7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. “In”???? “Et” would make sense. I think that the best translation of what you have suggests having a garden in your library, which sounds neither convenient nor practical. But hey, it has been a long time since I did a daily translation from Latin.

    • Jeff, I had the same thought when I read this last night, but it’s been many years since my high school Latin classes.

      • Yeah, it does seem to be an oddly constructed sentence. OTOH, Cicero may have been misquoted. It’s happened to other politicians.

        The view from my library windows looks out over a wildflower garden that Mrs. Hoge developed over a decade or so.

        • I am sure it is a gorgeous view, John… and, what a wonderful reminder of the beauty left behind at the hands of a beautiful woman. ❤

          I am currently sitting outdoors admiring the explosion of colors courtesy of the abundance of annuals hubby and I planted in far too many pots to count. We went a little overboard this year, I will admit. But, flowers! *swoon*

          One can never have enough flowers in their life, imo.

          As for the library… it’s sitting on my lap in this tiny device called an iPad. 😉

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