23 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Infinite supply. Infinitesimal demand.

    aka Hippo mouth, garden slug body.. (Not hummingbird, those little beggars are fast and aggressive!)

    • Wait. Is that a real picture? It looks like The Cabin Boy(tm) cloned himself with even less attention to detail than normal.

    • He really should get that growth on his shoulder looked at by a qualified M.D.

      could be malignant.

    • Oh but I did, you risible fool. I heard it all. Your Inflatable Soulmate springing a leak vaping, your recycled pre-recorded filler (funny how you still have all THAT but none of what you were required to produce in discovery), your horrible production values (nice echo, DUMBF5CK!), everything.

      • Incidentally, I know of plenty of people who use BTR successfully yet you’re always whinging about it. PEBCAK.

    • I forgot to turn on my bluetooth headset so as not to disturb the Rule 5 wife. Well, she heard it and immediately asked… and I quote – (all due respect to our host)


      I sorta laughed at this and then told her who it was. She was curious as to why he was not retired in a permanent state. I just said “Satan hasn’t called him home yet.”

        • CN2.0 said she was doing crack through her e-cig. Personally, though, I suspect meth.

          • I would concur on that based on the photos. This trainwreck is interesting to watch.

        • My wife knows what someone dying of a heroin OD sounds like; she’s been treating them in hospitals for at least the past five years.

          But what does she know? Her father didn’t need to falsify his record to earn a plot in Arlington.

  2. So now that the new morning zoo crew of DUMBF5CK & DOLLY are sharing a last name, that means all their financial records can be subpoenaed in an IFP challenge, is that right, site legal and paralegal eagles?

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