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As I noted earlier, I filed my Rule 2-504.2 statement on last Friday. Here’s a copy.

The Kimberlins and Schmalfeldt filed theirs on Tuesday, four days late.

When the facts are against you, stress the law. When the law is against you, stress the facts. And when the facts and the law are both against you, yell and pound on the table.

β€”Old Legal Maxim

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

T-minus 1 day and counting.

208 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Yeah to that. And good luck with Bill calling me as a witness. I’ll be at a party with 10,000 of my closest friends and family while the trial is taking place. Just sayin’.

        • Plus, what in the hell would I have to add to this? I mean, seriously. I have nothing that would either implicate John in anything, nor exonerate Bill in anything that is being raised in this lawsuit. So weird. It’s almost…. vexatious. Hmmmmm.

          • Since there has been no finding – nor even a plausible argument – that you’re subject to Maryland’s jurisdiction, the judge won’t go to the trouble of issuing a subpoena that can’t be enforced.

          • Uh huh,

            But it’s nice to see that Schmaleldt is drunk before noon.

          • I think he has the hots for you.

            I denounce myself in the strongest possible terms.

          • If you’re gonna go be sick, you might wanna take off the mask. Just sayin’….

        • You really need to come join me. Really really really. I have room in my tent. πŸ™‚

          • I have no garb that fits (my garb is all pre-babies πŸ™ ) and I’m hoping to have a job by then. But if I win the lottery …

          • Come to the land of the peplos, stolla and palla, she said. I’m making enough to outfit myself in swaths of silk and linen for the entire week to keep cool, she said. Plus all my other garb, she said. I will have enough for three people.

            πŸ™‚ I’m an enbler, my laurel says. She’s right. lol

          • ENABLER! I enable people to do fun things. Not enable. Lordy, do I need more caffeine!

          • Hey, I read what you meant. It’s amazing the typos you can not see. The local paper in Galway when we were there had a “Lost and Found” ad where someone was looking for a lost blue goat with notebooks in its pocket.

      • I’ll be overlooking the lake, not too far from Vlad’s. Two weeks of bliss (excepting the damned dumbeks.)

        • We will have to meet up! I’m above the Serenghetti next door to Atlantian Royal in House Blackhammer

          • Man, I was hoping to make it back this year, but work just won’t allow it. I’m usually just off the top of Runestone Hill. Unless I overindulge, then I can end up at the bottom of the hill!

          • Awww, that sucks. There’s always next year! And that hill is a doozy! Lol

        • Exactly. He has a number of procedural and technical hurdles to overcome to add her to the witness list and get her to testify.

          I’m sure though, he will attempt to tell the judge he read the rules as a GS-13 writer can.

  1. Wow, those are a lot of zeros in Mr. Hoge’s filing.

    Fitting. There were a lot of Zeros responding to him.

  2. Schmalfeldt lists Tae Kim as one of his possible witnesses. Wasn’t that the lawyer who warned him to change his ways or he’d face the consequences?

    • And he’s still abusing the chicken over his inability to understand a conditional or to take responsibility and check the court scheduling of a hearing.

    • Kimberlin listed him too. in fact, it’s almost like these were written by the same person. Someone practicing law with a license, no doubt.

      • Same might go for a signature on one of the submissions, looks similar to a persons writing who is known for writing these submissions but here the person had already signed above.

  3. Is it just me, or is there information the court requested that was not provided in the second and third documents embedded above?

  4. In 2 Samuel 15:31, David prayed “O YHVH, turn Ahihophel’s counsel into foolishness.” Would it be appropriate for us to pray that someone be so foolish as to both record the proceedings again via Skype, and to publish it? We all want to hear the fun, and as a bonus John would get to file another motion to further entertain us here.

    • As you well know, there’s a reason you bounce the rubble; rats hide in there.

      Always do your due diligence.

  5. Does the court normally accept paperwork 4 days late that opens with flagrantly defamatory statements?

    Just asking for a friend.

