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PRE-UPDATE—This post was drafted during the early afternoon yesterday. Since then, the Cabin Boy™ has put out some tweets that show he may be beginning to understand his real situation. That may be, but I’m going leave this post in its original form—

The Cabin Boy™ either hasn’t read the U.S District Court for the District of South Carolina’s Guide for Pro Se Litigants and the order that was sent to him or his read comprehension is even worse than I thought. Or he’s lying.First, the Order issued on Friday clearly states that

[t]his case is not in proper form for service at this time. If Plaintiff does not bring this case into proper form within the time permitted by this Order, this case may be dismissed for failure to prosecute and failure to comply with an order of this court under Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Next, the order explains what the Cabin Boy™ needs to submit and states that

[n]o process shall issue until the items specified above have been reviewed by the assigned Magistrate Judge.

Finally, the order instructs the Clerk of the Court that if

Plaintiff provides this court with the items assigned above, the Clerk of the Court should forward the file to the assigned Magistrate Judge to determine if service of process should be authorized.

The order was posted on Friday and mailed to the Cabin Boy™ that day. Even if he downloaded copies of the forms he is supposed to submit and mailed them back to the Clerk on Friday, they would not have been delivered to the court before Saturday, and would not be processed and forwarded to the judge until this morning at the earliest. It probably will be some time before the judge reviews any submission the Cabin Boy™ makes and decides whether to issue summonses. The verb should be authorized is in the future conditional tense which means that the possibility of the judge’s action rests on as yet unrealized circumstances, i.e,, the Cabin Boy™ getting his paperwork straight.

BTW, this analysis is consistent with the case docket as shown on PACER.There is nothing shown on the docket after the mailing of Friday’s order.

OTOH, here’s what a pro se case docket that did have a summons issued looks like.Notice that the issuance of the summons is specifically noted after the proper form order and the attachment of additional documents, events that don’t appear on the LOLsuit VIII docket yet.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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  1. As I said a couple days ago:

    Bill has been given a list of deficiencies, and a clear deadline.

    This could be very amusing.

    Good night folks, try the veal.

  2. If he *had* summonses, he’d be posting it to prove us wrong. If he was Brett, he’d probably forge one.

  3. Ah. The Cabin Boy™….still trying to become as infamous on the web as his idol. I’m sure Kimberlin keeps egging the Cabin Boy™ on, hoping the very ugly crash and burn to come will distract from his own legal problems.

    Remember the countdown over the past few days here??? Times up!

  4. But don’t clerks and judges in SC work all weekend, just like the clerks in Maryland work on long weekends???

  5. Dear Maryland,

    See? Its not hard to make even pro we litigants follow rules. Take notes please.


    Everyone (except Mr. Fakinsons and his pedo master)

  6. Poor Bill. Even when caught in his blatant lies he tries to make up excuses for his behavior. I hope the blow up John Denver is smart enough to realize that it’s being lied to just as much. But alas, blow up dolls are not known for being very smart.

  7. Ya know; sometimes it makes me sad that you really can foresee the way these things are going to go.

    Then again, it’s Monday; and rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

  8. Weird that he’s said “I’ve already done everything I need to” as if he has no interest in seeing the case to its conclusion, just initiating it to harass people while the automatic processes do their thing only to never come back to it.

    • Yeah, I think everyone can take that as a statement meaning “I ain’t filin’ nothing else”. IOW, even Billy knows it’s dead.

  9. What an hugenormous coward whistling past the graveyard.
    I can’t wait for the South Carolina FWC to take the Huge Man-o-Pee off the endangered species list and put it onto the newly minted Please Endanger list.

  10. Anyone else picture a large beached whale wailing away on the shore:

    I’m leaving my hotel,
    But still it’s farewell
    And maybe I’ll gain back
    My mind, who can tell?
    I guess there is no one to blame
    Leave my doll (leave my doll)
    Will things ever be the same again?

    It’s the final Schmeltdown.
    The final Schmeldtdown.


