212 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. We should not mourn that these men died, rather we should thank God such men lived. George S Patton ( Kimberlin not so much)me

  2. Thank you for serving out country, Major DeLong.

    You completed your service with honor, and made it back to the states only have your leg blown off by a narcissistic sociopathic little punk. May you and your family eventually find the justice you deserve.

  3. Brett destroyed a young father in the prime of life. Brett Kimberlin, still a loser who should not breathe fee air.

  4. Part of the sermonizing at church was about how violence, struggle, and strife are the default condition of humanity rather than peace. Another part focused on how memorials are central to Christian identity in so many ways. Quite a bit to think about in starting off the week.

  5. Free air. Whatever crimes Brett has gotten away with, at least as long as there is an Internet he will always know what he meant to do to innocent people just trying to have a good time at a high school,football game.

    • And while Carl DeLong’s final act of despair may have been the proximate cause of his death, Brett Kimberlin (by reason of his cowardly crimes) was found to be liable for the death by a jury of his peers. A ruling that was ultimately upheld by the Indiana Supreme Court.

      Brett Kimberlin never wore the uniform. Brett Kimberlin drove a man who did to commit suicide. That might be collateral damage to Stolen Valor Schmaleldt, but it’s not to many of us. Go piss up a rope, you disgusting sycophant.

      • Didn’t the pedobomber actually wear some kind of federal LEO uniform as part of his crime spree? And don’t the issue federal inmates a uniform too?

      • I beg to differ with your claim, “Brett Kimberlin never wore the uniform.”

        Brett Kimberlin was arrested wearing a fake department of defense uniform.

    • You wouldn’t know truth if it walked up and introduced itself. You lie so much, you actually believe your lies.

      And “Which what confused you”? There’s those GS-13 writer/editor skills on display yet again?

      I have good news for you though… there’s a permanent, 100% effective Cure for both problems. Go take it, Shakey!

      • I must respectfully dissent.

        Team Kimbergarten recognizes truth, but they flee from it like vampires from sunlight. As malignant Narcissists, they live in constant terror of the crippling, overwhelming amygdala meltdown that occurs when they’re forced into awareness of the truth of their own moral perversions and general failures as moral, successful human beings.

        Perceiving the happiness of others is a core threat to their sense of self, as they know their own depravity will forever exclude them from the normal joys of honest success and the love of friends and family. The malignant Narcissist is therefore constantly trying to drag everyone around them down to the same pit of misery and shame they feel whenever they perceive truths about themselves.

        Thus Team Kimbergarten is driven to deny truth to themselves and others, clinging to a single ray of (false) hope: gaining the power to force their victims to consciously accept the lies they tell to and about themselves.

      • I will merely note the irony of Bill Schmalfeldt claiming “this is Truth” concerning Carl De Long when, The TRUTH about Carl De Long is that, Brett Kimberlin designed, assembled, armed and planted the bomb that blew off Carl De Long’s leg; This is a TRUTH that neither Brett Kimberlin, nor Bill Schmalfeldt has ever publicly acknowledged. The TRUTH is that Brett Kimberlin has denied any crime greater than selling a “little pot,” while Bill Schmalfeldt has taken the Bill Clinton tact of admitting “causing pain in my marriage” while continuing to piously claim that the accounts of every woman stepping forward were lies.

    • But for the criminal terrorist who set a bomb in a high school parking lot on game day,mCarl Delong would never have lost his legs (he’d just been told he was going to lose his remaining leg due to the long term damage from the bomb) and never faced a lifetime of painful surgeries to dig out the shrapnel from Kimberlins bomb that was slowing working its way through his tissues.

      Brett Kimberlin took away that man’s health and vibrancy. To destroy his will to live? To take his life? Within the scope of the harm intended.

      Brett’s a killer. A vicious man with no respect for the lives, rights or feelings of others, except as they exist to prop up his selfish fantasies.

      • And disgusting fatbody goldbricker Stolen Valor Schmaleldt is that vicious killer’s sycophantic toady. No wonder his kids want nothing to do with him.

        Howard Earl is right: Shakey’s family isn’t dead, they’re hiding in shame.

    • Cabin Boy’s contempt for his butt buddy’s victims only confirms what we’ve always known: psychopath trash gotta psychopath.

      • This of course is purely rhetorical question about someone so easily wounded that he sues people for quoting him.

    • “Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have principles. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have values. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have beliefs. Bill Schmalfeldt has enemies, and then nothing, a black and dank and empty void of sullenness.”
      — Ken White, Popehat, Aug. 6 2013

      Can’t really add anything to that.

