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  1. A thought occurs.

    Would this mean she’s the only defendant in the court? Or do all the other defendants in the case proper get to stand up front and give their two cents whenever she can’t think of what to say?

    Just asking… for a friend.

    • IANAL, but I suspect that other parties to the case would be allowed to be present to observe, but since the order was issued sua sponte, the matter would probably only involve Mrs. Kimberlin (and her lawyer, if she hires one) and the judge.

      • Sua sponte? My WAG is the judge is giving her a chance at representation by someone who doesn’t have a conflict of interest and does have a license to practice law.

        • It’s an interesting step. It’s almost like “if you’re going to abuse someone in a filing, you can have the fortitude to show up and explain yourself”.

        • All that sua sponte means, Some1, is that the bench issued an order without being asked by any party. The court gave notice that it expected attendance at the pretrial hearing, and now it is just following up.

      • I don’t think that’s correct, John. Unless Maryland has some really weird procedure in dealing with contempts that I’m unaware of, it’s just another hearing that every party is expected to attend, either in person or through counsel. There may be nothing for anyone but the prospective contemnor and the judge to do, but that’s the way the system works.

  2. This is becoming a theme: “Team Kimberlin and the Show Cause Orders.” – playing at a courthouse near you.

    • Ummm… Hope you guys don’t throw me off the island but- I do have sympathy for Tetyana. Probably can’t afford to leave Boom Boom, probably can’t stand him and most assuredly loves her children. She’s in a bad spot.

      • Not my island so I have no say, but if I am given a vote, I’m voting for you to “stay.” Nothing wrong with some civil disagreement.

        I have this old-fashioned idea that adults (now ridiculously defined as 18 years or older by law) need to be responsible for their own actions. She tried to have a man who befriended her criminally prosecuted. In my utopia, she would be stripped of her citizenship and deported.

        • “defined as 18 years or older by law which is nowdays ridiculous”


          I don’t care how old are, storming the Normandy beaches makes you a damn adult.

      • I used to have sympathy for her until she signed a charging document sullying someone’s reputation with crimes against children. She used her own kids as a weapon on behalf of her husband. Her choice to do so.

        If she was brave enough to leave him in the past, it doesn’t take an ounce of bravery to say to him, “no Brett, you can make those charges and sign those charging documents yourself.”

        • Pretty much this.

          I felt bad when she had to return to Boom Boom. He had her kids, what can you say?

          I’ve lost _most_ sympathy. Not quite ZFG, call it 0.0015FG.

        • Three words, none of which are exculpatory but perhaps mitigating; Battered, Spouse, Syndrome.

          • When the battered wife starts committing battery on others, she loses her victim status. i find offensive the idea that women are simultaneously fully qualified adults, morally and intellectually, yet excused from meeting minimum moral and intellectual standards. If that is feminism, I am opposed.

            What she chose to do to herself in order to maintain her connection with her children is no one’s business but hers. When she chose to go after others, then she deserves whatever she gets.

            That she was seduced by an older man when she was a girl says virtually nothing about her. Many of us have done quite foolish things during adolescence. That she was willing to swear men’s lives away when she was a grown woman says that she is a fitting wife for her husband.

    • My opinion on the matter is:
      1) Tetyana found out how evil he was (sorta) and tried to leave him.
      2) He then decided to get her involuntarily admitted to the psyche ward, leaving her children at his mercy.
      3) For love of her children, she backed down. She will give her life to protect her children from the evil monster she married.
      4) Everything she has done has been at the behest of the evil monster and in pursuit of protecting her children from him.
      5) She did make her bed, but she was a minor at the time, so she was not fully cognizant of matters. So, it’s a different bed that she made than the one you think she made.

    • I don’t think she’s anywhere close to being a willing participant in this entire affair, for whatever reason(s).

      If anything, she puts me in mind of the stereotypical “beaten wife” in her behavior – “oh, he loves me, I just have to do better to make him happy, yadda yadda yadda.”

      I’m not saying there’s been physical abuse… but I’d bet money on psychological abuse.

      • I have known women who stay with complete jerks. They stay because they think it’s better than being alone. The jerk kicks out all supports so he is the only way she can remain standing. Or so she thinks. Or so she had been told.

      • It’s easier to recover from physical abuse. The psychological… You sometimes never recover.

  3. I hope she is asked to verify her signature on every paper she “signed” and to attest that she understood the content of said documents. Can we make that happen?

  4. Off tipic I know, but I thought I’d post this as a reminder that a bad hand can still result in wonderful things if you have the right attitude.

    • That is amazing! My wife’s family has done some work with deaf kids (especially deaf kids in third world countries. Seeing kids make changes, and the effort it requires, makes it even more amazing for me to see this lady and her efforts to not let it defeat her.

      So many of us could take the lesson of her song to heart. In fact, if certain individuals had taken this lesson to heart, oh, 2 – 3 years ago, they wouldn’t be in a losing battle for their reputations and funding. I’m looking at you, CBB and DPBK

  5. LMAO!!! Medic!!!!!!!

    Told ya Mr. Fakinsons! Scream “PARKINSON’S” at the top of your lungs if u want, cause YOURE GOING TO MARYLAND like it or not!!

  6. PS- if your pedo master is more than willing to throw his own wife under the bus, what do you think that makes you other than his patsy?

    See ya in court, Mr.Fakinsons!

  7. It would be hysterical for the judge to start asking her who wrote her legal documents and who actually signed them. The LULZ would be epic. The Tiny Pedo would be jumping up and down yelling “Objection!”.

    • If she is technically pro se, can he even do that? If he did, wouldn’t that be practicing law without a licence?

        • She’s living in Sheol, cut off from the rest of the world by an evil madman who would do even greater damage to her kids than he already has if she tried to extricate herself from the Sheol he has created for her. (I stayed married to my ex for many years to protect the life and safety of my daughter.)

  8. As we ponder the character and intentions of a judge who issued such an order sua sponte, it leads me to ponder what the fate would be of a questionable aging author of cub scout fantasies stand for contempt charges in the courtroom of a judge who had previously been a most excellent by-the-book Cub Scout leader? Just hypothetically.

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