Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

Maryland courts generally prefer to go to trial in civil cases that don’t settle, so summary judgments are fairly rare. Therefore, this is not surprising. In fact, it’s what I expected.

My motion for summary judgment against Almighty Media, Breitbart Unmasked, and Bill Schmalfeldt is still pending.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

63 thoughts on “Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

  1. Obviously, the court hates those with Fake Parkinson’s and wants to make them appear in court. Why, Maryland, must you hate on the fake disabled Manatees of South Carolina?

  2. If this is what Biwwy thought would cause great weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth?

    Nope. no weeping, no wailing, and completely ungnashed teeth.

    • That’s too bad, really, because it’s been quite some time since I saw any really well-gnashed teeth.

      • Then you have quite obviously missed all of the selfies the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt and his silly sidekick have been posting on the intertoobz.

        Lucky you. *shudder*

        Gnashing of teeth over long periods of time apparently has some very disturbing and very unattractive side effects.

        So does lack of oral hygiene. *gack*

    • Yea , but remember this is the guy who called 200 comments laughing at him as “a river of fear pee”.

      His ability to identify emotions is as good as Krendler’s ability to get under his skin.

    • I think he actually thought the magistrate would have cleared his case. I don’t think he cares too much for Brett’s situation.

  3. I love how predictable the lulcow is, that every one of us could write his upcoming tweets about how Hoge lost and didn’t see this coming, etc. etc. etc.

    It’s what the fail whale doesn’t see coming, but everyone else does, that fills me with glee though. 😀

  4. Well look at this:

    Doc No./Seq No.: 158/0
    File Date: 05/30/2017Entered Date:05/30/2017Decision:
    Party Type: Defendant Party No.:4
    Document Name: Motion to Amend His Response to Plaintiff Hoge’s Motion for Summary Judgment

    Doc No./Seq No.: 158/1
    File Date: 05/31/2017Entered Date:06/01/2017Decision:
    Party Type: Plaintiff Party No.:1
    Document Name: PLaintiffs Opposition to Defendant Schmalfeldts Motion to Amend Docket Item
    Doc No./Seq No.: 158/2
    File Date: 06/07/2017Entered Date:06/08/2017Decision:
    Party Type: Defendant Party No.:1
    Document Name: Response

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  6. Hoge lost.. Yeah right. More like Scat in a Hat and the Pedo Bomber missed the last offramp before the abattoir (aka jury trial) and the flensing knives come out.

    • Cabin Boy seems to forget that it is _he_ has to “stand before the bar” for criminal contempt very soon now. And that he has a trial date on calendar already. For his defamation and conspiracy with a violent criminal.

  7. I wonder if Bill has ever played chess, or any game of strategy for that matter.

    Pawns get sacrificed all the time, and one might give up a meager advantage in order to seize a superior one.

    He really should think about the ‘sacrificed pawn’ bit in particular.

  8. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    She also confirmed that GMHowell @mrvogon was the mule who carried the forged letter to mail to Howard County for Grady/Hoge. @truth_partner

    muhawhawhawhaw, yeah, sure, right

    • He’s still going on about that “forgery”? And what “she”? His horological soulmate? Tetyana? His new … friend?

      I bet he wouldn’t stop claiming it was a forgery even if a state forensic lab studied and concluded that it came from his printer and it was indeed his signature. Just as BK keeps claiming Aaron “assaulted” him, even with much evidence and legal findings to the contrary, Biwwy will never, ever give up his forgery claim. Even though he should just drop it now, and write it off as part of his “forgetfullness of important matters when it’s convenient for him to forget them.”

      • It’s already been established that, indeed, Bill created the letter and the false story to set up Hoge. He is using the fake honeypot as definitive proof of the “crime” even though the honey pot at best gives nothing away.

        This is the same guy who says that a person left a comment on his blog and that because Aaron Walker was within 25 miles of the IP address, he was the commenter.

        This is the same guy who, in a court filing, tried to convince a judge that Patrick Grady is the owner of Thinking Man’s Zombie because the writing styles were similar to past blog posts, even though nothing in the writings rose to the level of defamation.

        His “expert” skills are laughable at best. The only thing he is an expert at is describing his poop… or shit… whichever word matches context.

      • IIRC, all the “evidence” of forgery was handed over to the court, and most likely has since been destroyed.

        So all we have is the word of a proven liar, who himself has claimed on multiple occasions that his memory is not trustworthy. I would agree, but his faulty memory is the most trustworthy thing about him.

  9. He was willing to assert under penalty of perjury and that he had never received a request for admissions, after having written effusively about the same, on some blog of his.

    So his declarations about what he did and didn’t do are worthless by his own account, end of story. Which was provably a strategy of Brett Kimberlin’s, I suppose. he undermined the credibility of his wife in similar fashion.

    WHo doesn’t believe that BS drunk wrote the threatening, unwanted letter and precisely because he wasn’t supposed to?

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