    • It is the second comment that highlights exactly why everyone who knows who Bill is, hates Bill.

      I would not know who Carl was, if his life had not been destroyed by the cowardly act of the shrunken terrorist. I wish that the poor man had never been a bystander to the crimes of the pyrotechnic pedophile, just as everyone here would have loved to have never been involved with the two of you.

      Good people stand against the evil that you embrace, that is your fault Bill. Good people whom you and your associates attacked without a scintilla of self awareness on the disgusting actions of your comrades in arms.

      I hope that the Good and Learned Judge has had enough of your pathetic attempts at lawfare and deals with you appropriately.

      I had expressed remorse for your chosen actions, that remorse was wasted on a disgusting individual, whose infestation and stalking of those who only stood up to the pathetic pedo’s bullying actions.

      You are the chlamydia of the internet. You are nothing more than the fevered scabs caught from a brief encounter with a person of questionable morals, and you need to understand that it is where everyone who knows you places you when you are not in their presence.

      Even Kimberlin cannot stand you, he tolerates you because you have become his most useful idiot. How bad must you be to be intolerable to such a lowlife.

      I could go on, but the truth will out, as you are not even worth berating as you are too damned stupid to comprehend the abuse is directed directly at you.

    • Honorable Justice Dickson of the Indiana Supreme Court:
      “Moreover, Carl’s DeLong’s death, although occurring more than four years after the explosion, was within the scope of harm intended by Kimberlin’s intentional criminal conduct. Under such circumstances, we decline to treat suicide as independent intervening cause protecting a highly culpable defendant from liability for his victim’s death. We hold that an action may be maintained for death or injury from a suicide or suicide attempt where a defendant’s willful tortious conduct was intended to cause a victim physical harm and where the intentional tort is a substantial factor in bringing about the suicide.”


      Planting 8 bombs in random places — including outside a high school football game is a homicidal act, in my humble opinion. Only excellent medical help saved Carl DeLong’s life that day.
      Good on John for reminding us all who the good guys are. Hoge would have respected DeLong…and I suspect DeLong would have respected Hoge — if they’d ever met.

    • Seriously, Schmalfeldt? Your “excellent friend” planted a bomb at a grade school event — his most likely victims were children. Yet you waddle to his defense, intent on protecting him from the consequences of one of the most evil acts I can imagine.

  6. Well, DUMBFUCK is right about one thing – Memorial Day is a day to celebrate and honor heroes like Carl DeLong and John Hoge. Excluded from that list must be Bill “Stolen Valor” Schmaleldt.

    Does anyone else find it interesting that this STOLEN VALOR DUMBFUCK SHITSNIFFING PIGFUCKER has filed 8 lawsuits without ever once making a claim that the stories I published with respect to his military service and awards are false?

    I think that would be a PRIMARY concern for such a litigious boil on the ass of humanity. But DUMBFUCK assiduously avoids making that a charge of defamation. A reasonable observer might wonder why, if the truth weren’t so obvious.

    • It should also be noted that Roy, family member of Bill’s, publicly accused him of rape and when Bill sued him Roy won on the merits when Bill dropped the suit with prejudice thereby legally admitting all statements were true. A regular Prince Charming ain’t he?

    • I hate to disagree with Paul, but today we honor Mr. DeLong and the memory.of the all the others who gave their all for our country. Thankfully, we can save thanking John for his service until November and Veterans’ Day.

      Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day are different.

  7. Is Shit-For-Brains Smellfart desecrating the memory of a fellow service member? Sure looks like it. Not the kind of guy you’d want on your squad.

    • I’ve heard tales of sailors who “fell up a ladder”, usually used as an explanation for their condition when they arrived at the CO’s door after being caught pilfering from another guy’s rack, or something similar.

      Biwwy strikes me as the kind of guy who might have fallen up a ladder or two in his time.

  8. I’d be interested in how BS understands/interpretes/reacts to this quote from “Citizen K”, P. 184, relating a story from Brett about how he treated a military QA job:


    At Oxford [a federal prison in Wisconsin] he was assigned as a quality-control clerk at a prison factory that manufactured cables for military aircraft and tanks.

    Each day, he said, he did his work quickly and then tried to immerse himself in a book, but the prison guard who was his overseer objected to his reading on the job. When he persisted, the guard threatened to give him a “shot” — to write an incident report that could lead to disciplinary action. So he stopped bringing a book to work, he said, and instead devoted his spare time to sabotage. “I’d run the cable through quality control,” he said. “I’d check them. I’d sign off on them. And then I’d cut some of the damn wires.”


