Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

A pre-trial conference was held in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit today. I attended as did Brett Kimberlin (in person) and Bill Schmalfeldt (by telephone). None of the other defendants attended. No settlements were reached, so the case will go to trial.

96 thoughts on “Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

  1. What? This is going to trial? OMG!! According to Bill, this was supposed to be dismissed MONTHS ago! He was sure the Judge was going to see you as this vicious vexatious litigant and haul you away in chains!


  2. And Brett didn’t try to have you hauled away in cuffs on some spurious charge?

    He’s losing his touch.

  3. If I’m not mistaken, there’s still a Morion for Summary Judgenent regarding Schmaledt that’s either ripe for ruling or very close to it.

    Given his Lulcow Billy’s hilarious attempts at responding to it, it’s hard to imagine it being denied.

    • I can’t imagine the monkey dance that would commence if that was granted. Holy cow it would be GRAND!

      • My biggest concern is that he would become ‘silent Bill’. Kill Twitter, his blogs, etc., and just vent his rage at empty liquor bottles and imaginary friends. ‘Maudlin Bill’ (related to ‘you’re killing me Bill’) is a close relative, but much more fun.

        And all we have…

      • Perhaps he’ll revive the Slovenian dance from a couple of years ago.

        That remains the greatest Feldtdown of all.

        “BIOLOGICAL WARFARE!!!1111!!!!!” Gail fainted!! Then I did – the night before!!!”

        Life just won’t get better than that. Ever.

        • Ah yes. The promises of “Fed to Fed”. “The postal inspectors are coming for you!” Time doing in federal pens. “The local papers will notice.” Discovering that my home state appears to have no laws against attempted extortion (it’s only illegal if the victim gives in). Those were indeed the days. 😀

  4. What is the over/under on Teh Blab posting MORE unauthorized audio recordings?

    He hasn’t learned about fire yet, that hand keeps going to the stove for another test…

    • I’m going out on a limb here and saying that despite what we may think, even Bill isn’t stupid enough to do that. He is the World’s Stupidest Man™ but even he isn’t that dumb.

      • TOLF, Normally I would agree with you. But Schmallballz….he’s a special kind of stupid. The kind that includes being dumb enough to do just that.

        Especially because he thinks PLM = making us dance.

        I think he might do it just because he’s vicariously living through the number of comments on Hoge’s posts, and he wants that over 9000.

        • He’s in a bit of a bind really.

          He can record the hearing and publish it on the grounds that it’s within the rules. Even though it’ll get him in even more trouble.

          Or he can not and tacitly admit that he was wrong. Which he won’t want to do.

          My guess is that he recorded but won’t publish. That gives him the satisfaction without getting into trouble.

          • as narcissistic as he is? NO way he could record and then NOT publish…

            i wouldnt put it past him to have recorded the hearing and tomorrow publish under his blow up pretendy girlfriends twitter feed, so HE couldnt possibly be held responsible for the consequences, and its not like he would be throwing an ACTUAL person under the bus in doing so, not that that would stop him.

            dumbf5cks gotta dumbf5ck after all.

  5. Despite all of his protestations that “HOTEL ROOM AM NOT COURT! COURT AM COURT!!!” He knows better. He doesn’t have the stones to do it again.

  6. Please Gracious Host, provide more details when you get a chance. Some of us have been following this for many years and are interested in the details.

    • There’s not much to tell. Neither Brett Kimberlin nor Bill Schmalfeldt wanted to settle the case on my terms, and I didn’t want to settle on theirs. We will go to trial.

  7. I note that Blobbert is silent this afternoon.

    Having to mop up a river of fear pee after having received clear indications from the judge today that he’ll be staying at the Graybar Hotel come the 28th will do that.

  8. “I will (file an inept complaint that will be tossed at the first opportunity – but at least I won’t have to pay the filing fee)!”

  9. Just so Bill knows filing an IFP puts a case at risk other cases aren’t … such as you don’t report everything to the court. The law then says the case SHALL be dismissed. Bill did you report everything? We know the answer don’t we.

    • He forgot, I’m told that happens.

      I’m guessing that he didn’t note that he’s sharing the flophouse and sharing expenses. A court order opening Inflatable Soulmate’s bank records will be hilarious.

      Blast his memory.

    • He only reads what he likes and nine times out of ten fails at understanding even that. Remember this is a guy who fails at hygiene and has once even rolled and sniffed his own poop.

      • …and made a video recording of said rolling and sniffing and posted said recording on the internet. You can’t forget the best (?) part.

    • ORLY!
      so your saying IF the court decides his case is without merit, and it gets kicked, Dumbf5ck could STILL be on the hook for court fees/costs??? for a case that went NO WHERE???


  10. Trial? Like, with 12 sane human beings? This is gonna be fun….
    Best to you Mr. Hoge, and strength. And thanks for driving stakes into the heart of evil.
    You’re braver than most.

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