I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

Stacy McCain has a report about an approach to quantum mechanics that is very different from mine.

Could anything be crazier than Ms. Stark’s bizarre belief that, with a bachelor’s degree in media arts and a master’s degree in gender studies, she is qualified to amend quantum physics with “intersectional” feminist theory?

Read the whole thing.

32 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. I have a headache reading her drivel.

    What’s next? Telling every female scientist they need to burn their bras? What about all the lonely kets?

  2. Stark identifies Newtonian physics as one of the main culprits behind oppression

    Mass x Acceleration is a tool of the patriarchy!

  3. The though experiments threaten to rip apart the universe! Well…at least rip apart her grip on reality, which was tenuous at best.

  4. Why not? If you can believe that the differences between men and women are merely a “social construct,” and you can believe that the earth returning to temperatures it experienced for hundreds of millions of years marks the end of all life, then why can’t the same mental processes be turned towards physics?

    The real question to ask is not, “How can something like this happen?,” but, rather, “How did particle physics hold out so long?”

  5. Semiconductor physics would be even more entertaining if you had to worry if the minority carriers were oppressed, not to mention the gender identity of the electrons versus holes.

    Would she call for banning III-V materials because they’re heterogeneous, or would silicon be banned because of a lack of diversity? I know, “embrace the power of and”.

  6. If we get a big enough butterfly net – and the chase is successful – we can always claim Intersectionality with Biology …

  7. In a similar vain, check out the programming language C+= pronounced “C plus equality”

  8. Folks, not to rain on anybodies parades, but this was published in a creative writing journal administered by the MFA program at Virginia Tech that publishes fictional works.

          • If you look at the table of contents for their latest issue which includes this ‘paper’ you’ll find an entire section that appears devoted to the most ridiculous and over-the-top pseudo academic writing, and appears to be a deliberate tease. Looks like people got trolled but good by them.

    • The perfection of stupid had me wondering. Media fawning over fake studies is s trend lately.

    • I hope so. I had read this earlier (before McCain’s piece) and had believed it to be a prank article.

      • This could be the MSM’s undoing. Repeated amplification of of pranks. They have been caught doing it over and over recently. They see something that fits, and they republish it, without having ANY “Is this correct?” filter.

  9. Maybe Parvocampus has a potential new soul mate? Xe just may be stupid enough to fall for him. Although it could be a “quarky” match….

  10. My cousin Mick, who actually has a PhD in quantum physics, was so irritated by this SJW’s word salad, he called the LGBT studies department head, conferenced in the Physics department head, both at ASU, and read them the riot act.

    So what?

    Well, he sits on and/or chairs several federal government committees that allocate research funding in physics…

    Intersectionality, Baby!!!!

  11. What goes wrong with a person’s head to make them think a master’s degree in gender studies is even a real thing?

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