brushy spot and my wife will say “aaa! What’s that blood running down your arm???”

          And I usually say “huh? what? oh that, damned sticks.” To which she says “GET OUT AND CLEAN UP BEFORE YOU COME BACK IN HERE!”

          typical day in the garden! (Which, btw, given all the cool wet weather we’ve had in Texas this year, is doing spectacularly well)

          • I hear ya. That damned crepe myrtle looked like a freakin’ oak tree; was getting up in the power lines and everything. It’s so wet in San Antonio, we have fireflies for the first time in 50 years.

          • And by that, I mean “to see that it came from a cheap motel chair” takes a lot of alcohol. Alcohol + cheap motel chairs still won’t make that red highlighter wound.

      • Recycling my comment from yesterday:
        Looks like someone tried to put lipstick on a pig.”

      • EGADS! Enough of the half-nekkid selfies already!

        I don’t know what makes the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt more of a “fucking pussy”… his incessant whining over his widdle boo boo – or, the fact he posts selfies of himself on the interwebz like an attention-starved tween girl.

        He is too ridiculous for words. *smh*

  2. You mean the shock wasn’t the physical proof that Cabin Boy has been filing perjurous certificates of service and that The Dread Pedo was part of the fraud on the court?

    • “in da file”

      Like those words from Sir Big Pussy Baby would scare anyone.

      So what if you put them in your “file”, it doesn’t mean a damn thing, you can’t act on them anyway, because as you refuse to get through your thick skull filled with a brown stinky substance: Butthurt is NOT Tort!

    • BS doesn’t have a case. He never has had. Going looking for butthurt to inflict upon oneself? Not a tort.

      Phone, train.

    • Ya know, Doug never did roll over, to his credit.

      For that matter, no one has, despite the direst of dire direness that Cousin Bill has served up.

      He really is a wuss. How frustrating it must be to be so ineffective…

      • gotta be honest here.

        practically one of the only good things Shakey has done in the last year was move to SC.

        At least there, we know his LULsuits wont get past the judicial review, meaning no name defendants ever have to take them seriously.

        of course he’ll be moving to a new jurisdiction once he figures that out.

        • Shakey’s moving days are coming to an end. He’s pissed away the life insurance. He can’t hold down a job. He’s moved several times, which takes money. He threw away a scooty puff and a hoopty. I imagine it’s taking everything he’s got to even stay at the hourly vs. weekly rate motel. If he ever gets a real disease, he’s pretty well screwed. And not in a good way.

          • When he can’t afford to get on the internet that will be a very good day.

    • The Scat in the Hat dons his asshat,
      As he takes his bat to swing at a rat,
      Misses the rat (due to Fake Parkinson’s Disease), so goes for a snack,
      And thus said snack is JWR fresh off the rack,
      So now Scat in the Hat sits on the bat and has pedo dreams of about the rat.

  3. This one floored me with laughter. I got a real bad scratch falling from my chair too.

    “…while you moderate posts from people who defend me.”

    He thinks there is a secret stockpile of people making posts that defend him and only evil old Hoge is stopping the landslide of support from burying all of Hogeville.
    I wonder what secret powers our host has that prevent all those supportive comments from posting at his Twitter or on any of his numerous and short lived blogs or even at something-something-Unread?
    With that kind of power level able to reach all corners of the web, I’m glad I’m a regular attendee at the cult meetings.

    • Sir Big Pussy Baby is either a Liar or a Narcissist (most likely both) to think/believe he has hordes and hordes of followers just clamoring to comment here to “defend” him from the cultists at Hogeville.

      If the Zombie John Denver Blow-up Doll could physically type, it may actually defend him, otherwise, he has no friends, cohorts or people that actually want to associate with him.

      • This. It’s how Biwwy “knows” they’re out there.

        Poor Biwwy doesn’t realize that Hoge already knows how to spot his stupid sock accounts. They fool Biwwy, shouldn’t that fool Hoge too? 😛

    • Well, they must all be commenting at DUMBF*CK’s website. Which, strangely enough, he immediately blocks all dissenters from.

  4. As has been mentioned many times by many people, Wailing Willie is terrible with words despite his brief stint as a flack for the government.

    He seems to think that I hate him (though how he knows my emotional state is beyond me). In fact, I don’t. I despise him in a cool, considered, almost emotionless way because of his own actions. I guess quite a few others share my attitude. Obviously some who have been repeatedly annoyed by Willie may legitimately hate him, but he has not repeatedly annoyed me. I would soon forget about him if he did not repeatedly make rude or silly noises in public.