    • That was in reference to the William “I stole valor and faked Parkinson’s” Shmalfeldt and his pedo master.

      My favourite part was pedo’s where he says he has been harassed for years but res judaica. Doesn’t that translate to “the courts found it wasn’t”?

  6. Oh, crap. Crap upon crap.

    Team Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber has discovered the secret that WHEN YOU ADDRESS A COURT IN ALL CAPS, IT MEANS THEY HAVE TO BELIEVE YOU.

    Our Gracious Host is DOOOOOOOOOMED!

  7. Love how they diddled with service again. Amazing how the styling, formatting, and even the date they signed is the same but no, no one is practicing law without a license.

    I got $100 that says they try to argue “but we finished it only one day late. It was filed later because weekend.”

    I got $1000 that they’re allowed to slide because Maryland.

    • Yeah, and these filings and several others from all three defendants came in the same envelope addressed in Brett Kimberlin’s handwriting.

      • It just goes to show that Bwilly is retaining the Tile as “The World’s Stupidest Man” by letting the PedoBomber complete his filing for him and for filing it late.

      • Wow, that pretty much makes it a slam dunk case that “Bill’s” certificate of service is a complete lie. I wonder if that could come up during the conference? Who might admit to actually signing it?


        As for the timing, I’d bet that BK received our host’s letter on Friday or Saturday, panicked, and scribbled this out with his usual due diligence and attention to detail.

        • The fact that the certificate is a “lie” will be established when the said filing doesn’t show up in the mail dated May 27th. Once again the signature of William Schmalfeldt appears to be a poor forgery of his signature. This signature has three distinct breaks. Bill Schmalfeldt signs with a continuous motion and flow. His signature is as if he were dragging a pen left to right in a earthquake. This signature has a bad mashup of nw, an S, an N [possible M], and an elongated h. It is as if the person copying his signature couldn’t figure out the underlying motions of the pen, and, so “modeled” sections after letters in the alphabet. Unable to transition between the letters, he choice to break each time.

          There is a simple explanation for Bill Schmalfeldt willfully violating the Judge’s order to mail John Hoge a copy: Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t have a physical copy. Bill Schmalfeldt only had a file that he allegedly e-mailed.

          Preparing a pleading, printing it, forging a signature, and submitting it to the Court is practicing law without a license, and, worse. The authorities in Maryland don’t seem to be too interested in prosecuting, but, parties in litigation have every right to move to have opposing counsel removed. Brett Kimberlin has not been admitted to the Maryland Bar. Brett Kimberlin is a convicted forger, a convicted perjurer, and convicted felon. Those should disqualify him immediately. The fact that he has a massive conflict of interest with Bill Schmalfeldt should merely be icing on the cake.

      • Fundraising problems at JTMP apparently a problem when the Director has to do all the forgi.. I mean mailing and office work.

      • Two things have happened now in the past week for the first time:

        1) I made the monkey dance
        2) our gracious host replied to one of my posts.

        What a great week!!!!!

      • Same envelope?! Either that means Brett is acting as Bill’s lawyer, or Bill was able to travel to Maryland to be there when the documents were assembled and signed.

        I hope that doesn’t come up in the show cause hearing.

      • Well, obviously Bill can travel to Maryland easily then, since he was able to go from whichever Carolina he is in to Cabin John, MA in order to get his filing in Brett’s envelope and then return to Carolina. So the trial should be no problem.

    • My answer to Bill Schmalfeldt’s query is merely to note that there are many people here that are perfectly willing to articulate the reasons that we find Bill Schmalfeldt to be a despicable human being. For instance, when Lee Stranahan was out of town, Bill Schmalfeldt posted the address of Mrs Stranahan while hoping no one raped her. This is the same Bill Schmalfeldt who left a hate-filled screed on some poor woman’s answering machine merely because her initials and last name were the same as the first two letters and last name of “Perry Mason.” When it dawned on Bill Schmalfeldt that he had hated on the person he tried to evade responsibility by claiming it was really someone else’s fault. This is the same Bill Schmalfeldt who has a restraining order against him for harassing a small child. I, and, others here, could go on at length.


