Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

In the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit:

T-minus 1 day and counting.

In the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit:

T-minus 9 days and counting.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

95 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • As I and others predicted, the miraculous healing effects of light housework are wearing off now that the lawsuit isn’t disappearing.

    • No, you don’t. All you have to do is say “I lost it in the move down here to be with my fake boyfriend.” You sign an affidavit and you get an ID card.

      • Someone tell Dimwit Carolina Iconoclasts being fat, drunk and stupid is no way to live.

        Well, wait, he’ll just interpret to mean we think he’s an alcoholic and he can’t be with his current meds.

      • Dear Bill: Please please please enter this regarding your testimony that you COULD NOT DRIVE given 3 weeks or so before you purchased this vehicle.

        Oh, and please feel free to tell the judge to pound sand if he asks about this. Please. Please feel free.

      • Actually, you can have a driver’s license AND a state ID card. At the same time. Even from the same state. Dimwit dumbfucks gotta dumbfuck.

        • Indeed. I had, at the same time, my NC DL and a CA ID. No sweat.

          Bill’s hope, of course, is that he won’t be required to make it to MD, or punished for failing to do so.

          Two words, Bill: Greyhound. Amtrak.

          • Um, I know that I’m a simple foreigner and everything, but since state IDs are used for voting, how would get one without a permanent address? Would a DUMBFUCK need to replace it if he moved to a different congressional district? Doesn’t South Carolina have a time period before residency can be established?

          • 1. By criminal fraud, for which DUMBFUCK is a poster child;
            2. Like he could be bothered to turn off the Internet and vote!
            3. You didn’t see the “Lying DUMBFUCK”exception?

          • Neal, legally, residency is defined by the intent to make someplace your permanent residence. How do you prove intent? By taking actions that someone with that intent would take. There is no time requirement. This has many implications in different areas of law, and different agencies and courts look at different evidence to determine whether the intent existed or not.

            He would have to update it if he moved.

          • @Neal N. Bob on 17 May, 2017 at 02:31 said:

            o) Letter from director of SC social welfare institution (such as a homeless shelter, battered women’s shelter, halfway house, group home, orphanage) stating you are a resident of the facility.
            –South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles United States Citizens’ Checklist MV-93 (Rev. 05/15/17)

            See my post here.

          • I have both an NC and a CA drivers license. Neither state has an issue. Then again, I don’t try to skip out on my responsibilities by ditching my license that was requested as evidence in a trial. So there is that as well.

      • Long ago, work took me to Detroit. After it was clear I’d be there a while, I went to get a Michigan drivers license. It consisted of two sheets of computer print out STAPLED TO MY OHIO LICENSE.

        So I had two, equally valid licenses at once.

    • Why would he all of a sudden swap his D/L for a basic ID card. It’s not like a copy was requested for a court case or anything.
      On a side note, how are you going to get to the court on time Billy. Do you think your bestest best bud will drive down to pick you up? He’s done thrown you under the Greyhound bus.

      • That’s what I don’t get. I don’t understand why he would purportedly swap out his D/L for an ID card in order to avoid giving a copy to our host. (Heck, John could amend his request to a copy of the ID card.) Now, giving it up in an attempt to avoid coming to Maryland for a June hearing, I understand. But so that John wouldn’t have a copy?

        Perhaps he thought he could kill two birds with one stone?

        Also, isn’t it convenient that your truck “dying” magically coincides with giving up your license? I still had a D/L when I didn’t own or have regular access to a car. It comes in handy.

        I have a feeling that TMZ and/or Johnny Atsign will be busy in the next few days.

        • That’s actually the plausible part. Not sure about SC, but NC requires that you be insured to drive a particular vehicle in order to issue a regular DL. You can also get a fleet license, but it’s only valid to drive fleet vehicles covered by a policy that covers any operator. Insurance lobby is apparently quite strong in NC.

        • Given BS’s five-year track record, the claim that he has given up his license is for the purpose of resurrecting his PD and getting out of making court appearances. Subpoenas to the Wisconsin, Iowa, and SC DMVs would confirm a few suspicions.

        • I;m guessing he doesn’t want to get busted for lying to the court about his ability to drive at the time of his testimony to the contrary, and he’s idiot enough to think this helps.

