93 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Of course, the same could be said of him, preferring instead to diagnose his bride himself … something like eight times.

  2. I wouldn’t trust Biwwy to navigate a path to falling down using nothing but JWR because the dumbf5ck would find some way to miss the ground, let along trust him to navigate the NIH.

  3. “Navigate the red tape at NIH” ………..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Someone please remind me, how well did Bill “navigate” and assist during his previous wife’s final illness. I sure hope he can “navigate” the NIH red tape better than he can navigate his many LOLSuits through the courts. What can this idiot do well?

  4. Bill, I challenge you to find and name one former employee/friend from your NIH days that will admit they would cut red tape for you.

    Someone should email the NIH and ask them if they would give better/different treatment to patients because they know Bill Schmalfeldt and if how you describe the policies of NIH are accurate.

    If you don’t comply with this demand within 24 hours you’re full of shit and misrepresenting your ability to cut NIH red tape. Not that it matters, Mr. Hoge’s wife, god bless her, was getting the best treatment available.

  5. This is the kind of horse manure that Cabin Boy thinks will get to people. It’s so laughable that it only confirms that he is a complete psychopath – utterly devoid of any ability to comprehend the thought processes of normal people.

  6. As they were incapable of determining the level of Bill’s psychosis, why would anyone think they would be of assistance?

  7. Most customer service representatives have total access and can place people at will in taxpayer funded studies

    Happens all the time

          • OK, I meant he didn’t live-podcast it. Thank God. And I don’t think he did a podcast that day, it took a day or two, IIRC. He was too busy trying to trade email addresses for pics of his dead wife, and “calling down the thunder” from her relatives.

            For the record, I’m convinced that, for once, Bill Schmalfeldt exhibited either basic human decency, or sheer laziness, and never took those pictures. There is no way he would have been able to resist “cleverly” framing Hoge and others for “illegally” sending a picture he took, and sent to his enemies in good faith. He’s SMART, he is, not dumb, and he need respect! /Fredo

          • Well, yes, he certainly did do that. I just don’t believe he ever took the pics. He never “cunningly” released them into the wilds.

          • I can’t even.

            Most people remain at their loved one’s side, holding his hand, or at least, there.

            At the computer. Damn, that’s just cold.

            Phone, train.

          • You know, that archive has times listed. Specific times.

            I’m slightly curious to go back and compare those times to when Bill was saying “Hospice is on the way, do you want pics of the corpse” – not an exact quote but it gets the gist of it. Send Bill an email address, get corpse pics. Nobody asked for them, but he sure offered.

            I trust the timestamps at BillySez. I don’t actually trust Bill reporting times, I’m just curious. By his words in this post, there were 50 minutes when he could take pics before Hospice showed up. I’m just somewhat curious how this compares to his actions that day. A first pass search turns up nothing, and I’m not curious enough to click back that far…

  8. And with that tweet, Bill proves he doesn’t know what the word “admit” means. Which is funny, considering how many things he has inadvertently admitted to in the past few weeks.

    • Past couple of days, past couple of hours, whatever.

      Bill seems so desperate to win his twitter cases he’ll sacrifice any real-life cases to do it. Makes one wonder what Bill thinks real life is. For Bill it’s slogging mud for a sociopathic midget diddler convicted-felon bomber. He seems so proud of that that he’ll send his own life down the drain to win his unreal twitter cases.

  9. OK I admit that this has me stumped, how can AW be an unlicensed lawyer–when he is a member in good standing with the D.C. and Virginia Bar–and is working in Virginia?

    • He is not licensed to practice law in Maryland. If he were indeed providing Hoge with help in a professional matter Bill would have a point. Bill’s evidence that Ay-Ay-Ron is writing Hoge’s briefs is, um, kinda thin.

      Bill just doesn’t understand that Hoge has spent several years studying the law, where Bill has spent several years scanning the law for phrases that sound good.

      • The unauthorized practice of law rules are more arcane than that in reality. Especially when dealing with Federal courts. Cabin Boy is stealing one of Kimberlin’s failed attacks. All the more hypocritical given the brazen UAPL violations of Kimberlin that we’ve documented over the years.

  10. Wherein William M. Schmaleldt, Sr. admits to being an “alkie hack”:

    Yes, we quote you frequently. After all, it’s the best way to discredit you.

    • Never mind that he had no effective aid to offer, Like any psychopath he’s in love with the idea of a picture of his “generosity” when the more useful thing for him to do would have been to do as the court ordered and go mind his own business.
      His offer was worse than worthless, BS’s follow-up remarks on the subject are one of the best examples of the now axiomatic quotation of the day.

  11. Schmalfeldt once stated that Gail was soaked up to her arm pits in urine. His partner has stated
    that it has been keeping up with Schamlfeldt for 4 years. From my perspective, a several questions come to mind:
    1. Was Diane Kelley in contact with Schmalfeldt when he was grossly neglecting his dying wife?
    2. Did Diane Kelley know of the urine incident before Schmalfeldt wrote about it?
    3. Is there a Facebook record of communications between Schamalfeldt and Diane Kelley during that time period of Gail’s failing heath ?
    4. Where is Gail’s remains?
    The more Schmalfedlt projects the more he proves how guilty he really is.
    Which reminds me, why does Diane Kelley’s photobucket contain highly suggestive anime of men and little boys?

    • Damn. Another day cursed to share oxygen with that turdrolling fuckbag.

      But PLEASE!!!

      Do not interpret that statement above as in any way suggestive of a paraphrasing of Henry II’s question of his barony, “Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?” I don’t want anyone dead – what would become of the LULZ crop?

      • There’s a near-infinite supply of morons on the Internet – fear not, there will always be plenty of LULZ, though perhaps not on the concentrations provided by Cousin Bill.