    I’m headed for M.D. (M.D.)
    And still I roll poo
    Cuz maybe Hoge’s seen me (seen me)
    And won’t sue my ass
    With so many lawsuits to go
    And fails to be found (to be found)
    I’m sure that you’ll all miss me so

    It’s the final Schmeltdown.
    The final Schmeltdown.
    The final Schmeltdown.
    The final Schmeltdown.OH

    (Repeat that a bunch.)

  11. There is Bill bragging on Twitter again that he can continue to harasses and defame whoever he wants because he is such a failure at life there is nothing to collect when he loses. I can’t believe he really thinks that is something to brag about.

    • Poor Mr. Fakinsons trying to take a page out of the pedo pauper playbook to avoid collections. Too bad that [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted] change the game in his case.

      Although I’m sure your pedo master is thankful that everyone is watching the bus you’re falling under without a second loom at who’s pushing you. When I dust settles I wonder if you’ll still be as enamoured with your little hero as you are now.

      Like I said in another post elsewhere its a shame only your failsuit [redacted, but involves cribs] (Z0mG D€@TH ThrEAT ELEVEnTy!!!!1!1!1!1!1!)

      • …in addition to all the losses he’s already suffered.

        Or does he still think his unbroken record of fail, disaster, firings, lost opportunities, etc., was all just “bad luck”?

        Well, if my nickname were “Bad Luck”, he’d be right!

        I’ve spent decades screwing you over, Cousin Bill, and I’m not done. Best you remember that…

  12. He doesn’t understand how vulnerable he still is an I have no desire to educate him.
    He should consult a lawyer.

    • He did and Brett told him everything would be just fine. Sign here Bill.

  13. Blood on the Mike‏ @bloodonthemike

    I just do not want to fight with @wjjhoge any more. I gave him an out from the Fed Lawsuit and he wouldn’t take it. @BreitbartUnmask
    10:24 PM – 4 Jun 2017

    So BS did file his Federal Law suite in Bad Faith.

    • Self evident. He filed it because he had no leverage and hope to gain some by being a total pest and wasting the time and money of the taxpayers with a suit he knows goes nowhere.

  14. “I gave him (Hoge) an out” — Jeez. BS was given an out what, 5 years ago? And others since then. Why didn’t he take one of them. Oh. Right. Nevermind.

  15. As I noted over on Dave Alexander’s place, all we need is Ron Perlman solemnly stating:

    “Bill. Bill never changes.”

  16. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    Replying to @bloodonthemike and 3 others
    Oh, it’s quite true. Not a dime. Every nickel of income I receive comes from VA, OPM and SSA. They cannot be garnished. 31 CFR 212.2.

    Oh, someone is thinking a six figure judgement isn’t going to affect his and thing one’s life forever, he won’t be able to use his money ever, except for basic necessities. sure tweet that you are harming someone because you are judgement proof and see what’s going to happen.

    He has the right to remain silent, just not the smarts or the ability.

    • I want to say “That garnishment rule can’t possibly be right.”
      But then again, I wouldn’t put it past the federal government workers to seek to pass a law to protect their asses that no one else benefits from.
      Still, garnishment isn’t the only way to collect on something.

    • Recall my earlier post where I indicated I thought my numbers on Bill’s income were way too low. “Doesn’t sound right.” He just confirmed three sources of income…

      How can that possibly square with IFP?

    • If i were John, I’d show this to the judge and ask that any award be order paid directly to the Court. That way, failure to pay would be contempt. LOL!

  17. Can I can my pick on who buckles first in the Pirate crew. Since Bill has literally nothing; no money; and no possessions other than a clock; he has no reason to toss the others under a bus.

    Now Brett has all that money from his “charitable” foundations etc. he has shown before that he only cares for himself and will sacrifice pawns to get away. Why not in this instance? A little settlement offer, throw the crew under the bus to take the heat; and he continues on soaking the liberal sheep.

    My money is on the midget dwarf now.

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