    Is the story factual? Is the story made-up, and, if so, by whom?

    Well Bill S., what is your take on this? There’s:
    – respect for the military;
    – Brett;
    – Mark Singer;
    – The “Citizen K” book itself;
    – The jury verdict (civil case) that Brett was culpable for the death of Carl DeLong; and
    – A whole raft of later events, including the trial where Brett was found guilty of taking undue steps to avoid paying the widow DeLong, and had his parole revoked?

    So, Bill S, what’s your take on all of this? If the “cutting wires” story is true, then what does that say about Brett’s respect for the armed forces, up to and including DeLongs’s service in Vietnam?

    • I’m pretty sure it’s just a lie Kimberlin told to burnish his ‘rebel’ cred with scumbags like Schmalfeldt. After all, can you see such a sniveling coward actually putting his name on sabotaged equipment? He’d have been caught as soon as someone tried installing a cable, if not sooner.

      I suspect that’s part of why Schmalfeldt adores Kimberlin so much: the spinning of a tale of bold action, rather than engaging in actual bold action, is exactly the Schmalfeldt oeuvre. Kimberlin is Schmally’s soulmate, far more so than any blind date or transvestite.

    • I do not know if it is true but back in the late 80’s early 90’s when I worked for a defense contractor we took the hit and paid the fine than use parts sourced from Federal Prison Industries.

  9. As someone whose father, one brother and sister served I hope Bill “Mr. Fakinsons” “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt takes the cure, but not until he suffers from the disease he FAKED to STEAL a pension-or something equally debilitating- and his first attempt to take the cure only makes him suffer more.

    You’re a piece of shit, shmalfeldt, and I hope Mr Hove absolutely DESTROYS you in court so much so that the cure looks like a pleasant option.

    Then once the kimberpedo’s lackey (I.e. YOU) is out of the way, he can focus on doing the same thing to that tiny anal wart on the ass of humanity.

  10. Just when you think he could not be a bigger fool…

    When Hoge posted this I thought to myself “it’s going to be hard for Schmalfeldt to keep his yap shut.” But even I thought he would be smart enough to do it. And in my wildest dreams I would not have thought he would be blindingly stupid enough to actually attack the victim. But of course he did. One keeps forgetting what a POS we’re dealing with here. And how utterly easy it is to get him to jump on command.

    Bill Scha,lfeldt I DEMAND you delete these tweets! I INSIST you do as you are told and delete those tweets! You have NO CHOICE but to delete those tweets! DO IT!

  11. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    Replying to @bloodonthemike and @wjjhoge
    Carl De Long killed himself. Many hurt far worse than he was live long, productive lives. De Long opted out. His choice. @BreitbartUnmask

    Opened up millions to hate you, what do you think a judge or a jury is going to think about your case when you have a multi decades of this kind of asshattery?

  12. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    Replying to @truth_partner and 2 others
    Tammy Duckworth, a woman, was injured far worse than Mr. De Long, and she’s serving in the Senate. @wjjhoge’s selective outrage sickens me.

    duckworth and delong have something in common, terrorist blew their legs off

    I have sent your comment to her office for discussion

      • Hey shitbag: that senator didn’t serve in the hell that was Vietnam then slowly have pieces of him removed. Not that you would have ANY clue what its like to serve in real combat. Hell you piss your pants when a sherrif comes to your door.

        You aren’t even 1/1000th the man you insult would ever be. You could drop dead tomorrow and NOTHING of value would be lost.

        • Exactly — he survived a war, then came home to be maimed by a shitbag drug-dealer trying to cover up his perversion.

      • I will say, this post is where I say I don’t care if “Diane Kelley” is one of Bill’s socks or an actual human being. This shows that she (is either just Bill on another account, or) has researched enough to know who Carl DeLong was, who Brett Kimberlin is, and that Brett Kimberlin blew Carl DeLong’s leg off, and the other was going to have to be amputated as well because of residual shrapnel, and “Diane Kelly” just does not care if Bill’s friend is a convicted terrorist, convicted perjuror, and suspected pedophile, she supports him because he is Bill’s friend.

        If not a sock, then almost as big a waste of skin as Bill.

        Still not a murderer, so still a better person than Brett Coleman Kimberlin, aka the Speedway Bomber.

        • I’m facing the likelihood of having to have one of my legs taken off above the knee due to a persistent bone infection. It’s a BIG F—ING DEAL, and not one I’m looking forward to in any way, except insofar as it might keep me from, y’know, dying from sepsis.