          • I wonder if he got that for a discount rate, given that he previously took Rauhauser’s oral hygiene seminar.

        • BTW — The job I had in Detroit involved building a great big database of *ALL* of them. Every auto registration in the US, tracking the ownership of every car. Because recalls.

          Only needed a couple of terabytes of disk space.

  1. OK, for all those Cool Kids keeping score at home:

    First and foremost, you MUST remember, Bill Schmalfeldt completely understands that a person under the Court’s authority (which he is, per the Court, his attempts to send a Maryland law court case to a Wisconsin court notwithstanding (but really, really dumb, even for Bill) ) is, by definition, under the Court’s authority.

    Forget that Brett Kimberlin, Speedway Bomber, later had Bill Schmalfeldt send a document to a court expressing, as an “unbiased journalist” working for a Kimberlin front, the need to have sealed court documents released to the “unbiased” journalist.

    Evidence of Bill’s understanding can be found in Schmalfeldt’s efforts, as an “unbiased journalist,” to get one Aaron Worthing to mention Brett Kimberlin, aka the Speedway Bomber, despite the blatantly unconstitutional gag order (“Forget Brandenberg, let’s go with Vaughey” – Justice Vaughey) he was under back in 2012.

    Bill understood full well, back in May 2012, that a judge’s order, no matter how wrong and unconstitutional, was LAW until overruled. And he kept “cunningly” (for a given value of dumF5ck) attempting to get AW to violate the Court Order demanding (illegally, prior restraint) that Aaron not mention Brett Kimberlin, aka the Speedway Bomber.

    Because a State judge had found, very very wrongly, that the Supreme Court precedent he named by name was invalid, and his opinion was correct. His opinion “Forget Brandenburg, let’s go with Vaughey” was very much incorrect. But make no mistake, had Aaron Worthing failed to abide by this unconstitutional decree, he would have been subject to sanctions from the State of Maryland.

    And so Bill Schmalfeldt, as Id10t, I mean editor, of one of the Defendants he now is Id10t, I mean, editor of, started on a mission. He clearly wanted to trick Aaron into mentioning Brett Kimberlin, despite the illegal Court Order. So at least 5 years ago, May 2012, Bill Schmalfeldt was wise enough to know that even if the judge’s order is illegal, you follow it until it is overturned. If you violate the order, you can be punished, even if the order is illegal and you are innocent. Bill knew that back then, and tried “cunningly”* to get Aaron to violate the order, without transparency and without success.

    Ergo, or ergot, which he may well be consuming, Bill Schmalfeldt fully understands that when a judge says “Do this!” he means “Do this! or else Sanctions!”

    I fully expect this to appear in court in a completely unrelated issue, misquoted by Bill after his editing. Yes he is that dumb, and yes he will quote this paragraph too. He’s just that dumb. Sorry, anybody who had Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber, in his bracket for Dumbest Pro Se Litigant Ever, but too bad, so sad, you lose. Your only consolation prize is, you are not Bill Schmalfeldt. That should be enough for anyone.

    *or as close to cunning as your dog gets to a nice steak on the grill. I mean the Retriever, not the Ballpark dog. Bill could out-stupid a Ballpark Frank on a grill. Yes, he really is that dumb.

        • Boris= new kitten that he adopted and abandoned within 2 months
          Jake = new dog that he adopted and abandoned within 2 months
          I checked local shelters in Clinton, and no animals matching their description or who had their names were surrendered.
          Shiloh= Maryland dog that ran away before Christmas and that BS said it was no big deal, she probably found a better one. The dog catcher had her. He abandoned her in Maryland.
          Raven, not Natasha – other Maryland dog that BS abandoned in Maryland.

          • Did you check the Chinese restaurants? There seem to be five of them in Clinton. More than I would have guessed.

  2. I chose not to have a drivers license for 10 years and in that time I visited 16 states, 3 Canadian provinces and 9 countries in Europe all thanks to public transportation.

    If Mr Fakinsons thinks making a big public show of (supposedly) getting rid of his license means he won’t have to appear in court and/or avoid judgement (keep pushing him under the bus with bad advice little pedo… He’s not quite dead yet) he has another thing coming.