    That is some original Frontier Gibberish right there. It’s like he covfefe’d himself. Bill has no room to criticize anyone else for their spelling mistakes. But then again, he’s a hypocritical piece of garbage so there is that.

  9. Why continually take up the cause of the littlest IED distributor, especially by disparaging his victims as too weak to handle their injuries.

  10. I prefer the saying when phrased in the form of “when you can’t stress the facts…” instead of “when the facts are against you…” The former’s wording allows for the latter, while allowing for more situations, such as the early motions to dismiss. At that point, the facts of the case are largely irrelevant, so that’s the time to stress the law.

  11. Anyone else notice those superfluous commas? Looks like BK’s doc was edited (sloppily) to produce BS’s.

      • Are you solidly booked for that time; or is that when Court is in session, and you are on the docket?

        I’ve got a battalion of monks waiting to ask intercessions; don’t want to bend HIS ear unnecessarily.

          • On second thought, in light of the corporations not having representation, I’m gonna release all but 3rd Platoon of Easy Co.

            Yes I know they don’t use Easy anymore, but the Monks don’t.

  12. Minor point here, but did North Carolina annex Myrtle Beach? Asking for a friend….

    • They were going to trade Myrtle Beach for Camp Lejeune to rid the state of the dimwitted and deplorables but then found out what kind of scumbags were moving into Myrtle Beach and cancelled the deal.

      • No offense to the dimwitted and deplorable Marines in our midst. πŸ˜‚

    • Bill Schmalfeldt is exploring new frontiers in stupidity and cluelessness. I sometimes find myself straining to find words for how evil and stupid he really is. He can’t really believe he’ll get subpoenas for Eric, Sarah, and Patrick, can he? And I also find it extremely telling that he doesn’t list Tetyana as a witness….

      • Bukowski Without the Talent has a new drinking buddy to reinforce his paranoid idiocy, so I’m not really surprised. Somebody other than the voices in his head is fueling the Diminished Capacity Kid’s stupid, so it’ll get a whole lot more entertaining.

    • So now Bwilly thinks he is the LAW! And can issue subpoenas whenever and to whomever he wants, without Court approval.

      Yeah, like that will go over real well with the Court since he has already flaunted the Rules and Law.

    • He has to come here, in person, in front of my county chancellor and plead his case why tn should honor a subpoena from the author of child rape skits as a witness FOR him. And he will have to pay ahead of time a weeks worth of my expenses

        • He doesn’t have to pay when he sues you. Then it’s all on you. He has to pay when he calls you as a witness and you’re out of state.

    • So, hypothetically, say you had been granted a restraining order against someone, and then they tried to subpoena you as a “witness” in a case you were not a party to, where there were no facts in contention you could address. That subpoena, if granted, would require you to travel cross-country.

      Wouldn’t it be arguable that the subpoena Is just a continuation of the harassment? Would that, perhaps, violate court rules about using the court procedures for harassment?

      • He will find that if he attempts the subpoena, for something that I have absolutely nothing constructive to contribute to, will indeed be evidence of continued harassment. In such a case, the judge will grant me another restraining order.

    • “Non-party witnesses get reimbursement for travel and lodging by the person calling them as a witness. She can ask for the funds in advance, too.”

      She can also probably manage to visit every state capital along the way too.

      • My math shows it’s nearly $2,000,000…but some of that is for Kimberlin. Didn’t bother counting that carefully.

        • (6)*150,000 for actual damages from copyright, and at least one $100,000 punitive. That’s a million dollars purely to Bill, plus a couple of “nominal” $1.00 claims.

          Congratulations, Bill! You’re being sued for over a million dollars, in a case where you’ve pissed off the judge enough to be summoned to Show Cause why you shouldn’t face sanctions for your violating court rules.

    • “After being called a rapist and a child pornographer alt-left professional liar William Schmalfeldt Sr of Homeless SC has been smacked with a Million Dollar Lawsuit”.

