Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

After studying Maryland Rule 1-323, the Cabin Boy™ may want to review the documents posted in these locations—

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

T-minus 3 days and counting.

77 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I looked up the hotel listed on his documents. Not exactly the 4 Seasons in the reviews. And wow, did he actually send in that response to the request for sanctions? Throughout all of the legislation, one party has looked like an adult. The courts will take notice.

  2. Oh boy his “DEFENDANT SCHMALFELDT’S RESPONSE TO PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR DISCOVERY SANCTIONS” is a hoot. Tells the judge “yes I followed the court orders”, then details how he did not follow the court orders.

  3. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    It seems @wjjhoge is more stupid than advertised. THESE COPIES I POSTED MYSELF ON SCRIBD. The copies I mailed to the court were signed.

    Maybe dr grill will testify that despite the child sex stories and the worlds largest software company banned you for what was that again?

  4. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    Eric, be ready to prove that here in SC. I give you permission to e-mail me at, or

    Yawwwwwn Dr Grill is going to be horrified about your behavior and there is little chance he would even return your phone calls

    Once u decided to have a career portraying young kids forced and raped in comedy skits



    We will soon see another Tweet from DUMBFUCK aka @bloodonthemike aka Bill Schmalfeldt aka Owner of an Inflatable Boo, which reads something to the effect of

    Well bless my soul. @wjjhoge was right again. My bad. Apparently I have the reading comprehension of a fern and I fucked up those motions beyond recovery. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!! said they were incomplete and he was correct. I am a goddamned idiot and undeserving of the love of Vinyl Fantasy VII. Blast my memory (in fact, take off and nuke it from orbit…it’s the only way to be sure)

    I’d be happy to explain how the DUMBFUCK has this wrong, except for three things:
    1. He’s too stupid to understand;
    2. He’s too Dunning-Kruger stubborn to believe he’s wrong; and
    3. Monkeys don’t get educated around here.

  6. I got $100 on Mr. Fakinsons showing up using a walker or some other prop to put on the dog about his poor Parkinson’s despite driving , moving multiple times, and other actions he himself posted that show a different picture than the one he’ll try to.scam in court.

    • I’m expecting him to go full Christopher Pike and try to make his statements to the court via a flashing light and beep.

      • That wouldn’t be so bad, if he can then be dropped off on a planet that nobody can visit without risking execution.

    • Hilarious! Even if (and that’s a big if) Bill ever managed to get a court to issue a subpoena, there’s nothing to suggest that he would follow any Rule for service. Easy motions to quash, which would be granted.

      • With everything he’s over shared that’s been logged, with everything available through FOIA and subpoenas against him, and with everything that would become part of public record forever, I kind of hope it comes to court for the lulz.

  7. Even this extreme layman can look at Cabin Boy’s two samples here and see two major discrepancies with those filed by Our Gracious Host. And when taking into account the skills demonstrated by both parties, it’s pretty easy to conclude that Our Gracious Host has followed the proper procedures.

    I’d point out just what those two major discrepancies are, but why deprive Cabin Boy of once again seeking out the assistance of AVVO or some other expert?

    Here’s a fun thought, Cabin Boy: why not ask The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber to look them over for you? He’s a jailhouse lawyer, after all, and a pro se expert! I’m sure he can spot the flaws in a second.

    Whether or not he’ll tell you depends on whether or not he sees it to his advantage to help you, or to let you flounder on your own…

    • Brett isn’t going to help him IF Brett is the real owner of Breitbart Unmasked. Why would he when Bill in such a scenario would be his perfect patsy?

    • “Whether or not he’ll tell you depends on whether or not he sees it to his advantage to help you, or to let you flounder on your own…”

      Don’t listen to him Bill!! Someone who set off explosives to distract from an investigation on him would never, EVER let someone else take a fall to shield himself.

      Nope, no way. You just keep doing what you’re doing.

  8. Go away for the weekend and miss a lot. I see Bill used Memorial day to insult a dead man that his “most excellent” friend killed, refused to acknowledge that Kimby set a bomb at a SCHOOL and intended to harm and kill children, and is threatening a bunch of people again like some online commando. So business as usual for a scumbag like Schmaleldt.

    • Dumbf5ck doesn’t know the first thing about how subpoenas work. But they were mentioned on that one episode of Law and Order: SVU (why is that show always persecuting Kimberlin though?), so he has television proof that they are a magic item that forces courts to let Biwwy have his way with them, in much the same way roofies work on his blowup doll.

      • I’d love to know what he would be subpoenaing. What is me pointing out that his most excellent friend attempted to murder and/or maim children? What Federal Civil law does that violate? Did Bill miss the part where the tiny Pedo Terrorist set a bomb and school in the presense of lots and lots of children? What part of that does Schmaleldt find acceptable? Maybe when I called him a scumbag? Well the truth is an absolute defense, plus I can’t think of any Federal statute that prohibits me from exercising my 1st Amendment right to call him a scumbag based on his own words and deeds. Oh tell us Oliver Wendell Jones, what Fedrahl Cramhs have been committed. Bwhahahahaha.

        World’s Stupidest Man™

        • Maybe because it’s pronounced “sub-pee-na” he’s thinking it will let him pee on more kids or something.

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  10. Those were posted to Scribd a week ago. Yet they still don’t appear on the docket….Hmmmmmm
    Just maybe they might be incomplete….Hmmmmmmm But he did sign the ones he mailed…..Hmmmm Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahha I have to stop it’s beginning to hurt Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah

  11. I notice several new filings today on the Hoge v Kimberlin et al docket:

    Particularly noteworthy is the last, 158/0. A Motion to Amend His Response to Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment.

    Said response which, along with the promised Response to Plaintiff’s Motion for Discovery Sanctions, does not appear on the docket.

          • “Once mailed, not my prob.”

            Actually it is DF. Unless you have proof of mailing such as tracking numbers and a receipt from the USPS to prove it was sent if they never arrives at the the court, the court will consider them never sent.. So hopefully you were smart enough to get them sent registered mail and have the receipt. If not too bad for you.

          • Speaking of proofs of mailing and tracking numbers–

            Is Schmalfeldt arguing that because a court paper, which included a certificate of service dated March 14th by Our Gracious Host, could not possibly have been accepted by the USPS at 8:32 PM on the 13th?

            It’s almost as if Our Gracious Host was bending over backwards (stop it, you perverts!) to ensure that Schmalfeldt wasn’t prejudiced in case the USPS didn’t actually postmark the mail piece based on the next business day.

            Or am I missing something?

          • “But Yer Honor, my dog ate my reply.”

            ****looks around****

            OH DAMNIT!!!!

  12. You would think his skype request would’ve been granted by now if it’s a skype request. Then again Maryland … I give him a 50/50 chance but not after this hearing if allowed. Schmalfeldt played games with this Judge’s sacred pet project. This judge is responsible for skype technology in this county’s courthouses and works on tech issues and the courts statewide. He isn’t going to be happy with Schmalfeldt I’m guessing.

    Going to be a difficult drive if an order doesn’t show up on the docket Wednesday afternoon.

  13. Is Diane the name we weren’t allowed to say or else we would be added to the lawsuit? I thought it was Voldemort?

    Okay, so as to not be be added to the lawsuit I won’t say the name Diane.

    Oh, shit….

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