    • Apparently, Bill Schmalfeldt does believe that he can. If I wanted to keep on the right side of a Judge’s order, I’d make a photocopy of the old license before surrendering it. If he didn’t, it is contempt he can’t purge. There might be something about the old license [like it didn’t exist, was from Wisconsin, or is a non-driver’s license] that he would risk jail to hide, It might be that he believes that he was ordered to produce his driver’s license, and, thinks he’ll jump John Hoge through another hoop to obtain a non-driver’s license. Maybe, he actually thinks he found a loophole he can exploit, in the sense he won’t receive anything other than a tongue-lashing.

      He could be claiming an inability to travel now that his car has meet Jesus But, I think there are other possibilities. He could be hiding his assets in preparation for being judicially bitch-slapped. For all we know, the Explorer remains in his parking stall, sans plates, under his ownership, awaiting repair. Or, he could be could be so flat broke that he can’t continue driving around in South Carolina with out-of-state [expired] plates. Having to register his car in South Carolina perhaps his only viable option was to surrender the plates.

  3. OK, the coffee is kicking in. In hoge’s discovery, he requested a copy of Bill’s driver’s license. Bill has now gotten rid of a document, which the Court knows damned well he had, during a trial.

    The judge will have a lot of questions on June 28. Even for Bill this was dumb.

  4. He will try to claim that he can’t rent a car to get to the court appearances — since he does not have a driver’s license. It’s in the TK family of strategies: Claim to earn under 20-grand a year and living in mom’s basement so you can’t be held accountable for financial obligations. Exaggerate or make up symptoms and diseases so you can avoid court appearances. Blame all injuries and negative events on the long-term effects of harassing people — sorry — the long-term effects of being harassed.
    Create a situation which makes it impossible for you to man up, and accept responsibility.

    • Good thing that BS got a vast life insurance payout. He said so.
      Good thing he is able to drive, travel by train, and fly. He said so.
      Good thing he got a $9,000 yearly bump up in his retirement benefits as of January. He said so.

    • He is going to be very surprised when he learns what kind of info he is required to supply in a Debtor’s exam. And that it’s enforced with a bench warrant.

  5. Dear Mr. Hoge;
    Didn’t we just talk about this? Please, you’ve got to tighten this Schmalfeldt character’s storyline up. It’s getting ridiculous; no one reading your story is going to accept that the antagonist is that stupid and still remembers to breathe.

  6. Admitted serial adulterer and drug user Bill Schmalfeldt is casting stones and lying:

    1. BS admitted that he hooked up with the woman who was to become wife #2 when she was dating his twin brother. He wrote that it was the most shameful thing he’d ever done, then when called out on his behavior, claimed that his brother “thanked” him.
    2. BS smoked pot with his stepson and posted a photo of it.
    3. BS cheated on wife #2 at least twice: with a prostitute in Japan, and later with the woman who was to become wife #3.
    4. Recently, BS admitted to starting an on line relationship with another woman in 2013, while he was still married to wife #3.

    • Oh, I forgot: some of the things that BS said which I mention in these screen caps appeared in court documents, which he filed under penalty of perjury. Reading court documents = “stalking.”

    • Gee, he seems really miffed that we are discussing legal means for WJJH to obtain information that WJJH legally asked for in a legal lawsuit and which BS has refused to produce.

    • Didn’t the Diminished Capacity Kid just pay to access bankruptcy and divorce records of someone who had a restraining order against him?

  7. But of course you suffer from Parkinson’s dementia, by your own admission. So that is something else you are imagining. Remember “because Maryland”?

    • This is, of course, why he thinks he’ll get away with this kind of crap. He’s been getting away with it in court after court halfway across the country. He has no reason to expect that this time will be different. For that matter, neither do I.

      I suspect that he’ll skate here, too. The judge will pen a strongly worded letter and send him on his way. I suspect he’ll even find a way to do this by Skype.

      Would I be happy to be wrong? Sure. But at the moment the worst consequence of this little dust up would seem to be the requirement that he appear in person. I have no expectation he will spend even a night in the grey-bar hotel.

    • But remembering things that didn’t happen as if they did is definitely a sign of dementia.

      You might want to get that checked. Hey, since you’ll be in Maryland later next month, you can always call up your old doc!!!