    What it comes down to is that Willie hates truthful speech about his words and actions, and he hates figurative speech that mocks him. For example, he seems to object when people truthfully mention the many restraining orders against him. He seems to object when people engage in hyperbole by implying that he lost in a trial where his opponent was a toddler acting pro se. “Direst of the dire” was neither intended nor received as literal quotation, but rather as clear, pointed, and apt mockery.

    I suggest to him that he adopt a new strategy. Stop going on about his Parkinson’s disease. It’s not effective when quite a few people are confident that he does not have it and quite a few others doubt that he has a severe case. (No, Willie, people not believing you is not a tort.) Instead, he should assert that he is addled in the head and that people who mock the mentally afflicted are not behaving nicely. There is credible evidence to support the first assertion, and the second assertion, although debatable, is facially plausible.

    For example, I might not object if his future suits started off with:

    “Plaintiff is working on marriage 3.5, has seldom managed to hold a job for long, has initiated __ previous lawsuits, all dismissed for purely technical reasons or by request of the Plaintiff, and suffers from amnesia (and perhaps other mental deficiencies) severe enough to entitle him to protection under the ADA. His mental deficiencies appear to be worsening, Consequently Defendant is a pauper and asks the Court to make Defendants pay his costs in advance because experience suggests that Defendants will prevail again and thereby provably annoy Plaintiff by cutting into his liquor budget.”

    • “Hatred is a thing of the heart, contempt a thing of the head. Hatred and contempt are decidedly antagonistic towards one another and mutually exclusive. A great deal of hatred, indeed, has no other source than a compelled respect for the superior qualities of some other person; conversely, if you were to consider hating every miserable wretch you met you would have your work cut out: it is much easier to despise them one and all. True, genuine contempt, which is the obverse of true, genuine pride, stays hidden away in secret and lets no one suspect its existence: for if you let a person you despise notice the fact, you thereby reveal a certain respect for him, inasmuch as you want him to know how low you rate him — which betrays not contempt but hatred, which excludes contempt and only affects it. Genuine contempt, on the other hand, is the unsullied conviction of the worthlessness of another.”
      –Arthur Schopenhauer, Counsels & Maxims (1851)

      • I disagree with the second half of that maxim if it pertains to someone who makes or tries to make other people’s lives miserable. As I read that maxim, it advises ignoring someone who publishes the address of a woman threatened with rape along with the news that her husband is out of town.

          • I loath and hate Bill for his actions, but I pity him that he is such an insignificant piece of shit that he has to be evil to try and crawl his way his up to having any sort of impact on the world around him.

            Imagine being that uneducated; that unaccomplished; that unimaginative; that unsympathetic; that unattractive to the opposite sex (hell even his own family); that being a bat shit crazy internet troll and creator of boy scout porn is the best you can ever do with your miserable existence.

            I would take the cure before I ever got close to being that low on the food chain.

    • I can’t hate anyone so deficient of ordinary human qualities. I do hate many of his behaviors, since they’re designed solely to damage innocent people. I suppose my attitude or emotion towards him is much like when I find something not quite identifiable and icky on the sole of my boot. I just want to be rid of it as quickly and cleanly as possible. The Cure, BS, the Cure.

    • Exeter’s answer to the Dauphin of what Henry V thought:

      Scorn and defiance; slight regard, contempt and anything that may not misbecome the Mighty sender, doth he prize at you.

      Lord I love that movie.

  5. He’s not the first person to try to gain some stature by gaining enemies. To his credit I don’t think he has actually bombed a town or caused critical maiming blast injuries, which can be nothing to that GASH on his arm.

  6. So he has no problem living in an upstairs hotel/no-tell-motel room. As a field engineer I stayed in a lot of no-tells–flat rate per diem–most of them did not have elevators.

    • Seriously? Nothing since early, early January? LOL! WTHuh?

      What a douchebag he is. Here’s to hoping Mix’s hate and idiocy are costing him dearly!

      • Not a thing, he lost the case in deposition where he admitted that he had no job, was proud of the fact he didn’t care that the lies he posted about me were true or not. In fact he was quite arrogant said because I was mean to him he felt justified in lying about me. He said under oath that he was OK with NicoleBonnet1 coming into my hometown to meet people I supposedly know, my diocese and the local law enforcement to discuss my “hate.” I had a 100 pieces of documentation as well. It was a disaster for him. His lawyers have been AWOL ever since,
        And yet he post this over and over. But the docket shows nothing.

        And then there is this gem. All Mix had to do to make me go away to remove all his defamation. He refused. He wants the drama

  7. Doc No./Seq No.: 168/0
    File Date: 06/09/2017Entered Date:06/09/2017Decision:
    Party Type: Defendant Party No.:4
    Document Name: Correspondence from Defendant William M Schmalfeldt regarding his response to Plaintiffs Request for Production of Documents.

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