Close Encounter 6

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On 19 May, the Juno spacecraft closed in on Jupiter at the perijove of its 53 day orbit around the gas gaint. This 14-frame sequence of enhanced-color JunoCam images follows the spacecraft’s perspective during the two hours around the closest approach. The images begin with a look down on Jupiter’s north polar region and moves on to equatorial and south polar region views. The 7th and 8th images were taken only 4 minutes apart above Jupiter’s equator just before the spacecraft reached perijove, the closest approach to Jupiter on this orbit. The southern images in the sequence show the white oval storm systems called Jupiter’s “String of Pearls.”

Image Credit: NASA

3 thoughts on “Close Encounter 6

  1. I see absolutely no evidence that Jupiter fell down petting his dog, the day before receiving Slovenian horse poop in the mail.

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