28 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Speaking of the future-

    Is ‘LOLSuit VIII: Avoiding Contact’ official yet? Mailed, docketed and whatever?

    Or is he just teasing it?

  2. The complaint has been filed, along with a request to proceed in forma pauperis. A First Amended Complaint has also been filed and is available on PACER.

    However, South Carolina has some rules that must be observed before summonses will issue. If DUMBFUCK had known of these rules before filing, he probably [REDACTED]. It’s still possible the suit could move forward, but on an objective basis, it is very unlikely to do so.

    And even if it does, there are plenty of [REDACTED].

    In terms of trend analysis, it’s likely to end as it always has for DUMBFUCK – in tears and fear pee.

      • Ok, don’t bother answering. I did my homework.

        I foresee any number of lickspittles being able to pounce on another self-inflicted mistake soon.

      • That may be part of it, but primarily it’s so he can proceed without paying the filing fees.

        • IANAL but read the 4th circuit pro-se form and faq pages and the 4th circuit by their own precedents aren’t a circuit that does the free lawyer stuff in civil actions. I think? IL and their circuit had Durbin getting funds for such crap I think. Graham and Scott don’t.

        • I’ve been wondering how a guy who claims to be on a $30K pension (is that right?) needs to file for IFP status, while his excellent friend, on a $19K salary (I’ve read somewhere…) can manage to take annual family vacations in Hawaii.

          Queer, that.

        • He also thinks that this means he can get the US Marshals to provide service, at no cost to him. No small issue since Grady just refuses to accept anything from the guy he has a no contact order on. I laughed when that happened.

    • Uhm, no; I know a meat puppet that was there. The propaganda was totally “Snowball Earth” it’s coming y’all!!eleven!!11!

    • Uhm, no; I know a meat puppet that was there. The propaganda was totally “Snowball Earth” it’s coming y’all!!eleven!!11!

      Real scientists may not have promulgated this; but the leftist statist media did. Pretty much like today’s AGW/Climate Change fad.

    • It’s the reason the efficient coolant freon was removed from air conditioners and replaced with a less efficient gas. It’s the reason they were trying to ban aerosols. Because both were depleting the ozone layer and causing the coming ice age to hit in the 20th century.

      • And now they’re banning aerosols to combat global warming. And therefore my asthma inhaler doesn’t work as well. Thank God I don’t need it more than a few times a year.

        Though it’s wet and cool enough this spring it may be more than a few.

        • The FDA certifies that the new inhalers work if used as directed.

          The directions are, spray, and breathe deeply.

          The problem is, if you can do that, you don’t need an inhaler, but while the FDA could have legally allowed the old inhalers, they mandated the switch.

    • No, I remember it, too. It was on the cover of Time or Newsweek or something.
      Now, actual modern scientific evidence, not “consensus,” suggests we will be entering a cooling period due to decreased SOLAR activity. Do a search for “Maunder Minimum.” Some of the recent abstracts have been published by the University of East Anglia, the same school that fudged its global warming data.

    • Some of the people in this are now global warming. Changed their story to follow the money.

  3. Oh he’s staying at a Value Place which goes for about $27 a night. Not bad for a 1 story hotel with blood on the floor, drug dealing, smell of prostitution, nearby pre-school playground, known reputation with the health department, terrible customer service, not a member of the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, etc. Oh and this motel has a history of rebranding! I see why you chose this place. I say you got yourself a great deal, Dumbfuck!

  4. Hey Dumbf5ck, thanks for pointing this out or I would have missed this awesome thread!

    • He’s a “progressive”. He believes that CO2 is bad for the planet. He is a massively overweight individual that expels dangerous levels of CO2.

      He should do his part to save the planet.

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