    • Guilt is not the issue. The issue is whether the judge takes pity on you and lets you skate while you continue to flaunt and break the rules. Most judges are very hesitant to sanction pro-se’s (especially stupid ones like you) in a civil suit, but that doesn’t mean they won’t.

      But, keep pushing your luck.

  8. Yawn.

    BS traveled by train from Maryland to Wisconsin in 2015. He wrote about it on his blog.
    BS traveled by train from Wisconsin to Chicago in 2016, after telling the court he could not travel. He wrote about that trip, and posted photos, on his blog.
    BS traveled by plain after his DBS surgery. Thereafter, he traveled by plane to see family in Wisconsin for Christmas. He wrote about these events on his blogs and/or his books.
    BS drove from Iowa to SC and back, TWICE, in April. By himself. He wrote about it on Twitter. Helpfully, he posted a photo of himself at the beach.
    BS told the court that he would receive a $15,000 insurance payout. Page 5, paragraph 9. He received the check on November 2, 2015. He wrote about the check on his blog. Link to his court filing (remove the space after the “//”:
    There’s much, much more.
    All saved.

    • I don’t have to make stuff up about Bill Schmalfeldt. I just read what he writes, including what appears in his books, and quote it back to him. He doesn’t like that. Most authors would be please to have someone read their work.

      • Most authors are lying liars who conveniently POST everything to prove that they are lying liars.

      • Yes, it’s curious that Team Kimberlin thinks people should be prosecuted for reading things put online for everyone to see.

        What’s the phrase? “If you had just forgotten he existed, no one would be investigating”. Something like that.

    • Ask and you shall receive, Sir William-

      A Reader #1 is really Bob Smith. That’s his name. Now go get him.

      He has a gorgeous wife and a picture perfect set of kids (not saying how many, don’t want to make this too easy). You could own her. Make servants out of the children or put them up for adoption.

      And Bill, A Reader #1 has money. Lots of money. That’s money you could pay Hoge off with- And still live comfortably for as long as Parkinson’s and/or Johnny Walker Red permits.

      And the rest of the Lickspittles are likely wondering why I’m outing A Reader #1…

      Those few of you who helped close down the bar, last year, at Kimberfest ’16 know why. If Cousin Roy hadn’t stepped between us, A Reader #1 and I… Well, it wouldn’t have been pretty. I’d have gotten hurt and would have felt it the next morning; post-hangover.

      And, given the animus between us, you might ask “Why is w not providing addresses, phone numbers, employer info and such for A Reader #1? Schmalfeldt needs more than just a name. Surely.”

      Coupla’ things: Number One, don’t call me Shirley. Number Two, a name is ALL he asked for. It’s JUST TYPICAL that DUMBF5K doesn’t think strategy all the way through-

      I swear, Schmalfeldt is 4 microns deep. Intellectually speaking. If he had a magic lamp he couldn’t use it effectively enough to get a fraction of what he wants.

      Just sayin’-

      • Oh. And PS, William-

        I had to get the info to you via Hoges’ blog because I’m not on Twitter. Hope you understand.

        You’re keeping up, though, aren’t you?

          • Awww… Thanks man-

            I admit to being a little out of control. Stress of putting the event together plus the euphoria of meeting so many GREAT people (Hi Dianna!) combined with far too many drinks that evening-

            No harm no foul.

          • On, and Bob?

            Can you ship that book I loaned you, the one about whiskey, back to me, please?

            IIRC, I wrote the mailing address for the Taos, New Mexico house on the inside front cover.

            No rush, I want to show it to one of my sons, next time he’s around.

  9. Watch out, Laydee Dye…Bill’s probably got a court appearance coming up. Can’t have any CNs around to help him get there!

    • She probably wants to postpone any marriage plans until after the trial as well, even though they were hoping to use Bill’s benefits to fix her meth-mouth soon. Because any assets she has become fair game during recovery if they are married at the time of the judgement.

      • Not only would I wager that it hasn’t occurred to either of them, Bill so convinces himself that he’s going to win that he’ll do it anyway.

        If John’s motion for summary judgement isn’t granted, I guaran-fucking-tee you that they get hitched before the case folds.

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