Leadership on Impeachment

There’s a growing group among the Democrats in Congress agitating for the impeachment of President Trump. It may be that they are just throwing some political mud around as a form of self-promotion. OTOH, they may really believe that Trump should go. If the later is the case, they need to get themselves better organized. Not all of them were around for the Clinton impeachment 19 years ago, so they should pick a leader with some actual practical experience with the impeachment process. Alcee Hastings comes to mind.

9 thoughts on “Leadership on Impeachment

  1. As I understand it, one cannot be impeached just by doing the job poorly. Speaking out of turn, saying things to the wrong people, firing someone who had clearly been doing his/her job poorly…nope. Those are not grounds for impeachment.
    I’m no fan of our president, but the last guy seemed just as amateurish at times.

    • I’m not sure. Impeachment is whatever the House believes “high crimes and misdemeanors” means to whatever majority. The federal courts and Supreme Court won’t get involved in any impeachment proceeding. Conviction even after a wave election like Democrats hope for in 2018 it would still be difficult to find 2/3rds for a Senate conviction.

    • Ayup. Worse for them, I think they’ve realized Mueller could be in a position to open some doors they don’t want opened.

      Doesn’t help that Trump strikes me as the kind of vindictive sort who’d say ‘Oh, you like special investigations, eh? Let’s have one into all of Hillary’s dealings. And the Iran deal too.’

  2. Instead of “We have to impeach him first to find out what crimes he’s guilty of” (paraphrased from Nancy “We have to pass the bill first before we find out what’s in it” Pelosi).
    I don’t agree with Dershowitz on much, but he does know the law.

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