          I’m under no illusion that it’s going to be a comfortable experience, or that it will be quickly resolved.

          I haven’t even had it done yet (and there’s a slight chance I might not have to) but I cannot imagine that MAJ De Long, having gone through it once, was eager to repeat the ordeal.

          Everyone has a breaking point past which they cannot go; Carl De Long was pushed there, and beyond, by the despicable acts of the despicable Brett Kimberlin.

          And Billy wants to idolize that dirtbag? My words to him would end with “and the horse you rode in on.”

          • This, I’ve long since quit respecting William “Bill” Schmalfeldt as a human being, I’m just adding his “Twitter fiance” Diane Kelley to that category of “stuff I grab to scrape dogshit off my shoes.” If she exists, she is informed enough that she should bloody well know better.

      • In lots of progressive circles, now a days, what Bill Schmalfeldt and his Twitter accounts here are doing is called “ableism”. Shame shame!

    • Tammy Duckworth was injured serving her country. Carl DeLong was injured because your psychopath pedophile pal bombed a high school football game so as to distract from the murder of his preteen “girlfriend’s” grandmother for the crime of having his number. Your continuing waste of oxygen sickens me.

  13. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    We will remember them. — Laurence Binyon

  14. 21m

    Replying to @bloodonthemike and 2 others
    If it was Kimberlin that did it, Hoggy, explain to me why the man died *five years later*? Yeah, you can’t, can you? suicide isn’t murder.

    bill sock puppet: several courts found him guilty, he confessed to doing it, and a court found him liable for Delong death. sock puppets everywhere, no one living could have that hideous a face and be real

    • BPO, it is clear that BS and his sock puppet are OK with BK planting a bomb at a high school, blowing the leg of a Vietnam vet, and injuring his wife. That’s all anyone needs to know.

  15. Hey, Schmalballz, if you’re so concerned about the truth, ask your excellent friend how much money he still owes to Sandra DeLong.

  16. Honorable Justice Dickson of the Indiana Supreme Court:
    “Moreover, Carl’s DeLong’s death, although occurring more than four years after the explosion, was within the scope of harm intended by Kimberlin’s intentional criminal conduct. Under such circumstances, we decline to treat suicide as independent intervening cause protecting a highly culpable defendant from liability for his victim’s death. We hold that an action may be maintained for death or injury from a suicide or suicide attempt where a defendant’s willful tortious conduct was intended to cause a victim physical harm and where the intentional tort is a substantial factor in bringing about the suicide.”

    Copying/pasting from Dave Alexander’s above comment from the Indiana Supreme Court because Bill’s whatever it is “Diane Kelley” can’t seem to grasp how Kimberlin was responsible for his suicide.

    Also, with due respect to all Veterans, Vietnam veterans had it a little harder. They didn’t have the support of their country when they got home and PTSD wasn’t that big of thing then. The treatment for PTSD was basically suck it up. Imagine being a Vietnam veteran and coming home to suffer emotional injuries and on top of that have a little midget blow your leg off because he had a very odd relationship with a very young girl.

    Even with PTSD treatment readily available 7,000 veterans commit suicide yearly accounting for 20% of all suicides. It’s not something any respectable human being would ridicule.

    And Diane Kelly, isn’t it odd for you to use your account to defend your new boyfriend’s man crush. Bill Schmalfeldt would drop you if Brett wanted him as a lover. Bill’s boobs are too big for Brett’s taste and your probably safe.

  17. Attachment to Bill Schmalfeldt is its own punishment. I have compassion for people who look like they’ve been in a terrible accident and have few options beyond isolation, but this is a person who decried vicious conduct in others, no matter their claimed connection to a political oulook.
    He/xhe/whatever has sunk low and will sink lower still, and almost certainly will end up despising him and herself.

    But for Brett’s carefully assembled and planted schrapnel bomb, sending this man into a spiral of agony and loss, including an an agonizing a five year futile struggle to save his remaining leg which he had just learned would have to be amputated, there would have been no suicide,

    Anyone who would defend someone even more depraved than the Manchester Bomber (there was nothing of principle at stake except Bretts injured ego seeking revenge) has thrown away his or her moral core. here’s the warning: it is is symptomatic of a desperation that a user will inevitably use, Exploitation and injury was Gail’s fate. Others could learn from that fate.

  18. Blah, blah. Is anything going in in Aaron’s case against BK? I ask because the lap dog chihuahua is strutting and peeing on the dandelions. He heeds his master’s voice.

    • ROTFLMMFAO @ William “I steal valor and fake Parkinson’s to steal a pension” Schmalfeldt thinking he knows ANYTHING about honor.