      See what I did there Schmalballs? Didn’t even need a GS-13 rating to do the same job as you. No wonder you can’t even keep a job at a 1 watt radio station.

      • I think you meant “After provably being called a rapist and child pornographer.” Plus you spelled his name correctly. Other than that, it was pure Biwwy Schmallballz.

    • O’Keefe is a more professional journalist than Schmalfeldt, and has been working at it longer.

  13. As I was reading I admit I was…shocked when it went from $1 in damages to $150,000…

    Remind me to never do whatever they did.



    • If the Maryland courts actually enforced “fair play”, Bill and Brett would already be in jail for the crap they’ve pulled in court. Bill doesn’t want “fair play”.

    • Schmalfeldt thinks our Gentle Host fears fair play?

      Mr. Hoge has been playing by the rules and using the rules to his advantage. Schmalfeldt has the exact same opportunities and chose to squander them at every stage. Ironic that at each stage he thought the case would be dismissed and now, here we are close to TRIAL.

      But fear not, Bill. Whether Mr. Hoge can collect from you or not, it won’t make a difference. You could very well end up with a massive judgment against you. And then you’ll think, “If only I had settled.”

      • He did settle. Then he violated the settlement.

        That’s one of the reasons he’s in this mess today.

    • Why would he caps DOES instead of EVEN IF – seems to me he is implying a belief Hoge will win if I’m understanding his point of emphasis correctly.

      And what guy in his sixties would be proud to publish to the world he’s so piss poor and such a failure at life with no savings or assets he is in his personal view judgement proof from collection?

        • I’m pretty sure that hope of a windfall is what got Laddie Dye to spew her filth about Carl Delong on Memorial Day.

    • Does Mr fakinsons think no one bothered to learn the lessons of [redacted] so that using [redacted] won’t work this time?

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        • Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

          Federal laws trump state laws. And what debts? Has he won ALREADY? Doesn’t there have to be a JUDGMENT? @truth_partner DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCE!!

          Ummm, in debt collection, that’s not true, better dial up an avvo

          You are not judgement proof in South Carolina.

          Florida yes, other 49 states, no

          • Bill you just admitted in your drunken tweets that you are guilty

            Thanks Johnny

          • What debts? Well, ISTR Bill owes from an earlier case and hasn’t paid on that yet.

            Probably because he’s a weeping mangina.

    • He talks about the law like he’s some kind of lawyer.

      Funny, he’s never been able to get state long arm statutes to apply to anyone.

      Think about it: Our Gentle Host managed to successfully argue that Maryland’s long arm statute applied to Schmalfeldt.

      The more he talks about the law, the more likely he’s going to fail.

      Let him keep thinking his benefits are protected. He is mistaken. And it will be funny watching the LOLCOW stomp his feet.

      • The idiot will end up living in a cardboard box under a bridge, and never for an instant wonder whether or what he might have done wrong in life.

  15. Why is Bill yapping about SS, collections and garnishments today? Because he isn’t going to Maryland and plans to default at trial. He is hoping for a long shot summary judgement and if that doesn’t miraculously end in his favor he will just default. (My prediction)

  16. The best entertainment is watching a fat ugly guy living out of a suitcase with an hideously ugly blotchy guy. About to find out that there is a price to pay.

    Oh and welcome to tn

  17. So this is your pre trial ritual? Isn’t it about time to explain why ou need to call me as a witness. btw you have to personally appear in my county and pay me several thousand dollars to appear. Oh you have to follow through or admit to the judge that you were calling all of us for harassment purposes.

    Enjoying, you bet, oh and keep on tweeting that untouchable stuff, everyone is enjoying that almost like when you were going fed to fed with the postal poop investigators

    Good times

  18. 5m

    The issue is what you just stated above. Federal law trumps state law. They can not touch any federal money.

    Sure keep telling yourself that..

  19. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    Tell it to the subpoena, Eric. Then tell it to the Federal Summons. I am going to enjoy doing to you what you TRIED to do to me!

    Didn’t Hecker tell u to get a Maryland book of procedures and read it?

