Prevarication Du Jour

The Cabin Boy™ is lying.

If this webpage disappears, it will be a textbook case of spoliation.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

UPDATE—So now the Cabin Boy™ admits receiving my Requests of Admissions.Of course, that digs his hole quite a bit deeper, especially if he really filed this opposition to my motion for summary judgment—

He’s making contradictory statements. Perhaps he should consult a lawyer for advice about his rights under the Fifth Amendment.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

143 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. How will the Diminished Capacity Kid respond to his own dumbfuckery? There are endless options!

    – “I was drunk”, which has the added benefit of being true.
    – “PARKINSON’S”, which he just spent months proving he cured.
    – “Oopsie poopsie”, which doubles for what he’s doing this very second.
    – Try in vain to withdraw his ridiculous and perjurous motions from last night.
    – Delete his Twitter account.

    In any event, this picture illustrates what Schmaleldt did to his Maryland defense last night.

    [image redacted]

    “Hey, Bill? You should push up on the grip a bit. Wouldn’t want to miss the brain stem.That will only prolong the agony”

  2. Can someone archive it? I’ve yet to click on one of Bill’s websites. I don’t want Bill’s man crush Donald Trump in D.C. to get wrongly doxxed.

  3. Something about walking into a courtroom and I don’t remember the rest. Can someone fill the rest for me?

  4. Someone just pooped his pants again.

  5. OMG. Please, Biwwy, please! Tell that to the judge. I will give you a new blowup doll if you do*

    *Not really, cuz f5ck you.

      • We can just ask Kim A. on his gofundme for another donation without going through all that hassle. She might be interested to find out where her $25 went last time.

      • Why would you want normal colored hair? That radioactive red is the only thing distracting from the hideousness of the meth-face.

  6. Never, ever, have I seen someone self-immolate like this.

    My God, that was GLORIOUS!!!

    Well done John.

  7. Anyone still think that Schmaledlt is going to turn up in Maryland next month?

    I imagine that he and the inflatable soulmate will prefer going out like Thelma and Louise instead.

    Di picked a real winner this time.



    • An evidence-free assertion coming hot on the heels of a contempt finding and a perjury referral?

      I’m sure Judge Heckler will be right on top of that.

    • Hope has a duty to post stuff on his blog! And to remind me of stuff! Nothing is ever my fault!

      • “Dear Mommy Judge Heckler,

        COMES NOW DEFENDANT SCHMALELDT to piss, moan and complain that PLAINTIFF POOP-FLAKE isn’t conducting my defense for me.

        Can I just win, already? I’ve got better things to do.

        William M. Schmaleldt
        Under the porch
        Myrtle Beach, South Carolina”

    • Remember — this is a guy who thinks his failure to 1) comprehend a conditional statement, and 2) pay attention to a hearing schedule represents him being “tricked” into not appearing at a publicly scheduled hearing.

      His screw ups are always the result of the “dishonesty” of others, not his own irresponsibility or idiocy.

  9. That poor cat Onyx! That cat doesn’t know if it’s name is still Onyx or if it’s Hoge with Bill screaming “Hoooogggggeeee” all the time.

  10. Wow, he doesn’t understand the consequences of his intentionally concealing his address (which he said he was doing in an earlier pleading) and he doesn’t understand how requests for admissions work.

    Tough titties Cabin Boy, you did admit all those things.

    • Now we’re back to the “Aaron Walker is the world’s worst attorney and I need to save Hoge from him!”..

      What’s that saying again – doing the same thing over and expecting different results?

      Butthurt apparently is closely aligned with insanity..

      • It’s pathetic really. What’s he claiming exactly? That Aaron give advise to people who live in other states? Yea, that’s really going to get the judge going.

      • I wonder if he is aware of just how many attorneys are available to Mr. Hoge… not that he needs the help. Sure beats Avvo, though.

  11. Well something did arrive at the court house today.

    Doc No./Seq No.: 153/0
    File Date: 05/23/2017Entered Date:05/23/2017Decision:
    Document Name: Line Advising of Change of Address for W. Schmalfeldt

  12. Bravo, John.

    And though the motion explaining which rule of civil procedure requires you to present all your court filings on your blog will doubtless show the scintillating legal brilliance that we have come to expect from your opponent, you are ready with a response because all is proceeding as you have foreseen.

    • This dumb sonuvabitch actually thinks he’s trying this case on the internet. That’s our DUMBF*CK!

      • He’s not the first to do that. The case I followed here in NZ was the same – the guilty party was spinning a story to her followers that she was the victim. So when she wrote to the judge, the judge was like “what the heck is this, it doesn’t address anything under dispute” but on her blog it made perfect sense because she never told her readers why she was *really* in trouble.

  13. One other thing Bill should consider about “trickery” – consult your privileged communications with Brett Kimberlin. Did he (I don’t know if he did) walk you into being responsible for what many people believe could be his publication, Breitbart Unmasked. You put great weight into that “unlicensed” litigant and his strategy don’t you?

    I’m done laughing at you for today. My tummy hurts.

  14. I have no words for the new depths of stupidity he’s sunk do. Even James Cameron said “Oh hell no, there is no way I’m going that deep.”

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  16. You know how I keep remarking on picking up a rock only to drop it on one’s own foot?

    This illustrates my point.

    Heck, it illuminates it, burning letters ten feet high, thunder, and arrows pointing to it!

    Phone, train.

  17. Check me on this, but Bill spent a whole FOUR DAYS enduring PLM while he rewrote his freebie amended complaint?

    Beware the fury of a patient man…

  18. I suppose it’s no surprise that even if the document tracking he included wasn’t for the RFA, it proves he couldn’t have received the RFA’s as he now claims.

    And any attempt by him to claim it wasn’t his fault that he didn’t get them is rebutted by his own filing specifically and defiantly refusing to give his current address as required.

  19. If you skip forward to 1:15, it’s almost like hearing the bald pussy discussing his legal strategy.

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