    • Where is your honor, Bill Schmalfeldt? Where should we seek it?

      What honor is there in wearing awards you did not earn? You can say that it was a mistake, but I am the daughter of a Marine. I know better.

      Where is fidelity to your given word? Your wives – you call them all sorts of names, but you have confessed to betraying the first two. You were desperately unkind to your third, pretending to inability while she was desperately ill. Then, over a series of days, you documented your indifference to her suffering, demonstrating that ranting on the internet at strangers was more urgent than spending time with the woman you claimed to love, then stripped her of the privacy and dignity that dying demands for our loved ones – and you did it on a blog not your own. This is not honorable. This is despicable and petty cruelty – and it is not without consequences, though you fantasize that it does not (somehow) touch your character as observed.

      You pretend an agreement you entered into was not a legal contract, though a judge signed off on it. This is not honorable. This is lying.

      You made representations to Mr. Hoge, at the time of that settlement, which, had you bothered to follow through with them for so long as a month, would have rendered the need for a peace order moot. But you have no honor, no fidelity, and no sense. Ever since, you have snarled and sworn and twisted and turned, but in the end, you chose to act without honor or integrity, and in choosing your actions, you chose the consequences of those actions.

      I keep telling you that you pick up rocks only to drop them on your own foot.

      This particular rock you have hurled with all the force you can muster at your instep.

      Laptop, home.

  19. I’m sure BS has a car he can use, too. Isn’t transferring title just before filing IFP is frowned upon? Does Johnny Atsign have the VIN? Maybe when he took photos in the parking lot?

    • Meanwhile Bill is virtually a homeless bum using multiple accounts to talk to himself. Fucking Stolen Valor loser.

    • I sincerely pray that no one ever endure such pain and despair that they feel death is the only way out. But a damn sight more would weep for those good men whom Brett and Biwwy attack than will ever mourn Biwwy. Or, I suspect, his … friend. Or the lot of them put together.

    • I still miss Stephen den Beste, formerly of Chizumatic, formerly of USS Clueless. A blogger from the early days, now gone to his eternal reward. And I was not a regular visitor.

      Damn straight I’d miss Hoge or Walker – it is a shame that Walker doesn’t post more often as it is. I first found out about this whole mess when Aaron was guest-hosting for Patterico.

      But you wouldn’t ever understand that, Bill. You are such a revolting waste of human flesh that your family despises you and your friends manipulate you. Nothing in your life has ever amounted to anything. I feel nothing but contempt for you, Bill. I will celebrate your death.

      I’m sure Paul and other zombies would find other things mock if you died, and Hoge still has all of his posts on space. Aaron has his posts on civil rights.

      • I was introduced to Aaron Worthing through Patterico. And I believe I found Hoge through Aaron Worthing.

        There are varying degrees of Hell, depending on your behavior on Earth. Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin are making their own final destinations exponentially worse than others who get condemned to Hell. And when they finally reach there, it will be a good thing for the rest of the world.

        • I don’t exactly recall, but AW through Patterico, with a smattering of “oh, so that’s the ginormous unpopped zit R.S. McCain’s been going on about” and a dose of Popehat is my best estimate.

          So I gotta say, how’s that brass knuckles reputation management working out for you, Brett? And are you really, truly, glad that you sicced your attack chihuahua on Hoge, those many years ago?

      • den Beste was a unique intellect and is sorely missed. His post on ‘A-10s vs Dragons’ was analysis at its best as well as being entertaining as all get out.

        I just went to http://chizumatic.mee.nu so I could provide you the link to the USS Clueless archives but I don’t see it there-

        I have a zip file, somewhere, though. Will hand it off to you at the next Kimberfest-

  20. “Us.”
    Hoge is suing Bill Schmalfeldt, who just confirmed that this is his sock account.

    • Then why has BS sued eight times in the last three years?

      You know, when you want to be left alone, you leave the other party alone.

      Observe: this is picking up a rock to drop it on your own foot.

      Laptop, home.

      • Hey Dianna, speaking of suing, remember when that vexatious bastard tried pulling that crap on you (and the CHARITABLE FOUNDATION where you work)? You lawyered up and he nutshuffled away as fast as his testefeet could carry his monstrous girth.

        “And the wind cried Randazza”

        • Heh.

          Further, it was BS who violated a peace order almost 400 times when he really didn’t have to. It’s so easy to avoid.

          As to when he tried suing me? It didn’t work out well for him.

          As for being “a dried up old biddy” – Bill, I’ve seen your picture. You’ve seen mine. I do not think you would much want the comparison taken further, despite your incessant insultts directed towards my hairdresser.