    Cause someone is in for a rude awakening when he finds out that he didn’t even get into the court before he fucked himself

    Also better read up an soc sec and judgment case law. Ssa won’t garnish it but states will

    Are you out of ice yet or are you just now drizzling it out of the bottle…

  20. hic Hic hic hic

    Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    We’ll be doing him a favor, taking his shanty in Tennessee from him. Then we can burn it to the ground with all the dead cats he keeps.

    I think you are confused, um did you file the wrong thing in the wrong case?

    You stupidly called us as witnesses in a case where u are being sued and must appear in each county of each witness to a court and explain why they should honor a Maryland subpoena and pay our considerable expenses in advance for us to appear on your behalf.

    What a hilarious stupid moron

    • Maybe, but I don’t really care for the main character.

      Whoever thought a cross between Mr Furley, Norman Bates and Rainman would be watchable should be fired.

  21. Bill is announcing, live on Twitter, that he plans to default on any judgement against him.

    Now I’ve seen everything.

    We’ve reached “peak Bill”.

  22. My trial plan is as follows: I will have no evidence. I literally will ask the court to make copies of Hoge’s stuff. My witness list is full of people who I’ve sued before and who hate me. I am suing some of them again. I will announce my intention to subpoena people who don’t live anywhere near the courthouse, and whose expenses will be on me. My motions will be full of insults and lies…and I’m being sued because I edit an insulting website accused of lying about John Hoge. Before the case begins, I’ll Tweet a bunch of stuff that shows every secret strategic thing Johnny and I can come up with. (Walker, not Denver.) I will waste precious time online arguing with people about what is, or is not ‘null and void.’ After I lose, I will avoid paying any judgement because my jailhouse attorney said [REDACTED.] And HE would never give me the wrong advice.

    — A “Brutal and True” Depiction of the Bill Schmalfeldt Trial Strategy, as interpreted by ukuleledave.

    Hey, I search out the truth wherever it may be.

    • Yeah like tens of millions of social security recipients are completely judgement proof.

      Yeah that’s a good one

  23. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    Eric is skeert to say who he was referring to so he invents shit I didn’t say and pretends I said it. @truth_partner

    Did u read the Maryland rules of procedure like the judge ORDERED YOU TOO?

    Yep, thought so.

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    • What I especially love is Bill trying to convince people he is tweeting someone who is allegedly sitting in the same flea bag motel room he is. Give it up Bill, even with the wig on we can tell it’s you. And the vileness and stupidity in the tweets supposedly coming from “her” are a definite give away it’s just another of your sock accounts.

      • I’m more and more convinced it’s Rauhauser wearing a badly-dyed mop on his head.

        The teeth that look like coffee cans in which grenades have been exploded* was the first tip-off….

        *Paraphrasing Neal Stephenson in Cryptonomicon.

  25. Fakinsons are you gonna bail or not?

    Seeing your expression when you realise just how much your pedo hero screwed you over as you soak in fear pee at the consequences is most of the reason I’m coming.

    If you’re just going to hide in your motel 6 and default let me know. I can use that travel cash for a bottle of something nice (no, JWR is not “nice”) to celebrate another oxygen thief get owned.

    • You gotta admit “I’m too much of a loser for you to recover damages from” is a unique taunt.

      Most people with a shred of self respect wouldn’t go there.

      • That one has had me laughing all night. Who the hell brags that they are such a loser that they don’t care if they lose and have a judgement against them because after all those years as a high paid “fed” they have nothing?


    This is the kind of dumbf5ck response that could only come from a complete dumbf5ck. I’d love to see him try that when he gets arrested for filing a false police report about his slashed tires. “But, officer, the law doesn’t say that BIWWY SCHMALBALLZ has to do anything! It says EVERYONE does.”

    Again, dumbf5ck, if anyone else *AND YOU* were told to do something, the YOU WERE F5CKING TOLD TO DO IT, you f5cking douchetard. A two year old doesn’t even have your problem comprehending this.

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