29 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

    • I think this book contains more wisdom (and has sold more copies!) than the entirety of DUMBFUCK’S self-published works:

    • Accipe — I actually think he’s being honest here. I don’t think he reads any books and thinks it’s more difficult to read one than to write one. Of course, he thinks writing a book is just copying and pasting what other people have already written, so in his world it IS easier…

    • Now, look. Bill is really, really proud of the books he’s written.

      Um, errr…I mean, published.

      That nobody buys.

      Except for evidence.

    • If a person keeps writing “books” but never manages to sell any of them ( except for use as evidence against him), do you know what that person is called? DUMBF*CK.

  1. Mocking Hannity for losing advertisers?

    Has anyone ever intentionally placed advertising on a Schmalfeldt program?

    • Hint: the valuable consideration that Schmalfeldt received under the settlement agreement with Our Gentle Host? That did not constitute “giving [him] money for [his] product”.

  2. Doesn’t e end have to be an author’s name… a recent Hugo or Nebula award is about as solid a suggestion for picking up a book as the Surgeon General’s warning is to take up smoking.

  3. Anyone can write a book if you self-publish. Why don’t most people ever attempt writing books? Likely because most of us recognize there isn’t a worth your time and profitable market for the things we could write. I admit I’m not so full of myself with misplaced grandeur I’d ever try and write a book. And how did Bill write these books when he had to leave his employment because of his disability and the specified reasons he cited for having to retire from his employment?

    If Paul Krendler wrote a book I might buy it because he is an entertaining writer. Bill Schmalfeldt can’t write like Paul Krendler. He can’t even come close.

    Btw, Bill, how many people have bought your books?

    • He’s admitted in the past that he’s “written more books than he sold”.

      Only he would admit something so humiliating.

  4. OOOOOH! Bill has a “secret” that, when he reveals it, will blow the lid off of Hoge and the rest of us!!! Just like the dozens of other times he did, er, didn’t.

    Oh, how I’ve missed “I have a secret Bill”.

    • Apparently it’s a “secret” to him when you change the name of your twitter handle you don’t lose your existing followers. Or he is just drunk?

  5. Mr. Genius and his originality and creativity sharing with his newfound love the original creativity of swiping a 40 yr old Barney Miller plot device. Can’t wait for next seasons episodes of “Blood on the (random noun)”.

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