        • I forgot to mention the river of fear pee trailing behind him when he nutshuffled away. Can’t leave that out.

          • There were triple yellow lines all the way to Wisconsin!!!!

            Oh, wait, that was Edgren, one LOLsuit earlier.

            It’s hard to keep up.

    • Hey William “I stole valor and faked Parkinson’s to STEAL a pension” Shmalfeldt.: give up your tough guy act like anyone cares if they join your failsuit. They know in the end you are a weak, gamma male pussy who fails at anything you touch. The only time you are the “last man standing” at a bar fight is when the bar is hosting a NAMBLA convention, and even then you’d have to pray your master is a no-show.

      You are nothing but a shitbag who has failed at life and deserve everything (and more) that will come from being your pedo master’s patsy. You should be far more concerned about how your (pathetic) life as you know it is going to out. than who you can add to a suit full of aids and fail.

      I originally wasn’t planning on being there in person to see you fall, but after the disrespect you have shown to REAL service men I’m going to enjoy the 19 hour drive I have to go through just so i can see you shit yourself when you appear in person in court, and if afterwards you want to add me to your precious suit, go ahead. I DARE YOU, you pathetic waste of oxygen. Youll know who i am because I’ll be the one laughing the hardest as you come to the realisation that a) you really were the pedo’s patsy after all and b) that laugbter is come to come as i enjoy the look on your face as you realize your “because Maryland” luck has run out

    • I didn’t notice that TP was named anywhere in Mr. Hoge’s lawsuit, never mind a named defendant. And she isn’t one of the named plaintiffs in the FAC that BS has supposedly sent in either.

      it sure does make it sound like that account is just one of BS’s socks.

  21. This is a disgusting insult – on Memorial Day no less – to everyone who has lost the battle with PTSD. Including many, many vets.

    If this isn’t a Schmaleldt sock, he’s obviously found a fitting soulmate – one who matches him in deplorability. You deserve each other.

  22. Personally, I’m wondering how he’s going to get around res judicata and collateral estoppel, but that’s just me.

    • I just want to know how he explains his miraculous recovery from a degenerative disease that, as he told Judge Grimm (I believe?), “never gets better.”

      Laptop, home.

      • Does he have to keep reminding you Dim Girls that “Light Housework” cures everything? He even went the extra mile and mopped up his own piss for a change and look at him! Able to take solo journeys of great distance by himself. IT’S A MIRACLE!

        • PRAISE JESUS!

          By the way, you know what He has in common with affidavits from doctor’s Drunkenstein hasn’t seen in upwards of a decade?

          Neither can be cross-examined.

    • You fooled these supposed “teams” of doctors the same way a drug addict fools his GP for percocets: be enough of an annoying piece of shit and the question they ask becomes “what do I have to sign to get your worthless leech on society ass out of my office?”

      That is for playing though William “I stole valor and faked Parkinson’s to steal a pension” Shmalfeldt.

      BTW – how come you’re so adamant about defending your fake parkisons but are strangely quiet on your stolen valor? Please, please PLEASE start a lolsuit on that!!

      • Oh I just figured it out: stealing valor at this stage of the game has no criminal consequences due to statute, but faking Parkinson’s could affect his monthly check (and jail, but he’s more concerned with his stolen taxpayer money than jail)

    • If you can fake the symptoms, that’s all the doctors have to go on. It’s not like there’s a blood test they can point to and say, “That’s PD.”

  23. Does BS not remember that he’s involved in only two lawsuits, and he just filed one of them? What’s with the “all the suits”? is this a form of extortion? “You drop your lawsuit and I’ll drop mine”? Wow, what a bad thing to tweet just before a contempt hearing.

    • Bill hideously grotesque caricature of a female sock puppet just admitted that bill files suit to try and stop justice

      See u Friday child pornographers

    • Not to mention before the magistrate judge has issued her report and recommendations on whether to let his suit proceed. Perhaps an amicus curiæ could bring this to Her Honor’s attention…

    • I don’t know, I’m in favor of dropping all the suits that are idiotic and worth nothing.

      The ones where a party agreed to a settlement, violated it, and now thinks he isn’t subject to that court? Not so idiotic, but worth only as much as Bill is worth… so, negative value?

  24. From WebMD:

    What Are the Symptoms of Munchausen Syndrome?