  12. First thought: Does the NIH even see patients directly? I guess his “help” would have been to direct her into a study? I guess?

    Besides, there was certainly a way that he could have done this without violating the Peace Order. He could have called his mystical contact(s) at the NIH and said, “I know someone whose spouse has a serious cancer. If I give them your contact information would you be willing to talk to them about this and see what can be done?” Then, when Dr. Scratchnsniff or whatever agrees, simply post that information to Twitter. Then he has done what he can and the ball is in another court.

      • Yeah, I should have mentioned that as a problem, too.

        There are a lot of problems with being in studies. You may be a control, you may lose out on other avenues of care, you may get care that doesn’t work or even harms you.

        My sister-in-law had terminal leukemia almost a decade ago and she was admitted into a study, partly because of her status. It was a Hail Mary, a last chance. Everyone in the family knew it, she went in knowing it was this or certain death. In the end, we were told, she was cancer free. It was the treatment that killed her. She was just a month shy of her 21st birthday.

      • The control population do not receive “nothing” as treatment, they continue to receive the current standard of care.

        Researchers do not want a new treatment that is simply “better than nothing”, you want the new treatment to be better than the current treatment so that’s what you control against.

        And while the early trials do there best to assure safety, there are no guarantees that the treatment’s side effects are not worse than the disease (or even fatal if the risk of the disease is high enough).

    • The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the primary agency of the United States government responsible for biomedical and public health research, founded in the late 1870s. It is part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services with facilities mainly located in Bethesda, Maryland. It conducts its own scientific research through its Intramural Research Program (IRP) and provides major biomedical research funding to non-NIH research facilities through its Extramural Research Program.


    • Recruiting NIH studies and their protocols are all public and searchable, FWIW. And of course we’ve all heard about the miracle cure that was just a mayonnaise coated, stale contact info Rolodex away. That clown had nothing to offer but harassing creepiness. I might have omitted a few tenses there.

    • Bob, yes that does seriously up the “Ick” factor of his banned by court order contact…that Bill would not only force unwelcome contact , make any assistance provided or offered (not that he really had anything on that score) DEPENDENT on his target making contact with him. just gross.

    • Bill had no authority to offer NIH services to anyone, must less run the gauntlet of red tape. The NIH would never take over the care directly of a person. Bill’s only help could be for access to information and treatments, something most oncologists would already have access.

      He was just full of .. feces. This was about trying to use “humane help” to get around a no contact order. The Judge ultimately chose not to sanction Bill for breaking an active peace order, but did tell him rather forcefully to leave John alone.

      This was just a stunt by Bill to hold something over John’s head. If Bill had any real power, he’d have used his connections to help his own ailing wife. Instead, he let her languish until she passed, all the while using her as a weapon when it suited him.

    • I have first-hand knowledge of this. NIH does see patients in carefully structured studies. You don’t just wave a magic want and get in. They are researching cures for diseases, cures that may not even hit the market for twenty years or more. There may be, just as an example, 200 bars for you to qualify for a study, and if you don’t meet one, you’re excluded.

      No one “pulls strings” for anyone except other doctors. A creepy, uneducated buffoon who spent all his time on an internet forum would have no clout. You would have better luck having your physician direct contacting the department that is studying the illness you or someone you know may have to determine if there’s even a study that you/they qualify for. What that means is they have to be studying the particular illness that a person has, and usually that there are no other treatment options. If there’s a study of TB of the bone, and you have TB of the lungs, you don’t qualify.

      John has never said a single word about any of BS’s family members. In contrast, as with his other harassment victims, BS delights in vomiting torrents of defamatory, degrading comments about John and his family, hoping to hurt them.

      • William Schmalfeldt, “A creepy, uneducated buffoon”

        you forgot:
        stolen valor Lyin’ of Lebanon
        King Peeonkiddies
        Krendler’s Bitch™
        Señor Neckroll™
        World’s Stupidest Man™
        Diminished Capacity Kid
        Deranged Cyberstalker
        Adjudicated Harasser
        Proud Owner Of 9 Restraining Orders In 5 States
        Poop Sniffer
        admitted two time adulterer (with a third unadmitted)


        Yep, that’s our Bill “She lied nine times!” Schmalfeldt.

    • Dumbfuck can simply get out his rolodex and tell us who John should have contacted now if this mythical rolodex even exists. Since Dumbfuck wanted Hoge to contact him, it was a good move on Hoge’s part not to do that due to the no-contact order.

      • In simple terms, if the goal had been to get John Hoge to contact Bill Schmalfeldt (because it’s AAAAALL ABOUT BILL SCHMALFELDT), then Bill Schmalfeldt’s strategy was exactly correct: “Contact ME-ME-ME-ME-ME!!!! and I will put you in touch with X.”

        If the goal had been to offer help to Connie Hoge in a time of need, Bill Schmalfeldt’s strategy was a case study in HOW TO FUCK UP. What he would have done – in good faith, OBVIOUSLY(eyeroll) – would be: “John, I’m so sorry. I checked my massive NIH rolodex, and you should call X. I’ve spoken to him, he’s expecting your call.”

        And we all know which happened, don’t we?

    • Encouraging someone to contact a protected person is usually a violation of peace orders. In that case, I almost guarantee there’s no judge who would convict, if it was one and done.

  13. bill has some kind of disorder where he can’t bear being ordered to go away. This was just a way he saw to toe over the line and get away with it. What’s that called again? Psychopathy?

  14. I know it’s no surprise to anyone here, but I still marvel at his complaint of defamation and then proceeds to defame most everyone in the Parties section of the SC suit. Such a complete lack of awareness is breathtaking.

    • true, but then it’s the eighth time he’s done the exact same thing.

      kinda hard to be shocked at his behaviour when he keeps repeating it.

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