    People with Munchausen syndrome deliberately produce or exaggerate symptoms in several ways. They may lie about or fake symptoms, hurt themselves to bring on symptoms, or alter tests (such as contaminating a urine sample). Possible warning signs of Munchausen syndrome include:

    -Dramatic but inconsistent medical history
    -Unclear symptoms that are not controllable and that become more severe or change once treatment has begun
    -Predictable relapses following improvement in the condition
    -Extensive knowledge of hospitals and/or medical terminology, as well as the textbook descriptions of illnesses
    -Presence of multiple surgical scars
    -Appearance of new or additional symptoms following negative test results
    -Presence of symptoms only when the patient is with others or being observed
    -Willingness or eagerness to have medical tests, operations, or other procedures
    -History of seeking treatment at numerous hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices, possibly even in different cities
    -Reluctance by the patient to allow doctors to meet with or talk to family, friends, or prior doctors
    -Problems with identity and self-esteem

    Tell me these symptoms don’t match Bill almost exactly?

    • There is much that matches. But for a lazy incompetent goldbricker, a pension is a gold mine.

      “Follow the money.”

  25. BS wants us to believe that he is literally in the same motel room as an alleged partner, on Memorial Day, and they’re tweeting each other and at people who are not even directly communicating with them. Literally, no one is tweeting or posting on his blog. I don’t believe there is a girlfriend, and I never have.

  26. Just gonna leave this here….

    Deleting the blog will be taken as spoilation of evidence. Dumbass.

    • GMTA.

      Also, he still doesn’t get how subpoenaing for identities of anonymous commenters works. Heh.

  27. Quit tweeting, Bill, it’s dangerous. I assume your traveling to Maryland right now. Or did you want to forego the Memorial Day weekend traffic and heading out in the morning?

  28. Misfiring neurons is NOT a definitive diagnosis for Parkinson’s.

    In your case it would have been a miracle for him not to find millions of defective brain cells.

    • There is the other issue. This is from his book, things he wrote. He also has a documented history of forging. None of these “details” are authenticated and supported by any documentation.

      It may be true he had a “procedure” but there is nothing in there that corroborates the actual diagnosis, just some quip he made.

      There has never been a followup or other documentation to support any of his diagnosis. And yet. he’s told us how progressively debilitating the disease gets over the years, forcing him to a wheelchair and having to give up driving a vehicle.

      Despite all the warnings he made about how little time he has left, miraculously, he has recovered enough to actually get a car and drive – ACROSS THE COUNTRY! Let’s not even talk about how he filed a document with the state of Wisconsin knowingly withholding medical information to get a driver’s license.

      So now, he’s back to having a crippling disease in the middle of a new federal lawsuit, while his alter ego twitter account wants the lawsuits to end.

      To say that everything is proceeding as foreseen, all one has to remember is, “Any day ending in Y, Schmalfeldt will do something even more stupid than the previous day.”

      Good job shakes! How is that cure coming?

  29. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    To believe I faked PD to get a pension you would have to believe I would trade a $97K job for a $30K pension. Sell that one. @truth_partner

    Hmmm, in one of your awful books I reviewed, didn’t u write that in chapter 7 that you had conspired w a manager to try for a 6 k a month pension for life?

    and in one of your blogs u wrote that Vanderbilt wanted indemnification from legal harm?

      • How in God’s name would Bill be worth $72K a year to the government not working? That’s an insult to every single veteran who put in their 20 and/or served during wartime.

          • Well, that too. I honestly can’t see how anyone doing the work he was hired to do, especially without a college degree, could end up at a GS-13. Librarians with masters degrees don’t get GS-13 without at least as many years of work for the feds, unless they’re running an institutional library with multiple professionals (also with masters degrees) reporting to them. In which case they’ve usually already put in, at a minimum, 15 or 20 years working for someone else. With 15 years professional experience post MLS and excellent professional references but no supervisory experience, I was only eligible for GS-11 positions.

  30. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    Witnesses: Dr. P. David Charles and Dr. Peter Konrad, Vanderbilt University Medical Center. EXPLAIN HOW I FAKED THIS! @truth_partner

    U wrote u did it for money in chapter 7 correct? Is that why u volunteered? why did u write the NIH turned u down and so did numerous other studies? that Vanderbilt was the only one that would have you?

  31. Does anyone know if the blood on the “mike” is menstrual blood, or is it actually the blood of some guy named “Mike”?

    • “Due to the nature of this violation, and pursuant to the terms of the Microsoft Services Agreement, Microsoft can neither grant you access to the contents of your account, including access to your files, nor return any data to you that was associated with the account.

      Hmmmmm…what could old Unca Biwwy have stored that was so bad that MS wouldn’t even give him his files back? I’ll bet most here don’t have to wonder too hard about what William “I want to pee on children” Schmalfeldt could possibly have in his files that was so bad not only was he banned but he was also denied access to those files forever.

  32. Schmalfeldt and ̶V̶a̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶S̶k̶a̶n̶k̶ ̶ Diane Kelley are having one hell of histrionic Twitter melt down.
    What have those two been vaping? Schamlfeldt must be worried about getting caught scamming the gov’t these many years. Is he worried that it will finally come out he lied to that Vanderbilt study? Yes, Schmalfeldt I am saying you lied to get into that study and you are a fake.
    ̶V̶a̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶S̶k̶a̶n̶k̶ ̶ Diane Kelley seems to be enabling that lie as well . What do you expect from lame ass gamer that collects Boys Love porn( Yaoi) anime that depicts an older male abusing a underage male. Both are very much into child pornography. Given their vaping and alcohol abuse and they should be considered a danger to the community.

  33. “Randolph Carter is a recurring fictional character in H. P. Lovecraft’s fiction and is, presumably, an alter ego of Lovecraft himself. The character first appears in “The Statement of Randolph Carter”, a short story Lovecraft wrote in 1919 based on one of his dreams. An American magazine called The Vagrant published the story in May 1920.”

  34. Here’s how you roll:

    Bill gets embarrassed.
    Bill starts a Schmeldtdown.
    Bill gets embarrassed some more.
    Bill disappears for a while.
    Bill faildoxes an innocent bystander. (heh)

    Unless you took a candid of your new bride Bubba getting out of the flea bath, it’s a faildox.

  35. Since Bill is again claiming he has (had?) Parkinson’s, did he ever bother explaining his recovery?

    I thought it never got better.

    • It doesn’t and he never did, and with all the over sharing evidence that will.contradict the “poor little.disabled me” stunt he will try to pull I’m looking forward to him stepping on his micropenis AGAIN and allowing all of it to become public record.

      Its going to be delicious when his own words and actions come back to destroy him.

  36. This story has been told before. I’m willing to bet it will have the same ending.

    • I don’t know. I think this time we are on the road to.a happily ever after once our Gentle Host is done with his court butt-kicking.

      (Yes, his that my disdain for Mr. Fakinsons disrespect for.real combat soldiers has waned on this day I’m making an effort to tone the language down).

    • Wait a minute Mr Fakinsons! I thought you were done killing trees! Besides why not just email subpoenas. After all email is just fine for serving documents according to you.

  37. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    Replying to @truth_partner
    I’ll do better than that. I’ll get affidavits from the doctors who did my surgery and my movement disorder specialist in Maryland.

    No they won’t.

  38. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    Dr. Grill will also provide my entire medical record going back to 2005, Eric. You’re fucked. Then Dr. P. David Charles. @truth_partner

    Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    Keep telling yourself that, Eric. Dr. Stephen Grill was my neurologist and friend for years. He will gladly sign affiavit. @truth_partner

    No he won’t.

  39. Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    I know Dr. Charles will provide records. Eric. DOUBLE fucked. And Dr. Peter Konrad, the surgeon? TRIPLE fucked, Eric. @truth_partner

    Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    Dr. Grill will also provide my entire medical record going back to 2005, Eric. You’re fucked. Then Dr. P. David Charles. @truth_partner

    Blood on the Mike @bloodonthemike

    Keep telling yourself that, Eric. Dr. Stephen Grill was my neurologist and friend for years. He will gladly sign affiavit. @truth_partner

    No they won’t do any such thing especially when Vanderbilt administration saw the website and the child porn skits

    No one likes child pornographers

      • First, I’m curious as to how Drunkenstein thinks an affidavit can be cross-examined.

        Second, it sure doesn’t look like he keeps a clean hard drive, does it?

    • Will Dr. Grill or Dr. Charles tell us how the progressive incurable disease that has you wheelchair bound and on death’s door got all better, DUMBFUCK?

      You suddenly get around awfully well for a crippled ol’ Stage VII Fakinsons patient.

  40. he’s still going on and on and on about people that will have nothing to do with him after they read the Microsoft letter

    No one likes child pornographers

    • I think his tweet has more of a “waaaahhhh I know butthurt is not a tort so let me see if I can scare Mr Hoge into taking down posts I don’t like” feel to it.

  41. Whatever minimal levels of pity, sympathy and compassion I have felt towards Schmalfeldt has evaporated after this swinish display. Is being Brett’s Goebbels so important to you that you have to be that loathsome?

    I’ve encountered flatworms with more self-awareness than you.

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